Tuesday, May 27, 2014


In the wake of the killing of six persons in California this past week by a sexually-frustrated 22 year old male, I see some parallels to the De Soto case which is about to go to trial. After Chad De Soto went on a rampage in Tumon last February, killing four people, I wrote the following piece for the U Matuna. 

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  1. "The rupture of sexually-fused persons leaves a radioactive emotional wound, a hemorrhage that does not heal, despite the numbness time may assuage it with." I could not agree more, Tim. Sexual intimacy is an "emotional superglue," and we all know what happens when one attempts to break something that has been superglued: all you get is something with two sharp, jagged edges.

    I would add that these cases most often involve mental illness, which is a MEDICAL issue and not just existential angst.