Friday, June 27, 2014


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AnonymousJune 27, 2014 at 8:49 AM
What are Apuron's CREDENTIALS to do that? Criticizing a Cardinal because "he's not really for the Way"?
HE IS THE SPIRITUAL LEADER OF THIS ISLAND. Are you kidding me? Tim you let this DUMB post slip through? You definitely desperate for audience. = )

For those who need some help here. We, the real Catholics, belong to the Church of Rome, not the Church of Arguello-Apuron. I put Arguello's name first because - and this is being charitable - Apuron is just parroting Arguello. Unfortunately Arguello can say stupid stuff and get away with it, but Apuron can't. 

On this day, sadly, Archbishop Apuron abdicated his office by rejecting papal authority while subscribing to Arguello's. At that point, true Catholics were required to reject Apuron's leadership the same way faithful Catholics have always been required to reject their bishops who were no longer faithful to the authentic magisterium of the Church. (See Arian Heresy.)

It is truly sad because I think the Archbishop did not even know what he was doing. But he did it. And actions have consequences. He had a chance to put it right. He could have gone on the air and simply said I misspoke and I apologize. But he did not. Instead he participated in a meeting to cover up what he said and did.

So you Kiko's, if what Archbishop Apuron said was true - that you were permitted to continue receiving communion as you were, why then would he have needed to concoct a reason to hide the recording. He should have had it played many times. He could have even made it a CD!


  1. So 10:53 AM, does that mean our archbihop can overrue the Vatican? Cardinal Arinze was the prefect of the congregation of the doctrine of faith at that time. That beats Apuron's credentials hands down. Google Arinze and listen to him and you will appreciste the immense character and holiness of this man, not to mention his giant intellect.

  2. And Cardinal has a good personality! That's a big help in Evangelizing! Guess AAA saves those smiles for the community. NO, not the Capuchins, his Agana Community! Smile, you'r on candid camera!