Thursday, June 19, 2014


Seriously, though, not a one of you, NOT A ONE. No one in the Neocatechumenal Way is willing to put their name to anything they say. Zoltan doesn't count because our discussion started on Facebook and continued over to JungleWatch. Not a ONE of you has the personal integrity, courage, or even Christian charity to engage these issues in your own name, and you rally around someone who is an even bigger coward than yourselves. 

That's pretty much all we need to know about the fruits of the Neocatechumenal Way. 


  1. As a walking member of the NCW please allow me to say a few things to my brothers/sisters in the Way. I had post a comment on Ms Diana's blog which is

    AnonymousJune 19, 2014 at 11:41 AM
    Come on people...LET GO, LET GOD!

    I also posted at a separate time which I do not know if she will post.

    I am the same person who reminded you all about turning the other cheek and revenge is not the way. I guess I had great expectations of the NCW. I have only been a member of the Way for a few short years. With all the lo blows people throw at each other, I have decided to take a cebatical leave from the community. What you all do is so contrary to what you proclaim!

    I also wrote about the sticks and stones may break my bones but words would never harm me.
    I was mimicked as to what Psalm, proverb this came from in the Bible. Yet that didn't bother me.

    It is the words thrown out here in the jungle by my brothers/sisters that prompted me to make my decision.

    I cannot even end this with the word PEACE! Instead I will say, May our Lord's healing hands touch each and everyone's lives.

    Thank you for allowing me to post this!

    1. At 1:24PM, I am so sorry, but according to these responses, you don't qualify as a NCW member. Better luck next time! Maybe you can turn in another application. At a later date.

      AnonymousJune 19, 2014 at 5:13 PM
      Dear Anonymuos 12:47, no we do not condemn you, even as we recognize your talking. Your talking is not of those who are walking. When we who are in the Way have doubts and questions, and believe me from time to time we do have doubts and questions, we go to our responsible in our community or to the presbyter for guidance. We may also talk to our catechists who take everything we ask very seriously. They know how important for us what they tell us so they answer to our concerns very thoroughly by the Spirit!

      When we got the answers for our doubts and questions from our sisters and brothers, we keep contemplating and praying. We keep attending the Eucharistic celebrations singing all those songs loud from the bottom of our hearts. Why? Because these songs are full of the Holy Spirit giving us strength and faith. Strength and faith will confirm us in our walking in the Way!

      One thing we never do with our doubts and questions: we never go to Tim Rohr's blog to brag in public about "going on cebatical". When you do this, we must ask serious questions about your walking. But, as I said, we do not condemn you. Even if you came here to play dirty. Your experience here will help you to recognize your fault. Then, you'll have the opportunity to change your ways and convert. Would you? Please pray for me.

      AnonymousJune 19, 2014 at 5:50 PM
      12:47 Anon we pray for you if you are in community because if this is main reason of you leaving? Then your foundation of belief when you said YES is shakable. I pray for you if your not just to be cunning . I pray for you also.

    2. Janet B - MangilaoJune 21, 2014 at 9:27 AM

      There you have an example of the perfect Kiko. Be exactly like everybody else. Conform. Do Not question. Act alike. Speak alike. Obedience regardless. In other words...
      This is the kiko model. Is this what we want of our church here on Guam, a bunch of Stepford Wives?
      God help us should it actually come to that point.
      So go ahead you kikos. Be exact cookie cutter replicas of the great and powerful OZ (Kiko). Go ahead and march toward the Emerald City.
      The rest of the Catholic world will continue to march with the Vatican and the true Pope.
      Pizza be with you!

    3. Janet B what are you talking about, they express obedient and meekness. You continue to mock because your belief is exactly to debate? All you do is rant, Jesus Christ did not fight back with the high priest. Your rant has no bearing but redundant cry which says alot about you who stand in the side line but do nothing. If the WAY is wrong and tell it to the millions who are part of it. Cry and cry alone.

    4. No worries, Janet. This is Zoltan again, ranting and trying to hide so Diana won't catch him in the jungle. Bad Zoltan. Bad. Bad. Bad. So naughty.

    5. Guess again Tim, you have loss your class and self respect.

    6. ROTFLOL. Coming from someone who doesn't have the integrity to even use their name and cowers behind rocks. Laughable. Self-respect? Laughable. Simply laughable.

  2. I have to applaud Diana on her lastest blog about Cathocism (sp) in Japan and how it survived without a priest. To comment on this, we too, survived the Catholic faith without priests during WWII. All this talk about steps to reach ones true peak in faith is really nothing!

    Try living through the hell of war and you will know what the true meaning of faith in God is.

    1. This historical fact is part of the strength of faith of the Church of Agana! We are too spoiled now.

  3. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchJune 19, 2014 at 4:49 PM

    Dear Brother/Sister:

    Having walked for several years in an honest and sincere effort to grow closer to God, I too had great expectations. I do not regret the time I had spent in the Way. The constant catechesis is what I needed. However, I found great duplicity in the words and actions. This may be acceptable to others but it started to cause grave concern for me. The catechists and responsibles tried to control my life. They tried to separate me from my family. They tried to separate me from the parish I came from. They tried to make me European. "We are your family now" they would say.

    The road out was difficult because of the pressure they applied, constantly calling me to see if I was ok because I wasn't at the Word or Eucharist, even though they knew I intended to pull away. The catechist actually told me salvation is through the Way, implying that if I left the Way my soul would be at risk. I was too afraid to challenge him at the time or ask him where he got that from. But I am very happy that I had the strength from non-Neo friends to support me in my struggle to free myself from that community.

    Go to your parish and use the things you learned in the Neo to become an active member of a parish community. I have never been happier with my faith than what I am right now. I am involved with a group that meets regularly to discuss faith related issues, and believe me, there are parishes and groups that provide this continuing nourishment. You don't have to be in the Neo to be fed.

    I still have friends in the Neo who continue to receive good graces from it, and I am happy for them. But I also know some who are miserable, but cannot find the courage to leave. The financial obligations of the Neo can be quite hard, the familial obligations can also create strains in having to choose one over the other. The true Neos have a love for God, but the kikos have a love for something I have never been able to figure out. Their fanaticism is actually quite scary.

    Follow your heart and do not look back. One brother told me that Kiko was here on Guam quite a few years ago, around 2006 or 2007 maybe. Kiko explained how the Way started and that once those who were detached from the Church had been catechized they would be re-integrated into the parish. Unfortunately, the NCW no longer seems focused on re-integration back into a parish. It now appears to me that they wish to create a permanent community which will never reitegrate in the main parish, and they actually want to become their own parish, without the restrictions placed on them like regular parishes.

    Even Pope Francis recognizes the troubles of the Way when he reminded Kiko and the NCW about the issue of re-integration and the difficulties that are known to be caused by the NCW when someone chooses to leave. Hopefully, Rome can do something substantial to address this issue more closely to create real change in this problem area.

    Welcome back to parish life and make the most of this fresh start to stay in touch with God daily. My prayers for you, brother/sister.

    1. Clear and so very true. We all need Evangelization. Our Parish is the community we belong to. Our sanctuary for very personal struggles is our marriage bond, our family.

  4. To "Glad to be back to Holy Mother Church". I, too, was a former NCW and I totally agree with your observations and assessments. I pray that many other neocats read this blog, not to dissuade them from the NCW but to enlighten them so that they can make an informed and righteous decision.

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