Saturday, June 7, 2014


"Fooled you all!"
I will respond to this in a post since it has appeared in the comments a couple of times. Here is Diana's explanation:

  1. Dear Catholic United,

    Apparently, there was a miscommunication. The truth is that the NCW in the Philippines invited Kiko and then invited the cardinal to meet with Kiko. An invitation was sent to Kiko from the Philippines, but somewhere there was a miscommunication, which is understandable. Humans will always make simple errors.

If I had been proved to be wrong, do you think Diana would pass it off as just an "understandable miscommunication...a simple error." HELL NO. She and her clan would have continued the vomit and spit that they had already been spewing for days. But since it was their error, oh well, just a "miscommunication." 

As already noted, no bishop has the authority to extend an invitation of any kind to the members of another bishop's diocese without going through that diocese's bishop. The invitation from Cardinal Tagle, had there been a real one, could not have occurred unless Archbishop Apuron had first been approached by Cardinal Tagle and then had given his consent. This is probably why no one thought to question the source because it could not have come from anyone other than Archbishop Apuron. Obviously it did not. 

Though the story in the U Matuna did not appear until May 18, according to Diana, the "invitation" had been known since early April:

Dear Anonymous at 11:31 p.m.,

Since April, the NCW already knew that Kiko Arguello will be visiting the Philippines at the invitation of the Cardinal. While those in Junglewatch are estimating the cost of the trip per person, those in the Way already know the exact amount per person. We also know that after the Philippines, Kiko will be traveling to Japan. He was also invited by the Japanese bishops in Japan. 

This means that Archbishop Apuron was aware of this lie since early April and DID NOTHING. Thanks Diana for letting us know. 

Of course, since the Archbishop is not in the hierarchical chain of the Neocatechumenal Way and is just one of the brothers, he was probably NOT consulted but just passively received the news like everyone else. But rather than excuse the Archbishop , this is exactly why the approved Statutes of the Neocatechumenal Way placed the NCW at THE SERVICE of the bishop and not the other way around, so crap like this wouldn't happen.

The Archbishop must decide if he is going to be a BISHOP or a BROTHER. He can't be both!

Oh and by the way, about that above mentioned "invitation" to Japan by the Japanese bishops. Yah right. Ya mean the same Japanese bishops who tried to kick your tail out of the country a few years ago:

One more BY THE WAY. The NCW will be making a big thing about how many people were at the Paranaque shindig. Again, Kiko is a master of optics. The Paranaque location was not chosen by accident. El Shaddai has seven million adherents. It is the largest, single, most powerful group in the Philippines. Not only was its shrine selected for Kiko's spectacle, the El Shaddai members were invited by the local bishop who is also in need of Kiko's assistance and support due to his ethical problems. It was a ready made stage with ready made numbers. He's good.

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