Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Dear Tim,

greetings from Croatia!
I am reading your site for a while and I found it very useful and honest. Thank you for the job you do in the service of the Church.
I can affirm to you that we have very similar problems with neos here in Croatia, although not with our archbishop. But, we can be sure that the truth will prevail.
I saw that you had quoted from the Catechetical Directory in your last post. Does it mean that you have a copy of it, an official version aproved by the Holy See. If you have, is it possible to mail it to me, since I could get so far only an unoffical version in italian from 1999? It would be very useful for me, so that I can show it to our priests here.
Thank you very much!
God bless!
P.s. If you want to publish this mail, feel free, but - please - without my name and surname. Thanks.

Dear M. XXX. Thank you for your email. I also only have a copy of the 1999 version (in English). The version which the Holy See approveD is not obtainable, probably because passages such as the ones I quote were edited out. What we know for sure is that Kiko really thinks, believes, and teaches what we find in the earlier version. And he has demonstrated and demonstrated often that he will ignore the Holy See whenever his teachings are challenged by the truth of the Catholic faith. The version which was approved by the Holy See would not be useful even if we could get a copy. It is quite clear that Kiko has discarded it and continues to teach as he wishes. Thus the earlier version gives us the truth about Kiko and his Way. You are very fortunate to have  bishop who is still Catholic. We on Guam are not so lucky. Hang in there and write again. I would like to hear about your challenges in Croatia. 


P.S. feel free to publish my reply, name and all. 

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