Monday, June 2, 2014


Got the highest ever number of page views yesterday. Guess the Cardinal Tagle story perked things up. How's it going over there in Diana land?

3485 views = approx 1 page view every 20 seconds.


  1. Diana is lonely! Then again like she says, we do not need the fellowship of each other!

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJune 3, 2014 at 4:10 PM

      Diana says: boo hoo hoo. where is our kiko when we need him. Maybe he can stop by Guam after Manila and Japan to help us out. Our Archbishop is doing a lousy job of damage control! I hope we don't get asked to make that Guyana-guava kool aid soon!

      Poor Diana. Reality bites when you find out you have backed the wrong Church. Step into the light. The Prodigal Father is very forgiving, even to kooks like you.

      Good luck!

    2. Diana says: Boo hoo hoo, where is our kiko when we need him? Maybe he can stop by Guam after Manila and Japan to help us out. Our Archbishop is doing a LOUSY job of damage control! I hope we don't get asked to make that Guyana-guava kool aid soon!

      Poor Diana. It must really bite when you find out you have backed the wrong Church. Step into the light. The Prodigal Father is very forgiving, even to kiko-kooks like you.

      Good luck!

  2. Cardinal tagle story is all over the Philippines now. After all archbishop Apuron is coming to Manila to evangelize the pagans of the Philippines. What a lie he announced to the media.

  3. Filipinos all around the world are now opening this story. Expect higher hits Tim. When the full truth is revealed oh boy numbers will shoot higher.

  4. Filipinos all around the world are now opening this story. Expect higher hits Tim. When the full truth is revealed oh boy numbers will shoot higher.

  5. Meetings in Diana land on crisis management.

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJune 3, 2014 at 12:36 PM

      Mtg notes from Diana land just in:
      Idiot #1 - how in the hell did they find out the big lie. I think idiot #2 leaked it out.
      Idiot #2 - I did not. I wasn't able to open my email for the last week...I forgot my password. Besides, I was sick all week long and wasn't even at the Chancery at all.
      Idiot #3 - I warned you all that we can only lie so long before the people with more brains than us start to figure things out. I think we have finally reached that point. Is there a different lie we can create to throw the mob onto a different course?
      Idiot #1 - Idiot # 2 assured me the people would forget. When are they going to start forgetting?
      Idiot #3 - let me bully them around a bit. Maybe threaten their leader Tim Rohr with a more arduous and painful etc.
      Idiot #2 - maybe we can offer to buy his blog and then close it down. No more jungle on Guam.
      Idiot #3 - yeah, I like the sound of that. But he would have to sign a non-compete agreement first. Yeah, that would keep them off our trail!
      Idiot #1 - you are both idiots! I'm not spending my hard earned money to buy the Jungle. Kiko promised I could keep 75% of all the money I can steal, as long as he gets the other 55%.
      Idiot #3 - But sir, I think that adds up to more than 100%?
      Idiot #1 - Shut up Idiot #3 or I'll send you back to Denver. If it is more than 100%, we can make it up on the next scrutiny! We got off track again! How do we solve the problem we created by lying about Cardinal Tagle. This is very serious stuff.
      Idiot #2 - we could have our paper put out some sort of press release.
      Idiot #3 - that's a stupid idea. Silence has worked so well for us so far.
      Idiot #1 - actually, I think silence has backfired. I now have a mountain full of facts that they have accumulated against me. Maybe we should have fixed the simple problems when they came up by actually treating people fairly. I've already set the people up with my heartfelt apology in this week's propoganda rag.
      Idiot #3 - no way. Your the boss. They have to listen to you. They have to obey!
      Idiot #2 - I'm not so sure about that #3. They seem pretty mad. I'm hungry, pass me another pizza.
      Idiot #1 - ok. I have a solution. It is very complex and involves three important steps.
      First, blame the cub-reporter who obviously mixed up the lie we told her to tell.
      Second transfer all our ill-gotten gains to Swiss bank accounts.
      Third - I have 4 million one pass miles. I hear the weather is nice in Rio.
      Yeah, so it's settled. I feel relieved. Call all the idiots at the seminary and tell them there is a change in plans. We are going on a looooooong road trip!

      ***Warning - this story is true, but the names have been changed to protect the real idiots.***

    2. LOL...good piece!

    3. Don't laugh about the Swiss bank accounts it is true. But one thing at a time.

  6. Archbishop wants to resolve the situation .

    1. It can be resolved when the archbishop makes a sincere attempt to correct the matter. All information appearing on this page has been checked out and found to be true.

    2. "The Archbishop wants to resolve the situation"? I'm holding my breath and wonder: how different is this lie from all other past lies; how different is this deceit from all other past deceits; how different is the sound of this unconvincing disingenuous statement and claim from all his other attempts to pull the wool over us and insult our intelligence?

      Why the Archbishop's interest, NOW, in "resolving" THIS particular situation? Why this claim of a sudden reversal from his usual "couldn't-care-less," cold, inattentive, unconcerned-about-the-non-neo-congregation views, opinions, mentality and regard? Why his concern, now, when he never showed nor had any interest with all issues or concerns and questions we’ve sought his address for and response to?

      Is it because he realizes that his reputation -- outside the island he has reign over -- is now at risk? Is it because his clerical promotion and aspirations is at risk or jeopardized? I'm holding my breath to see what this purported resolve is going to be -- or if indeed, your claim and statement has any truth to it, any validity or legitimacy, June 3, 12:43AM!

    3. No worries. There will be NO resolution. Any real resolution would require opening up the "books". And that is NOT going to happen...even though just about every other diocese in the U.S., if not the world, is now doing it.

  7. Janet B - MangilaoJune 3, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    WONDERFUL NEWS FLASH! (I am almost certain this is not a lie or a hoax, almost)
    Anonymous June 3, 2014 at 12:43 AM says "Archbishop wants to resolve the situation ." Fantastic. If he is sincere here are the steps he needs to follow in order to accomplish his goal:
    1. Stop walking in the Way. No other bishop in the world does, neither should you.
    2. Reinstate Fr Paul as Pastor of Santa Barbara
    3. Get Junee and Aaron in a real seminary, and make that option available for all
    non-NCW vocations.
    4. Make seminarians at RMS pay for their formation, either from their home communities,
    their families or the NCW general fund
    5. Reconcile with your clergy. Have another convocation and sincerely commitment to the
    recommendations of the professionals
    6. You get to stay, but replace all your top advisers, ie Idiots #2 & #3, and Fr Alberto,
    replace them from a list of candidates provided by your clergy, and don't stack them
    with Kikos, but they should be fairly represented on a pro-rata basis
    7. Start using your advisory boards on all matters of importance and stop taking only
    individual advice from interested parties.
    8. No more insincere apologies. Go to those whom you have offended and hurt and fix the
    rift and problem. You're the Archbishop, it's time to be a man about this!
    9. Petition Rome for an auxillary bishop (non-neo please). Our diocese is a mess, your
    health is not where it used to be, and you need all the help you can get. Put him in
    charge of the RMS seminary
    10. Stop putting brand new priests into positions as pastor that they are totally unprepared
    11. Open diocesan books to the public, open your personal books to the Nuncio
    12. Incardinate the non-Neo priests who wish to remain here and have show their
    dedication through more than 7 years of service.
    13. Islandwide pizza parties at your house on first Sundays (just kidding on this one, LOL)

    So there you have it, your excellency. A logical plan for you to follow should you really wish to repair the damage done and resolve , as Anon says.

    Just like the Al Anon, a 12 step plan to wean you off the addictive kiko-kool-aid that has destroyed our Church on Guam. If you follow this easy 12 step plan you will have a restful retirement in 6 more years. If you are just saying what we want to hear, then do nothing and face a more arduous and painful conclusion to your ministry.

    Seriously consider this plan. It is reasonable and fair, and will put our Archdiocese back on track to fruitful growth. The faithful of Guam await your response.
    Prayerfully yours,
    Janet B

    1. Don't forget cut loose Fr. Pius Sammut on a permanent basis.

  8. Diana does not need money. He can leave Guam today and live in any city of Europe . Tim can you do that? Don't think so.

    1. Jun 3, 6:17PM Aha! You've just revealed that this "Diana" as many here rightly suspected or observed and identified, is indeed a male! Could "Diana's" story and "Diana's" demonstrated frustration, meanness, and his obvious anger and lack of compassion be because he has had to (and obviously still is) go thru his whole life being known as and identified with the female name, Diana?

      This reminds me of that Johnny Cash song about a boy whose father left him and his mother but not before naming the boy (his son), "Sue." This boy went thru life being mean and angry, vowing to find his father and seek vengence for giving him his feminine name. Remember the song:"A Boy Named Sue"? :)

    2. So far we know that "Diana" is a male; is wealthy and is a NEO responsible. It can't be too long before we find out the true identity of the infamous "Diana" and maybe why he feels that he needs to hide.

  9. Janet B - MangilaoJune 3, 2014 at 11:08 PM

    Come on Archbishop.Seven hours since the challenge was laid out there. I know you are wandering around in the jungle. Why not answer before you go to bow down to kiko. After you respond, then concentrate on how you will explain this disaster of a lie when you meet Cardinal Tagle. I sure would love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting!

  10. Janet B - MangilaoJune 4, 2014 at 6:02 PM

    Archbishop - still waiting to see if you really want to resolve the situation. See above for the easy 12 step program.
    I know you're in the jungle, show yourself!

    1. Janet B - MangilaoJune 5, 2014 at 3:52 PM

      Hello...Archbishop? It's been two days since it was posted that you really want to resolve the situation. I laid out what I believe is a reasonable plan to accomplish this.

      Two days, and I still haven't heard back from you. Are you still serious about reconciliation with your local clergy? Hope to hear from you, or maybe you can just arrange a meeting with your clergy and get things moving. I hope the Shangri-la has internet so you can see this and respond soon.