Monday, June 9, 2014


On June 7 I received the following comment.

  1. Tim... I regret knowing you.

Not only did I publish it as a comment, I gave it extra prominence by making it its own post. Today I decided to elevate it to a position directly beneath the blog header so it will appear on every page. Here's why:

Everything I have posted on this blog is true and has been documented beyond anybody's belief in my ability to do so. If exposing the truth makes you "regret knowing" me, then what does that say about you? That you prefer to live a lie?

Of course the only reason you have the ability to "regret knowing" me is because I have the integrity to attach my name to my words, something you don't. So then what value is there for me in caring about someone who "regrets knowing" me who does not have the integrity to either speak to me in person or at least attach your name to your words? NONE.

I am well aware of what my words and positions cost me and it has cost me much. I am also well aware of the cost of doing nothing because doing nothing is what has brought us here.

So I choose to do SOMETHING. And your words validate my choice.


  1. God bless you, Tim and all those who safeguard and defends the Teachings of our Catholic Church, our living Magesterium and our Catholic Traditions!

  2. Regrets come from seeing and knowing the truth...yet they do not accept it because it didn't come from their leaders in The WAY!
    I can only guess that HUMILITY is NOT part of their teachings!

  3. Hi Tim,

    The posting "Regret knowing you" made me think. No, definitely, I don't regret knowing you. It made me think that if I thank you anonymously, what good is that? So here is a "Thank you very much".

    God bless,
    Ebet Sapida

    1. God bless you, Ebet, for having the courage to post this comment with your name! I pray that more people follow your lead!

  4. Tim,

    I am fortunate in knowing you. Peace.

  5. Tim,

    I know I've said it to you in person or in e-mails and messages, but I would like to add my name to those who consider themselves as blessed for knowing you. I have admired your ability to model what Scripture tells us in 1 Peter 3:15 to “Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence” (RSV-CE). Over the years I have seen and heard you defend the Faith (and back in the day, defend the Archbishop), fight for the Unborn, while commenting on politics and current events — you are truly Guam’s version of a Renaissance Man!

    Thank you for not "doing nothing" — thank you for this blog which has kept us informed and enabled people to share their concerns, thank you for your courage in exposing the LIES from The Hill. May God continue to bless you in all you do!

  6. Thank God for Tim Rohr fearless journalist of truth and integrity. Tim follows the heart of pe Francis in renewing the church today.

  7. To be truthful, there are many people in my life here on Guam who have helped me to further my relationship with the Church and our God. However, in the context of this post, it is important for me to acknowledge Tim in the affirmative.
    Tim, you been a consistent component in the growth of my faith. Your honest and guileless rhetoric is the challenge that I need to not remain complacent. Not only do you provide straightforward information, you have inspired me to do further research and reading on my own. Has it been uncomfortable at times to hear? Of course! But striving to live through Christ is not and should never be comfortable. I always appreciate the candidness.
    What is key to understanding what you provide, is that you don't promote Church teachings as if they are of your own creation. You cite reference and documentation that only solidifies what is presented.
    I am putting my name here because, like Ebet Sapida, this would mean little if offered anonymously.
    I can never regret knowing you.

    With much gratitude, si yu'os ma'ase,

    Jose Martinez

  8. For every detractor out there, Tim, there are a hundred-fold more supporters. As if I need to say it, just continue to be humble in what you say/do, Tim. Humility, after all, is truth. Stay the course, my friend. How I wish I can ascribe my name along with Mr Sapida, Mr Martinez, and others, but for reasons of my own I am inhibited from doing so. Some would equate that to cowardice; I view it as prudence. There's enough fuel in the fire, without me having to throw in an extra log. Keep up "the fight", Tim. You are doing a great favor for the rest of us. Bless you, my friend. - Anon.

    1. Thanks. Just want to clarify. I have no problem with people who differ with me. It is only people who attack me personally and don't use their names who are cowards. I completely understand why everyone on our side would want to remain anonymous. There are people who fear that their children won't receive confirmation if they come out with even the slightest support of this blog.