Saturday, June 7, 2014


The following was sent to me as a comment but I decided to check my sources to be sure so I am copying it here exactly as it occurs on Diana's blog. Apparently I live rent free inside this poor man's head.

Feel free to read, but heads up, according to Zoltan anyone who opposes the Way is an "ignorant dogmatic traditionalist" and anyone who exposes the truth about them, according to Diana, is a "persecutor". But then you know that. 

  1. It is prevalent view in Catholic circles all around Europe that the church needs renewal from inside. The main goal is spiritual growth and increased faith, just as you say, dear Diana. Reaching maturity in faith happens through a persistent path with well defined of stages. So it is just natural to think of the Neocatechumenal Way as one of these faith renewal attempts with a characteristic feature of small communities.

    Now, it is a fact that there are sporadic anti-Way sentiments incited mostly by dogmatic traditionalists groups. These groups do not consider growth in faith important as they think of themselves self righteous who do not need any more faith beyond what they already have. This leads to complacency and an aridity in faith. So behind anti-Way sentiments we always find groups without an ability to grow in faith. Yes, Diana, this is exactly the reason they are so adamantly against the Way. Because we provide a vivid and natural environment of growing in Catholic faith, reading the Bible and coming to the Lord Jesus. Shortly, the Way is a diametric opposite of their aridity and inability of growing in faith.

    This is what we see at the JungleWatch blog and with the people gathering around it. They don't understand the power of the Way, so they try to destroy it. Their envy turns into furious wrath while they are weaving their anti-Way mantra. But they only expose themselves as haters. They got their satisfaction by attacking us, Diana, and spreading gossip about the Way while they don't even remember anymore how to approach the cross of our Savior in humility.

    Tim Rohr is one typical leading figure of these groups you may observe all around in Europe and, in particular, in Rome. These leaders ride high on the ignorance of others. They feed the ignorance and incite sentiments by following a well designed script. He is actually a rather mediocre figure head by European standards. European anti-Way hate groups are much more professional than the JungleWatch group, but they are also limited by their own immoral methods that Tim Rohr tries to imitate so desperately.

    In short, Tim is a typical anti-Way fighter, who disguises his own inability of coming to the Lord by arrogance and aggression against his Catholic sisters and brothers. We should see the big picture behind this phenomena, place JungleWatch in the proper context and understand the incredible level of depravity that leads these people to this behavior.
  2. Dear Zoltan,

    Paul John Paul II said that what is needed are holy people. He is correct. Holy people are witnesses to Christ and His miracles. This is the goal of the Neocatechumenal walk with Christ. To imitate Him. This means that we are to love our enemies. In other words, we pray for those who persecute us. That is really all we can do for Tim Rohr and his followers. We leave it up to God to take care of them.

I'll come back with some comments later. Check back.

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