Thursday, June 19, 2014


  1. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchJune 19, 2014 at 4:49 PM
    Dear Brother/Sister:

    Having walked for several years in an honest and sincere effort to grow closer to God, I too had great expectations. I do not regret the time I had spent in the Way. The constant catechesis is what I needed. However, I found great duplicity in the words and actions. This may be acceptable to others but it started to cause grave concern for me. The catechists and responsibles tried to control my life. They tried to separate me from my family. They tried to separate me from the parish I came from. They tried to make me European. "We are your family now" they would say.
    The road out was difficult because of the pressure they applied, constantly calling me to see if I was ok because I wasn't at the Word or Eucharist, even though they knew I intended to pull away. The catechist actually told me salvation is through the Way, implying that if I left the Way my soul would be at risk. I was too afraid to challenge him at the time or ask him where he got that from. But I am very happy that I had the strength from non-Neo friends to support me in my struggle to free myself from that community.

    Go to your parish and use the things you learned in the Neo to become an active member of a parish community. I have never been happier with my faith than what I am right now. I am involved with a group that meets regularly to discuss faith related issues, and believe me, there are parishes and groups that provide this continuing nourishment. You don't have to be in the Neo to be fed.

    I still have friends in the Neo who continue to receive good graces from it, and I am happy for them. But I also know some who are miserable, but cannot find the courage to leave. The financial obligations of the Neo can be quite hard, the familial obligations can also create strains in having to choose one over the other. The true Neos have a love for God, but the kikos have a love for something I have never been able to figure out. Their fanaticism is actually quite scary.

    Follow your heart and do not look back. One brother told me that Kiko was here on Guam quite a few years ago, around 2006 or 2007 maybe. Kiko explained how the Way started and that once those who were detached from the Church had been catechized they would be re-integrated into the parish. Unfortunately, the NCW no longer seems focused on re-integration back into a parish. It now appears to me that they wish to create a permanent community which will never reitegrate in the main parish, and they actually want to become their own parish, without the restrictions placed on them like regular parishes.

    Even Pope Francis recognizes the troubles of the Way when he reminded Kiko and the NCW about the issue of re-integration and the difficulties that are known to be caused by the NCW when someone chooses to leave. Hopefully, Rome can do something substantial to address this issue more closely to create real change in this problem area.

    Welcome back to parish life and make the most of this fresh start to stay in touch with God daily. My prayers for you, brother/sister.

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