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The other day we caught our old friend Zoltan trying to get away with posting a comment as "Anonymous" on this blog. I extended a welcome to him, told him we missed him, and asked if Diana knew he was here. As you may remember, he promised Diana awhile back that he would no longer be coming to the Jungle. There was no reply. 

Just a word of assistance, Zoltan. Next time you try to show up as a wolf in sheep's clothing, don't forget to tuck your tail into the behind of that costume. You're pretty easy to spot. 

I'm sorry that we have to pay more attention to Zoltan, but we must. He has become quite a dangerous man. As you can see by what is perma-posted above, he has already threatened to stop me "one way or another", which I take as a personal threat to my person. Now in another comment on Diana's blog (copied by a friend) he again threatens me with "game over" as we shall see in his comment below.

I am posting these things here and asking my friends to keep a look out for more threats from Zoltan because if anything happens to me or my family I want the police to know who to go to first. Zoltan's comments are not differences of opinion, they are threats to my person, and they are getting ever more pointed and vicious. I see him as a danger and am preparing a letter about them to his employer, UOG president, Dr. Robert Underwood.

Here is his comment in full: 
Finally, it is day of truth for Tim Rohr. He just revealed at his blog that he is working for an Italian anti-Neocatechumenal trash-site, where he is very proud to have published his 1st piece of defaming Guam Catholics. Of course, it is only the 1st piece but by no means the last. He will continue muck raking as he is eager to seek recognition from the international anti-Way trash-community. He is even advertising his own book for them, in a burning desire for fame. Well Tim, we have always known that you have a hidden business agenda behind your attack-dog blog-site where you continue to spread gossip, hearsay and superstition about the Way and about the good Catholic folks of Guam 7/24. You are totally unscrupulous, aren't you? But we have never fathomed that your true business is defaming and muck raking for money and fame. Now we know you, Tim, you revealed yourself, it is game over.
Be careful everyone who writes comments here or at the JungleWatch! Tim Rohr may copy and paste all your words into his book, desperately trying to sell and make money on your back for himself. 

Gotta love that last sentence, Zoltan. "Be careful everyone..." Now, let's examine this ugly comment:
Finally, it is day of truth for Tim Rohr. He just revealed at his blog that he is working for an Italian anti-Neocatechumenal trash-site, where he is very proud to have published his 1st piece of defaming Guam Catholics. 
This is why I believe Zoltan is dangerous. He is showing signs of mental illness. I have friends who work with the mentally ill, so perhaps you can help out here and submit a diagnosis in the comments. He is obviously super obsessed with me, and, Diana, you are his accomplice. Just remember that. 

Here is what actually happened:

A friend sent me a link to an Italian blog which reported on what I have been posting here on JungleWatch. I found it interesting that someone in Italy is paying attention to us so I made a post about it. I have no connection with the Italian blog and had no knowledge that it existed before a friend made me aware of it. 

As for the book, as you may recall and can see here, I posted the cover of an ebook that I will soon be releasing. It is entitled WHY I'M CATHOLIC and will have absolutely nothing to say about the Neocatechumenal Way or anything about the Archdiocese of Agana for that matter. It is something I originally wrote for my young adult children to help them understand the importance of being and remaining Catholic. 

I have noted in a separate post that I will be compiling all the episodes of the ILLEGITIMATE REMOVAL OF FR. PAUL GOFIGAN into an ebook format once I am through with the story, and am currently making the individual installments of that story available for download in PDF format as they are completed. There is and will be no charge for any of it. I have placed a donate button on my blog because I had several friends ask to assist my effort financially since they are well aware of the time it takes for me to do what I do and to thoroughly document everything. (It's a good 8 hours a day.)

The Italian blog picked up the cover of the WHY I'M CATHOLIC ebook and also the post about my compiling the Fr. Paul story and probably confused the two. Zoltan, hot to condemn me for actually daring to breathe, takes this as "he is very proud to have published his 1st piece of defaming Guam Catholics", when I have published absolutely nothing! Let's go on:
Of course, it is only the 1st piece but by no means the last. He will continue muck raking as he is eager to seek recognition from the international anti-Way trash-community. He is even advertising his own book for them, in a burning desire for fame. 
Actually Zoltan, I have 11 children to care for and more than one business to run. My days were already maxed out with making a living and seeing to the well-being of my family before the Fr. Paul episode came along and I decided to comment on a story that was already public. I have no desire for fame on some Italian blog. It is curious though that for all the hell I've taken from the likes of you about me being the cause of division, you note here the existence of an "international anti-Way trash-community". Hmmm. So you mean that opposition to the Way is actually bigger than just JungleWatch?
Well Tim, we have always known that you have a hidden business agenda behind your attack-dog blog-site where you continue to spread gossip, hearsay and superstition about the Way and about the good Catholic folks of Guam 7/24.
Ummm, Zoltan. There is no charge for anything I have posted, and if I cared about money, I wouldn't be spending eight hours a day on your kiko-crap. And "gossip, hearsay and superstition"? I believe we've covered that before. You just keep using that trite condemnation because you have nothing else. And as for the "good Catholic folks of Guam", I believe it is your side that has trashed us, especially you. You mean you don't remember saying:

"The people on tiny island has no real knowledge..." 
Well then, here, I'll link to it. 
You are totally unscrupulous, aren't you? But we have never fathomed that your true business is defaming and muck raking for money and fame. Now we know you, Tim, you revealed yourself, it is game over.
Note to Zoltan. This is America. We are quite free here to express our opinions, substantiated or not - though all of mine are. Maybe in the country you come from people are not free to say what they think. Maybe in your country it is "game over" for anyone who deviates from your gestapo norms. 

And take serious note, Zoltan, I take your "game over" as another personal threat to my person, a call for violence against me personally because I dare to have a different view of things than you. I and others find this alarming. This is the language of violence and threat. And I will make sure that it is well known to both the university and legal authorities. 


The comment as copied from Diana's blog:

And Diana's response to Zoltan:

I agree with your perceptive observation. A person with hatred in their heart does not read nor hear the answer. They ask the same questions over despite that the answer has already been given. They also try to twist my comment as Anonymous at 12:40pm did. He/she tried to make my comment look as though I spoke about the hierarchy of the Catholic Church when in reality I was answering my own question as to why we consume the Body of Christ sitting down.  
All Tim Rohr has been doing was copy and paste all the Anti-Catholic websites and present them as "facts." Putting his real name on it does not lend it any credibility. It only makes him a hatemonger.

Again, another wonderful witness to the "fruit" of the Neocatechumenal Way. 


  1. It is game over! The whole Umatuna si Yu'us is all about the NCW. This includes a letter from Cardinal Tagle inviting the 3 head honchos to speak on vocation. This is for June 6th with Guam communities invited to attend!

    1. It was supposedly "game over" in the 4th century:

      Controversy over Arianism arose in the late 3rd century and persisted throughout most of the 4th century. It involved most church members—from simple believers, priests and monks to bishops, emperors and members of Rome's imperial family. Such a deep controversy within the Church during this period of its development could not have materialized without significant historical influences providing a basis for the Arian doctrines.[citation needed] Some historians define and minimize the Arian conflict as the exclusive construct of Arius and a handful of rogue bishops engaging in heresy;[citation needed] but others recognize Arius as a defender of 'original' Christianity,[citation needed] or as providing a conservative response against the politicization of Christianity seeking union with the Roman Empire.[citation needed] Of the roughly three hundred bishops in attendance at the Council of Nicea, only two bishops did not sign the Nicene Creed, which condemned Arianism.[8] Two Roman emperors, Constantius II and Valens, became Arians, as did prominent Gothic, Vandal and Lombard warlords both before and after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

    2. The Umatuna may as well be designated and re-named the “Kiko Fan News.” As THE CATHOLIC newspaper on Guam, our Catholic Congregation’s natural expectations are that it would be wide-range in its coverage of non-neo Parishes, parishioners, youth or Priests. But this is not so; rather, this Catholic paper has clearly and blatantly flaunted it’s biasness as demonstrated in it’s 3 or 4 consecutive Sunday’s repetitious, blown-up, full-page, front-page RMS promotion and in it’s long-windedness and exaggeratingly redundant coverage of neo-ordinations and neo deaconships compared to our local sons’ ordination to the Priesthood or to our local Capuchin son’s Deaconship celebrations. These were the more blatant and obvious Umatuna-neo-highlighting coverages. Other neo coverages were more subtle in what appears to be Umatuna’s quest, goal and mission of: The proliferation of neo spot-lighting.

      I suggest, in demonstration of our objection to and disdane for Umatuna’s neo news proliferation over non-neo Parish level youth, local Pastor, Ministry and Apostolate news by adding the Umatuna along side the AAA in our list to boycott!

      I will stand corrected if I'm wrong, but I'm told that Parish Fiesta Ads are paid ads so ...

    3. As is clear from my previous posts, I’m not a big fan of the NCW, particularly the Kiko-bots BUT to be fair, only this weekend's 18 May edition of the U Matuna Si Yu’os was an example of what Anonymous (May 19, 2014 at 1:25 PM) cites as "Kiko Fan News, " with the first 3 pages of NCW-related stories penned by Jennifer Louise Dulla, but it was not "3 or 4 consecutive Sunday's repetitious, blown-up, full-page, FRONT PAGE (my emphasis) RMS promotion …"

      I happened to have the May 2014 editions available, so let’s review:

      • 4 May: "Santo Papas. Saintly Popes" on the front page, with articles recalling the papal visit by Toni Ramirez and Tony Diaz on pages 2-3; NCW-related features were: (a) half-page photo on Guam's WYD on page 5 and (b) RMS Gala article and ad on page 6; the remainder of that edition focused on the canonization of the popes.

      • 11 May: AOLG May Crowning and article regarding abortion supporters reception of Holy Communion on the front page; SACS May Crowning and article about mothers' influence on vocations on pages 2-3; NCW-related features: (a) small RMS Gala ad on page 5 and (b) "Seminary to honor Eduardo & Irene Camacho" blurb on page 6; the rest of the news stories had "Vatican" datelines.

      • 18 May: NCW Great Mission article, written by Jennifer Louise Dulla, with a photo of Fr. Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira delivering a "brief reflection" on the front page — more of his previous "men will … suck all the sweet juice out of you …"?; NCW-related features also written by above-mentioned Ms. Dulla: (a) "Pilgrimage to the Philippines" on page 2, (b) "Seminary to honor Mr. Eduardo and Irene Camacho," (c) small RMS Gala ad on page 6 and (d) sacerdotal anniversary greeting to Fr. Alberto ad on page 9; the rest of the stories were a mixture of local and national/international.

      I couldn’t find copies from the previous months, but I doubt if they were as blatantly NCW-slanted as the May 18 edition — the first three pages? Really?!?

      Considering that the progression of the RMS candidates are carefully documented and extensively profiled in the U Matuna, I can’t help wondering if there will be any coverage of the young men who will be departing for the Capuchin Novitiate later this month …

  2. What "superstitions" is Zoltan talking about?

    1. Anonymous (May 18, 2014 at 8:36 AM), from Zoltan's perspective, just about anything that contradicts his views of the NCW — especially if articulated by Tim Rohr and/or Chuck White — is considered "gossip, hearsay and superstitions." Just skim through his posts and you'll see that phrase; other Kiko-bots have taken up the mantra, sometimes transposing it to read "hearsay, gossip and superstitions."

      Zoltan and the Kiko-bots can't bear the truth nor can they accept the facts that back up what is posted here on Jungle Watch, so they resort to trying to minimise the contents of this blog as "gossip, hearsay and superstitions."

  3. Yup. He sounds mentally ill to me... dangerous indeed.

    1. He was only allowed to teach developmental math, because his lack of education. But he turned deaf ear to students when they needed help and refused to help, perhaps because he did not know the solution. He was not only deaf but also dumb. Really. I did not want to share what I heard, but he was not able to solve a quadratic equation as he forgot the quadratic formula. Lol! A teacher... Mr. Zoltan will not be missed by anyone.

  4. So, what Dianne said in her/his blog is true. You threaten Zoltan's job. I don't see anything in Zoltan's post threatening your life.

    1. I have no ability to "threaten" Zoltan's job. Only Zoltan has the ability to threaten Zoltan's job. I can only report to Zoltan's employer what I perceive to be threatening language. I can do this because the University is a public institution and Zoltan is a public employee. There is an accountability to the public in public institutions that does not exist in the private sector. In addition, Zoltan is a teacher, and as such, is called to an even higher degree of accountability than most public employees. If I feel Zoltan is a danger or mentally unstable because of how he speaks and acts towards me, I have a duty to warn others, and so I am.

  5. We don't need him on our island. He is a danger to the young minds on our island, who have to sit through his classes. Fabricated lies presumptions are all I read on his Dian post.

  6. After reading the extensive exchange between Tim Rohr and Zoltan Szekely, I can't help but wonder what is behind all of this, particularly Mr. Szekely's compelling need to always respond to Tim Rohr's ongoing entries into his “own blog.” If Mr. Szekely, or Zoltan as he is better known, felt that there isn’t anything worthwhile to Tim’s blog posts, then why respond? Why does Zoltan have this irresistible compulsion to always respond to Tim's blog entries in what appears to be a literary tug-of-war. Or, as he seems to come across as, “I’ll see to it that you don’t get the better of me in our difference of perspective on the issues at hand pertaining to the Neocatechumenal Way. In fact, Zoltan goes so far as to accuse Tim of the ulterior motive of using his blog to gain fame and fortune. When one has to resort to unfounded assertions such as this, it means he’s pretty desperate. It also alludes to the possible obsession that has a grip on Mr. Zoltan that he can’t let go. In one of his posts responding to the irregularity of the distribution of communion by the NCW, Zoltan responded “So What.” If he can accept his “So What” stance and not have the need to debate Tim Rohr, then he shouldn’t be bothered and wouldn’t have the compulsion and yes probably the obsession he has with the juggle.

    In my opinion, it appears to be a clear case of jealousy. Yes “Jealousy.” Zoltan cannot stand to be outwitted, outdueled and simply made to look defeated in his responses to Tim’s posts, particularly with regard to the liturgical irregularities and non-conformance to church doctrine and established norms that Tim has objectively laid out. Zoltan cannot stand to have his ego diminished and deflated and consequently has had to resort to personal attacks to justify his indefensible position. His jealousy of Tim’s superior literary style and intelligence is very evident. Frankly, I don’t understand why Tim wastes his time addressing Zoltan’s nonsensical tirades. The more attention he is given only feeds his obsession to get the “upper hand” which I believe is the motivation behind his continued responses in Juggle Watch. Mr. Zoltan is the type of individual that cannot stand being intellectually challenged or defeated in any way.

    1. You bring up a good point and an opportunity to clarify my purposes.

      As we are aware, one of the defining characteristics of the Neocatechumenal Way is its secrecy. Other than its Statute, which was defined and published by Rome, no other NCW documents are publicly available, not even its 13 volume catechism. All instruction is kept as oral as possible so that there is no paper trail.

      When I approached Fr. X at the seminary in 2008 for a copy of the permission he said was received from Rome to continue the NCW's peculiar manner of distributing communion, he replied: "There is no document to show you. All our instructions have been oral. We are satisfied with that."

      Thus Zoltan and Diana have provided us a great service. Because of their egos they have been unable to rein in their mouths and have confirmed for us the abnormalities and illicit practices of the NCW that we could not have otherwise confirmed. And the madder they get, the more they talk. And they talk in "writing".

      As you can see from this blog, I haven't had to go to them. They've come to me, first by attacking me on this blog, and then attacking me on theirs. I have simply taken what they FIRST said and displayed it for all to see. It's been quite easy, actually.

      So thanks to Diana and Zoltan we now know that the Neocatechumenal communities continue to receive communion in a way that violates the liturgical books they are required to follow by their own Statute. We also know that they don't care that they are in violation of the norms given them by Rome since their response to our pointing out the violations is now: "SO WHAT?"

      They have also confirmed for us what we all already know: that there is a separate hierarchy in the Neocatechumenal Way that bypasses pastors and bishops.

      These are things that have been evident to everyone but we could never get it in writing. Well, now we have.

      In addition, I have felt it necessary to expose Zoltan because of his personal attacks on me and increasing use of violent and threatening language. By calling attention to his behavior and his threatening language, I am hoping to give myself a public layer of protection and also hoping that the smarter people in his community will have a talk with him.

    2. Janet B - MangilaoMay 18, 2014 at 9:51 PM

      Tim...Zoltan says all that he says for one simple reason. He has fallen victim to their practice of brain-washing. He is an othrtwise educated man, but the kikos have rendered him an idiot.
      So sead, Zoltan, you do not see this!

  7. There is rumor that Dr Zoltan has left Guam and went back to Rome. His courses from the UOG catalog were canceled.

  8. I pray that is true...he is poison.

    1. Yep, a 3-year scholarship to Italy... Why, doesn't it pay off to lickety-lick Kiko's plate? Lol!

  9. Hey Tigger Rohr. Diana didn't post that to Zoltan. She posted it to Anon. 11:24 p.m. Put on your friggin glasses, you idiot. Im glad Diana is out there to expose how you twist the truth into myths to cause all this division.

    1. Oh, just trying to live up to her hatemonger label. I wouldn't want to disappoint her.

    2. Your doing a good job of being a hatemonger.

    3. Can't stay away from my blog, can you? LOL

    4. Janet B - MangilaoMay 18, 2014 at 9:53 PM

      This comment sounds like our nut-hugger friend. is that you fr adrian?

  10. Brother and sisters we need to prepare for the new spring which is a return to the Church of Rome in our islands. The NCW have no right to our land our financial resources, or spreading their teaching to our people.

  11. Nope. I luv the entertainment. Could you pass the popcorn. Yummy!

  12. Ciao.
    Well, now that I have read out that text, I would like to move on to my own comment.
    Mr. Zoltan said: "He just revealed at his blog that he is working for an Italian anti-Neocatechumenal trash-site...". Well, mr. Zoltan. I'm a garbage producer. Can you translate my trush, prof. Zoltan?

  13. After reading the letter on Zenit confirming that the Holy Father back the Neocatechumenal way, I begin to wonder. Why didn't they produce a letter with the Vatican letterhead? Why was there no signature of this Archbishop B on the letter?

    1. Your comment allows for a more general observation. Kiko and the Kiko's are masters at twisting language. The pope's support for their apostolate becomes an official backing, when in fact, the pope routinely expresses his support for many apostolates.

      David Atienza on his blog says that he was sent to Guam by Pope Benedict. He is referring to the meeting that the Neos have every year in Rome with the pope where the pope gives some encouraging words to the neos and blesses their mission. They turn this meeting with the pope, at which thousands attend, into some sort of a personal sending by the pope when he did no such thing.

      It's like after hearing the words at the close of Mass: "Go out to the world and share the Gospel" and then walking into a bar and saying Father so and so sent me here to preach the Gospel to you.

      It's all b.s. And it is so typical of the NCW's ravenous attempt to manufacture credibility for itself.

    2. I think the headline of the Zenit article is misleading. There is no indication in the Acrhbishop's letter that the Pope is "backing" the liturgy in the way the NCW claim. The letter merely reaffirms the pope's observation and recommendation that ecclesial unity should prevail, and it points to the relevant articles of the their Statutes. However, there is nothing in the statutes that provides for separate Vigil celebrations or other liturgical anomalies.

  14. Tim may 20th 12.22pm is correct. The example of the bar made me smile but he is right. Kiko uses his time in the presence of the pope, takes photos, re arranges things adds statements after. It's how he markets the organization and uses what is already available to his advantage. It's all a game to these people. They can play their game but not here on Guam.

  15. Okay Tim so here is another post you may be interested in ZOLTAN

    ZoltanJune 4, 2014 at 5:37 PM
    It is prevalent view in Catholic circles all around Europe that the church needs renewal from inside. The main goal is spiritual growth and increased faith, just as you say, dear Diana. Reaching maturity in faith happens through a persistent path with well defined of stages. So it is just natural to think of the Neocatechumenal Way as one of these faith renewal attempts with a characteristic feature of small communities.

    Now, it is a fact that there are sporadic anti-Way sentiments incited mostly by dogmatic traditionalists groups. These groups do not consider growth in faith important as they think of themselves self righteous who do not need any more faith beyond what they already have. This leads to complacency and an aridity in faith. So behind anti-Way sentiments we always find groups without an ability to grow in faith. Yes, Diana, this is exactly the reason they are so adamantly against the Way. Because we provide a vivid and natural environment of growing in Catholic faith, reading the Bible and coming to the Lord Jesus. Shortly, the Way is a diametric opposite of their aridity and inability of growing in faith.

    This is what we see at the JungleWatch blog and with the people gathering around it. They don't understand the power of the Way, so they try to destroy it. Their envy turns into furious wrath while they are weaving their anti-Way mantra. But they only expose themselves as haters. They got their satisfaction by attacking us, Diana, and spreading gossip about the Way while they don't even remember anymore how to approach the cross of our Savior in humility.

    Tim Rohr is one typical leading figure of these groups you may observe all around in Europe and, in particular, in Rome. These leaders ride high on the ignorance of others. They feed the ignorance and incite sentiments by following a well designed script. He is actually a rather mediocre figure head by European standards. European anti-Way hate groups are much more professional than the JungleWatch group, but they are also limited by their own immoral methods that Tim Rohr tries to imitate so desperately.

    In short, Tim is a typical anti-Way fighter, who disguises his own inability of coming to the Lord by arrogance and aggression against his Catholic sisters and brothers. We should see the big picture behind this phenomena, place JungleWatch in the proper context and understand the incredible level of depravity that leads these people to this behavior.


    DianaJune 4, 2014 at 5:49 PM
    Dear Zoltan,

    Paul John Paul II said that what is needed are holy people. He is correct. Holy people are witnesses to Christ and His miracles. This is the goal of the Neocatechumenal walk with Christ. To imitate Him. This means that we are to love our enemies. In other words, we pray for those who persecute us. That is really all we can do for Tim Rohr and his followers. We leave it up to God to take care of them.

    1. Yes, so you see. All of you, according to Zoltan are ignorant.