Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Ousted priest leaves Guam

Father Wadeson says he doesn't want false accusations against him used against Apuron|breaking|text|Frontpage

Really? Wadeson. Really? All the Archbishop had to do was simply present the evidence that you were properly vetted - as is required of any priest requesting incardination in any diocese in the world - and all of this would have gone away in an instant. 

I publicly stated that I believed you were innocent of those charges and that there were all kinds of false allegations in Los Angeles in those days. In fact, Wadeson, I was in Los Angeles at the same time as you, and only a few miles away. Our high schools were in the same league. Yours: Verbum Dei. Mine: Bishop Amat. I could go on about what I saw in Los Angeles in those days. But I'll save it. 

The question we have here is did you inform Archbishop Apuron of your record when you requested incardination in this Archdiocese? You had a responsibility to do that. Did you or didn't you? So save your St. Gregory quotes. 

The truth is the Archbishop threw you under the bus when things got hot. If he believed you were innocent then he should have fought for you. He didn't. And now you're on a plane. Heading back to San Francisco? Be advised. SNAP is waiting. And it wasn't me who called them. 

Meanwhile, now it is time for Archbishop Apuron to start answering questions.

P.S. There were two log-ins from New Zealand yesterday. 


  1. The Archbishop is scared. Things will only get worse because, in his fear, he is allowing Msgr. David (the taller/younger) and Fr. Adrian to make even more decisions for him. Fr. Adrian blatantly shows his henchman personality and has absolutely no remorse for those he hurts. It is probable that Msgr. David is the one who manipulates the Archbishop and then sends Fr. Adrian out to do the dirty work. Beware of the quiet one……
    More good priests who are NOT NCW are being lined up for the guillotine. And Why? They spoke out in support of the NON-NCW priests and faithful who are suffering at the hands of some of the leaders (let me repeat…..LEADERS) of the NCW (Archbishop, Msgr. David and Fr. Adrian included)….not necessarily the regular members.
    Just as the stench of sewage fills Hagåtña when “Tåki’ island” overflows, so will the stench of some of the leaders of the NCW fill this Archdiocese when they begin to take over more than just the finance council and the top three positions of the hierarchy of the Archdiocese.
    The Archbishop and his advisors have only “acknowledged” the hurt on paper and in front of the Apostolic Delegate, but have shown no sincere desire or presented any sincere plan to rebuild the bridges they have burnt. It has been over a week since the meetings with the Apostolic Delegate and the clergy are still in the dark. Stalling tactic if your ask me. Now that the Pope’s delegate has left, the Archbishop and his advisors are even more determined to remove priests and lay faithful who refuse the NCW (on false charges as we have seen in the past) from parishes and positions in the Archdiocese and replace them with NCW members.

    My guess - to draw attention away from Fr. Wadeson and the numerous requests to see the seminary name a few.

    Looks like a hostile takeover (look at the Middle East).

    1. Finance report...(the one we will never see) but thought I would ask again so we don't lose sight of that goal. Transparency. Choke. Choke. True, that tall, bearded, quiet one....creepy. The one to watch out for.

    2. We aren't (losing sight of that goal). The Archbishop's taunt "let's meet" will soon be answered. And he will wish he never said it.

    3. "Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive." (Sir Walter Scott).

      So, the neo-cats at the Chancery have been caught again. They lie like dogs. If Tony Apuron want to continue to claim he is the head of this archdiocese, then he must take the blame for this latest of lies.

      And if he does not want to take the blame, then he is not the head. He is just like me -- a nobody.


  2. Fr. Gofigan was severely penalized for being a spiritually-nurturing Pastor to a parishioner who served time for a sexual crime -- not at all an "odd" scenario, but certainly the nature of Fr. Gofigan's profession, responsibility and duty. The victim in this case was an adult, not a "minor/child" (as I understood it) however, Fr. Gofigan who is not the accused was not only penalized and removed from his parish, but threatened to be ousted and kicked out, altogether, from our island diocese by his spiritual and clerical "Father": Archbishop A. !! My other question to Archbishop Apuron: Why?

    Fr. Wadeson, on the other hand is the accused, whose accused record and history was known by our Archbishop. Inspite of this knowledge about sexual accusations against minors on Fr. Wadeson and his being barred in S.F. Diocese, Archbishop keeps Fr.W. incardinated on Guam at the same time that Archbishop, hypocritically feigns concern for the children of Dededo and penalizes and ousts Fr. Gofigan - in this latest bruhaha we observe involving our Archbishop (yet again, the Archbishop gets away with this, SCOT-FREE!). My other question to Archbishop Apuron: Why?

    1. The difference is as clear as daylight. Fr. Wadeson works for the Neo. Fr. Paul, mind you, didn't dislike the Neo. In fact, he welcomed them to Santa Barbara with two simple requests. Why they insist on not having their masses in our church and posting the time of their masses, proves that they indeed are different. Calling my Neo brothers and sisters! You are supposed to be back in our church sooner than later. I have not read it myself but I was told it is in your statutes that you should. Please ask your leaders if this is true. I don't want to blame you for all these brouhaha, but it is getting to the point that you too are to be blamed. None of you tells the archbishop that he has done something wrong. That's why when we do tell him, he doesn't believe us. And not believing us is causing him to continue to commit these grave missteps. You have to help him by being honest with him. What is happening to him is not persecution. It is karma.

  3. Tim, how can we be involved in the possible meeting with the Archbishop? What will be happen there? Please give us some details. I want to go. I am sure if people know what will be discussed they can decide whether they too want to be involved. I want Fr. Paul back. This injustice done to him should stop. It has been more than a year now. He didn't deserve this punishment. He doesn't deserve this punishment. Noone who acts like Jesus in the Prodigal son should be punished for this. I don't when the Prodigal son story will be up again as the Sunday gospel. Man, only Fr. Paul can read this gospel and say a homily about it. I wonder what kind of spin the Archbishop will use in his homily then. Like the other Sunday when he talked about gossiping without batting a eyelash. Incredible. Incidentally, the Archbishop has been in the news (front page) for the past days. Is he running for an office? Maybe he needs all the publicity for his running so that all of these (since July last year) were for this purpose.

    1. Really, really bad press for Archie.