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As mentioned, I don't bother going to Diana's blog. I simply cannot take the assault on intelligence let alone on our Holy Catholic Faith. However, the snippets forwarded me by others do prove useful from time to time. Here's one:

So, who is really causing division in the Catholic Church? Well, in the first place, it was not the archbishop who wrote or even spoke of any "presbyter conspiracy." This so-called "presbyter conspiracy" did not come from the NCW. Who was the one who wrote about the "presbyter conspiracy" and used an actual document misleading others into thinking that the NCW should never used the term "presbyter".....when in reality that document was addressed to the NCCB who wanted to change a term in the ordination rite.
Diana is referring to my blog post of 2/14/14 entitled THE PRESBYTER CONSPIRACY wherein I provide a quote from a letter from the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments (CDW) to what was then called the National Council of Catholic Bishops (NCCB), which is today called the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

In the letter, the then-Prefect for the CDW (Cardinal Estevez) admonished the NCCB for using the word "presbyters" instead of "priests" in the revised rite of ordination which had to be submitted to the CDW for approval. The Prefect wrote:
Prominent among the problems is the decision of the translators to break with common Catholic usage and translate the Latin "presbyteri" into English not with "priests" but with "presbyters". This cannot meet with the Holy See's consent since it risks being misunderstood by the people and represents an unacceptable theological tendency. In particular it constitutes a retreat from a term that carries a sense of sacrality, that carries with it the history of the development of the faith in favor of a term which does not. 
Since the NCW systematically replaces "priest" with "presbyter", this matter deserves more discussion. But for now, we simply note that Diana once again reaffirms that our bishops have no place in the NCW hierarchy, which, as she has already told us goes: bishop, no priest, no pastor. 

Diana reaffirms this bishop-less hierarchy by noting that the instruction from Rome was to the NCCB (the bishops) and NOT to the Neocatechumenal Way:
(I) "used an actual document misleading others into thinking that the NCW should never used (sic) the term "presbyter".....when in reality that document was addressed to the NCCB..."
So, according to the NCW (aka Diana),  because the document from the CDW was addressed to the bishops and not Kiko, the instruction has nothing to do with them. 

We agree with you Diana. You are correct. The instruction from Rome had nothing to do with you! The instruction had nothing to do with you because the instruction was to the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, the Church united to the Chair of Peter and obedient to our Church's legitimate magisterial authority. 

Because you are NOT united to that same Church, Diana, you are correct in pointing out that any instruction from Rome that does not have Kiko's name on it - and even those that do (See December 1, 2005) - have nothing to do with you. 

Thank you again for reconfirming what this blog is all about: 

By the way, Diana, you know that 2010 Archdiocesan study on unity I posted a bit ago. There were some questionnaires that were part of that study. One of the questions was about the OBSTACLES TO UNITY in this Archdiocese, i.e., the SOURCE OF DIVISION. Here is the outcome of that questionnaire, Diana:

  1. The Neo Catechumenate 35
  2. Lack of  Personal Communication 20
  3. Favoritism 18
  4. Reality vs Perception 16
  5. Resistance  to Change 16
  6. Prejudice 15
  7. Understanding Cultural Differences  9
  8. Making Time  8
  9. Lack of Affirmation  5
  10. Lack of understanding core communities  4
  11. Disobedience  4
  12. Work  3
  13. Gossip  3
  14. Lack of Clear Vision  3
  15. Self-indulgence  2
  16. Superiority  0

Do you see what is in first place, Diana? By a wide margin, Diana? And so far, the only answer to that division is to get rid of people like Fr. Paul and crank out presbyter yes-men to the Archbishop so that you can change that ratio. "The smoke of Satan..."

The quote from Diana is here in this screenshot in case some question its source. 

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