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  1. Mary Lou your a mistake. Come over to Diana's blog and let have an open forum debate. Pick up your skirt in a fair ground or your just a prime nut hugger of Tim and Chuck White.
  2. I think I will make a collection of these. So fun. 


  1. Tim let's see you make these YOUR comments disappear, voila...gone.
    These thoughts are based only on my observations and personal experiences. I am not in the NCW and have never attended any of their functions though I often have the pleasure of joining Fr. Ivan and the seminarians for lunch. By the way excuse any terms, phrases, or references that I may use that evinces my ignorance of the NCW. I mean no harm and I apologize for my ignorance.

    Here’s the good stuff:

    1. The NCW is teaching people the truth about sex. Thank God for that! I know women in the NCW who have gotten their tubes untied and many who have gotten off birth control. I know people who were living lives contrary to the teachings of the church as regards sex and who are now living in conformity with those teachings. The teaching of the NCW is heroic in this regard.

    2. The NCW is getting people to pray, especially the liturgical prayer of the Church. I was luck to have been exposed to it many years ago, but since then I have never been encouraged to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

    3. The NCW is teaching people to be givers…AND they are succeeding. I see NCWs contributing in large ways, especially financially.

    4. The NCW is producing vocations. And I know that the seminarians are learning Latin and Gregorian Chant in conformity with the true wishes of Vatican II. I don’t see that happening anywhere else.

    5. I see NCW priests wearing their clerics. They are visible to the community. God Bless them for that.

    6. I was sitting with Fr. Ivan and Fr Eric Forbes when Fr. Ivan asked Fr. Eric if he would teach the seminarians how to say the Traditional Latin Mass. Fr. Eric responded positively and also offered to teach them the theology of this beautiful Mass. This is in conformity with the wishes (if not command) of the Pope in his recent Moto Proprio. I don’t see anyone else rushing to embrace the Pope’s desires in this regard.

    7. The NCW is teaching people to study their faith. They are studying the Scriptures, the Catechism, and the Early Fathers. It’s wonderful to see.

    8. I understand that the NCW is also active in the prison. I used to teach in the prison for GCC and saw how active non-Catholic groups were with the prisoners. The majority of the prisoners are Catholic. Where is the Catholic ministry? The NCW is now there.

    9. I see the NCW going out 2 by 2, knocking on doors and inviting people back to the Church, in other words, doing exactly what Christ commanded. The only other group that I know that does this is the Legion of Mary, so good for them too.

    10. Most of all I am moved by the politeness, the kindness, the general charity of those I know in the NCW, especially the priests and seminarians, but essentially most everybody I know personally who is connected with it.

    1. Why? Do you want them to disappear? My 2008 letter has been one of the most viewed posts from my blog since I posted it in 2008. In fact, I not only posted it, I sent that post as a letter to 900 people on my Catholic email list including every member of the clergy I had an address for.

      In addition, I have often referenced that letter here on this blog to show that I had nothing against the Neocatechumenal Way or its members as far back as six years ago. And the record shows that I didn't say a single word against the NCW even after the approval of its 2008 statute in May of that year (my letter was written in April) it became apparent that the NCW had no intention of conforming to its statute as regards its liturgy.

      No, I said nothing about the NCW until late July of 2013 when it became apparent that the NCW had turned militant against the "regular" Catholics of Guam - as evidenced by comments from people like you on this blog. The brutal ouster of Fr. Paul was the catalyst, but I had been watching the gathering storm for a long time. Talk to Fr. Walsh and ask him about the concerns I expressed to him as far back as 2005 when I interviewed him on KOLG. I had noted that there was grave need for better communication about the what the NCW was and why it felt itself exempt from the liturgical rules the rest of were obliged to follow.

      Fr. Walsh's answer was "the Church is broken" and that the NCW was the fix. But of course, it is not a fix, it is a replacement, which is both how you view it and how you have proceeded to in fact REPLACE our pastors, our parishes, and now, have even begun to make plans to knock down our buildings and replace them with kiko-catechumenaries.

      In July 2013, I decided to stay silent no more. My 2008 letter was a plea. But I should have known. It is not possible to negotiate with terrorists.

    2. 232; All "The good stuff" you mentioned is really nothing new..the Church has been doing this since day one...the question YOU must ask your ArchBishop is "what happened under his watch and how did he and his priests lose so many souls". But don't be surprise of his answer...St. John Chrysostom said it.." the floor of HE'LL is paved...." you know the rest.

    3. Yes, its not the "good stuff" we are concerned about, by definition. Its the "bad stuff". A heretic accepts the majority of the Faith - but its the bits that he rejects or seeks to change that are problematic. The sad fact is that the NCW perverts and ultimately destroys the individual's reasonable sense, and with it goes the capacity to know the Church, her teachings and when one is straying...

  2. Gosh Anon 2:32 PM, you make it sound like all this "good stuff" exists only in the NCW. Of course not, and I do not think anyone in this blog who has made critical observations of the NCW do not want the "good stuff" to go away. All we want is unity, and unity starts with the top. Unfortunately, our archbishop is not interested in unity. He will sacrifice anyone and anything for his beloved NCW. What good is all that "good stuff" if it means a divided and embittered archdiocese, unless of course, and as Tim said, the intent of the NCW is to replace, not improve. Be careful. The Sadducees and the Pharisees had "good stuff" as well.

  3. Just a clarification on the above. The "good stuff" were my comments recorded in a letter back in April of 2008 which is posted at I have proudly posted it and left it posted as a testament to my original goodwill to the NCW. It would have remained goodwill but for its recent militant actions against the rest of the local church, a pattern we now know exists everywhere Kiko goes.

    1. Thanks for clarification, Tim.

  4. AnonymousJune 11, 2014 at 4:44 PM
    Tim Rohr, Mary Lou and thinks Catholic United obviously want's to humiliate you Diana, the Way and the Archbishop. It's a no class motive, it shows there person obviously. Sad but Tim boast he is putting his neck out and thinks he is doing something admiral. Not!


  5. AnonymousJune 15, 2014 at 10:35 PM this is not communist party. People can got to Diane's blog as they please. More and more Diane's blog is making sense. They don't even have to fight back. Looks like Tim got rattle by a woman. HAhahahaha.

    1. Oh, you poor idiot. That wasn't even my comment. And Diana is not a woman. Though you may be.

    2. I am a woman, not a man. And I am not a Priest. Love, Diana

    3. Actually you are an anonymous nothing. But thanks for the pageviews


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