Friday, June 27, 2014


Tim, do you know anything about the KOLG plot againt the Archbishop. Were the callers plants? Tell the TRUTH

We have to assume that because Anonymous ends with "Tell the TRUTH" - putting TRUTH in all caps, that the comment is from Diana's camp. Now let's look at this.

Telling the TRUTH is why they hate me. I have been extremely careful to document absolutely every claim I make. In fact I am so thorough at documenting my claims, the haters accuse me of actually stealing the documents. So, if I didn't document my claims, I'd be called a liar. And so I document my claims and I'm called a thief. Now do you see why we call you "KIKO'S"?

But now watch this. By even asking this question they are demeaning the Archbishop's intelligence, insinuating that he was too stupid to know that he was being set up. Wait a minute, I thought you guys were the defenders of the Archbishop? What are you doing insinuating that he is a fool and fell for a plot?

Let's go on. Obviously the idea behind this question is to blame us for all the really bad things the Archbishop said. But look. All the really damaging stuff was said long before the first call, the supposed "plant". 

But to answer the question, you would have to ask Fr. Mike. I had nothing to do with the show and didn't even hear it live. I only heard about it later. 

But so as not to burden Fr. Mike, here is Fr. Mike's explanation of what happened. Every Monday morning for about three years, Fr. Mike Crisostomo and Fred Rodriguez hosted a call-in radio show on KOLG called "Why Do Catholics Do That?" 

That particular morning there were several calls about the Neocatechumenal Way. According to Fr. Mike, Fr. Walsh, a professor at RMS, had been on the air earlier with him, and Fr. Walsh's comments may have prompted the calls. 

At some point, Fr. Walsh left, and still receiving questions he did not feel qualified to answer, Fr. Mike thought that there could be no better person than the Archbishop to answer the questions. So he asked the Archbishop to join him in the radio station and he did. 

In fact, at the beginning of the recording you can hear that Fr. Mike was speaking with Msgr. Bibi when the Archbishop arrives, probably because Fr. Mike felt that Msgr. Bibi was the next best authority on the subject. 

It appears to me that Fr. Mike himself was surprised at what the Archbishop said and the tone with which he said it. Fr. Mike appears to try to temper it, but the Archbishop apparently did not see the danger that others saw. This is what happens when you follow Kiko. 


  1. Yuuuuuppp!......

  2. Guy who is asking if the callers were planted. Stop spinning in your denial. ....This is really when you know you are guilty of idolatry. You can't recognize reality because your idol blinds you.

  3. Someone just asked me if the guy who writes "tell the truth". Is the same person who writes " let the truth prevail. Studying the use of language suspect two different writers.