Monday, June 9, 2014


On June 7 I received the following comment.

  1. Tim... I regret knowing you.

Not only did I publish it as a comment, I gave it extra prominence by making it its own post. Today I decided to elevate it to a position directly beneath the blog header so it will appear on every page. Here's why:

Everything I have posted on this blog is true and has been documented beyond anybody's belief in my ability to do so. If exposing the truth makes you "regret knowing" me, then what does that say about you? That you prefer to live a lie?

Of course the only reason you have the ability to "regret knowing" me is because I have the integrity to attach my name to my words, something you don't. So then what value is there for me in caring about someone who "regrets knowing" me who does not have the integrity to either speak to me in person or at least attach your name to your words? NONE.

I am well aware of what my words and positions cost me and it has cost me much. I am also well aware of the cost of doing nothing because doing nothing is what has brought us here.

So I choose to do SOMETHING. And your words validate my choice.

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