Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Ousted priest leaves Guam

Father Wadeson says he doesn't want false accusations against him used against Apuron|breaking|text|Frontpage

Really? Wadeson. Really? All the Archbishop had to do was simply present the evidence that you were properly vetted - as is required of any priest requesting incardination in any diocese in the world - and all of this would have gone away in an instant. 

I publicly stated that I believed you were innocent of those charges and that there were all kinds of false allegations in Los Angeles in those days. In fact, Wadeson, I was in Los Angeles at the same time as you, and only a few miles away. Our high schools were in the same league. Yours: Verbum Dei. Mine: Bishop Amat. I could go on about what I saw in Los Angeles in those days. But I'll save it. 

The question we have here is did you inform Archbishop Apuron of your record when you requested incardination in this Archdiocese? You had a responsibility to do that. Did you or didn't you? So save your St. Gregory quotes. 

The truth is the Archbishop threw you under the bus when things got hot. If he believed you were innocent then he should have fought for you. He didn't. And now you're on a plane. Heading back to San Francisco? Be advised. SNAP is waiting. And it wasn't me who called them. 

Meanwhile, now it is time for Archbishop Apuron to start answering questions.

P.S. There were two log-ins from New Zealand yesterday. 

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