Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It is evident to anyone who has even a modicum of knowledge about the Jewish roots of our faith that the Kiko-concoction that passes for some sort of a return to those roots is not just a fraud, but an insult to both Jews and Christians. But since so many do not have "even a modicum of knowledge about the Jewish roots of our faith", Kiko has "easy picken's" for recruits to his new religion. 

Chuck White, here, introduces us to a book by Dr. Brant Pitre, Professor of Sacred Scripture at Notre Dame Seminary, in New Orleans, Louisiana, which gives you the real scoop on those Jewish roots. And while the author says nothing about the "eucharist" of the Neocatechumenal Way (he probably never heard of it), you will see for yourself how different Kiko's religion is. 


  1. Awesome, Thanks for this. I shall definitely be getting a copy

  2. ---uniteds' daily dogging on diana---

    Catholics UnitedJuly 1, 2014 at 12:25 PM


    "will be" the tense of this phrase means you are not yet obedient.

    There's no cultural reason why NCW needs to receive the Eucharist differently. Even if there was an ingrained cultural reason the CCC explains to eventually to conform to the normative way.

    Yes, you're going to explain this is how the early Christians did it but really why do it now?

    Apparently it's because the NCW founders REJECT all the works of Popes in the past, the Councils, the Edict, the history and and passages of the Church and return to formative Early Christianity?

    Why do this, what is bad about the Modern Church?

    I find it CHARITABLE on the parts of the past five Popes to allow this movement, and the Popes only care really because Kiko happened to hitch on to the Catholic band wagon and has swayed so many Catholics.

    Had Kiko listened to his heart and just went the Lutheran way we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    Of course the goal of any movement's leader is to try to knock off the guy at the top. Or be "another guy" at another top, which he has. Does the Golden Calf ring a bell?

    It's Summer! No better a time to slip and slide into protestantism.

    p.s. to the fellow who's going to write that i cannot read/understand 20,000 pages of the Catechesis, please don't assume i haven't and i couldn't fathom it. I invite that person to read the Catheshism of the Catholic Church.

    Kiko writes his own Catechisis, writes his own Kerygma from his visions? Isn't this what Martin Luther did? And that guy Felix Manalo?

    I'll throw out another thing that's not in the Statutes which you folks illicitly do, the 10% tithe for those who have entered 2nd scrutiny. Show me where the Pope has approved that? Show me the Article and the Section. I find it deplorable that Archbishop Apuron himself on the Umatuna suggested tithing to the whole of the Island as if God would demand a fixed dollar amount from us.

  3. Get the book and read it. You'll never think about John 6 or the Last Supper the same way again. Guaranteed.

    I only gave the briefest of outlines of Pitre's treatment of the Passover in my post. The book has a LOT more. And don't forget about the Manna or the Bread of the Presence. Stuff you've never heard from the pulpit. Or from Kiko and his catechists, for that matter.

    1. After reading your article, I got the Kindle version and am currently reading it. Thank you, Chuck, for bringing this book to our attention.

  4. I am going to get this book - thank you for sharing. My mother is a Jewish convert to Catholicism. She always said that it was so easy to make the transition because she easily recognized in Catholic teaching and rituals the fulfillment of her Jewish roots.

    As a side note, I questioned her about some known NCW practices, like the dancing around the altar, which are claimed to be Jewish in nature. She was baffled and found it so foreign. She says no good Jew would ever dance in Synagogue - that would be very disrespectful.

  5. I really need to put a little laughter today, the Beginning of the New Year. Since the NCW are following the Jewish traditions, are all NCW male members who are not circumcised go in for a special ribbon cutting ceremony! After all this is the 8th day after Christmas. Kelaguen anyone?