Thursday, June 12, 2014


June 12, 2014

Honorable Rory J. Respicio 
Majority Leader 
Member, FOIA Advisory Council
Suite 302
155 Hesler St. 
Hagåtña, Guam  96910                        
Ph.: (671) 472-7679/3545/6


Senator Respicio:

As per the FOIA Council Information posted on the Legislature's website, the FOIA Council is an ADVISORY council wherein citizen concerns about government transparency are supposed to be brought under advisement, discussed amongst the council members, and a course of action recommended. 

Senator, my FOIA/OG PETITION FORM (attached) was sent to you on 6/11/14 at 4:57PM. I received a reply* from a council member on 6/11/14 at 5:13PM. Wow! Your council had all of 16 minutes to take my petition, file it, call a meeting of the council, discuss it, and decide on a course of action. 

Senator, as the Majority Leader and Chairman of the Rules Committee in collusion with the Speaker of the Legislature, you are the persons most responsible for sequestering the session agenda and keeping the people in the dark even though you knew what the agenda was.

In response to this lack of transparency by yourself and Speaker Won Pat, I submitted an official petition to your FOIA Advisory Council. Your job as founder and member of the FOIA Advisory Council is to see to it that my concern is addressed IN THE COUNCIL, not send out some messenger 16 minutes later from your personal “cover my xxx” commission with a “get lost” letter because it is YOUR actions that are at issue!

Senator, I did not ask ask for an explanation as to why we the people were kept in the dark about your current session agenda, I petitioned your council to “fix it”! In other words, Senator:


I don’t care about your Standing Rules. Fix them. You are NEVER to keep us in the dark unless there is some grave emergency, and these three little bills you are discussing are NO emergency. I have to admit though, it IS pretty funny:

The founder of a council dedicated to assisting citizen concerns about government transparency is unwilling to entertain a citizen’s concern about government transparency....because the founder of the council to assist citizens with concerns about government transparency is the reason for a citizen’s concern about government transparency! Thanks for the reminder of why not to vote for you, as if we all don't have one already. 

Tim Rohr
A Concerned Citizen

* Email from Jayne Flores, 6/11/14, 5:13 PM

Hafa adai Tim,

Thank you for your FOIA request. From a former reporter's point of view, it is totally understandable. I asked Sen. Respicio about it, and he explained that normally he always releases a session agenda after the Rules mtg. The speaker only needs a 2 hour notice to call session, and since she called session yesterday, they didn't have time to have a Rules meeting because of the 5 day public notice requirement, so the other way to adopt an agenda is on the floor. I have attached the agenda that was adopted today on the floor. It should be on the legislative web site by now, as I am told that as soon as it is adopted, it is posted on the web site.

Thank you again for being vigilant with respect to our legislative process.

Jayne Flores
Assistant Director
Communications & Promotions
Guam Community College
P.O. Box 23069 GMF
Barrigada, Guam 96921

cc: FOIA Council, Media, Senators, Governor’s Office, and anybody else I can think of. 


  1. What about transparency on where you got the confidencial letter that was written for Jenn?

    1. Show me on the letter where it was stamped CONFIDENTIAL. And a letter can hardly be considered confidential when it is sent to three people. So what about the transparency about the BIG LIE which prompted the Cardinal's letter? What about the transparency about all that trash bag money you collect? Where's your accounting? Why don't you turn it into the parish like the rest of us do? What about the transparency of your Kiko-catechism? You really want to go there?

    2. I am sorry, but the letter did not say confidential! READ the last statement. " I decided to issue this correction of facts in order not to add to existing disputes!" The word ISSUE says it all! Get a grip on it and have a pizza!

    3. You're the one so concern about transparency, so practice what you preach. Whose your contact in Manlia? Give up his name. Make it easier on the cardinal to go out and arrest him for stealing personal documents.

    4. You people do not seem to understand. The Archbishop is responsible for all the transparencies within the Catholic Church. The legislature is responsible for transparency. The governor is responsible for transparency.

      Journalist, reporters and all others do not need to devuldge any confidential sources!
      Like I said, get off your high horse, get a grip,on it and have a pizza.

      Why don't you go to SVS church and have someone visit your home or you can visit theirs for some words of wisdom!

    5. The Cardinal did not mark the letter to be confidential because to do so would not serve the very purpose of the letter. And the purpose of the letter was to ensure that a public correction was issued by the Umatuna correcting the erroneous idea that the Cardinal had invited the team from Guam to evangelize his flock. Publicizing the letter did what the Umatuna failed to do.

    6. The issue here is transparency of the Archdiocese of Agana. The disclosure of information should be made public. To all priests, all parishes and all members of the church. This is an issue of DISCLOSURE not who DISCLOSED it! Cased close! Let us now move on to the next issues!


  2. transparency yes. but in gov Guam. or in the Church on Guam? not while certain men hold titles.

  3. Hey 1:08 and 3:15. Let me know when Jennifer Dulla divulges her source for the BIG LIE about Cardinal Tagle. Waiting.

  4. The person concern with transparency should start with themselves first before pointing their finger at someone else. So name your contact. If you think that there's nothin' wrong and it's all legal, then name your contact in Manila.

    And name your contact in United Airlines since your able to print out the info on the Archbishops seat number along with the names of other passengers.

    1. Get with it already! Case closed!


    2. Hahahahahahhahahahah.....Hahahahahahahaahaha

      Anon 7:10 is a dumb a##. Tim's Contact at United Airlines is


    3. @ Anon 7:10,

      Besides your opinion about Tim, do you see anything wrong with the actions of the people who lied about the Cardianl Tagle invitation? Please reply.

    4. Anon 7:10, just go to and find the status of the flight you are interested in. The "Flight Status" link is in the Travel Information menu. The info on the first class/Business first upgrades will be at the bottom of the screen. It's all very public!

  5. And so was Tagle's letter, or at least it was supposed to be thanks to the cowards in the chancery.

  6. I still don't see the contact's name from Manila. I knew you would focus more on the airline flight.

  7. Someone is in a hissy that Mr. Rohr was able to secure a copy of the Cardinal's letter. Why? Because this someone is enraged that the Chancery's attempt to hide the lie that Cardinal Tagle invited Kiko and Guam to Manila was foiled by the disclosure of the letter. The cover-up depended on making sure that the Cardinals letter was never published and that an erratum was to be issued that was vague and unapologetic. I guess they thought that the Cardinal was going to play along with their scheme to prevent his letter from being disclosed. Mr. Rohr's contact was not in Manila but right here in Guam. Do you think the three people who received the Cardinal's letter were not going to release it to their friends secretly? Ha! Do you think that the Cardinal did not give blind copies to others so that his letter will be disclosed one way or the other? Ha! With one click of a button, the Cardinal's letter was going to places to make sure that the Cardinals position was made clear. Ai adai. This obsession with how Mr. Rohr got a copy of this letter is so naïve and infantile. Wake up folks! If Mr, Rohr did not release it, someone else would have. LOL..............

    1. Tim said that his contact was in Manila. Now, you're saying that his contact is here? So, Tim was lyin about the contact in Manila?

    2. As my Mexican mother would say: "Aiy, yai, yai, yai, yai!" 11:55 is making the point that the letter was not confidential, that at least three people had it and probably more, and that the letter could have been procured from any number of local sources. I know someone in Manila who knows the Cardinal. I asked him to ask the Cardinal for a copy of the letter. The Cardinal sent him a copy and he sent it to me. It's that simple. If you have problems with that, then contact Cardinal Tagle.

  8. Diana will name Manila contact priest


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