Saturday, August 9, 2014


  1. Here's my response to Dr. Ric Eusebio, for what it's worth:
    Dr. Ric Eusebio,

    I found your op ed piece today to be sugar coated warm pap and several of your assertions to be quite disingenuous. Let's go over a few:

    “I have never seen the catechists or the archbishop carry a gun and threaten anyone to join.”

    Nobody said anything about guns, Dr. Eusebio. The psychological leveraging found in “the Way” only needs verbally intimidating catechists and perhaps a few flashes of temper. Members of “the Way” know that they will not progress to the next stage of “the Way” without the concurrence of the catechists assigned to their community. They want very badly to pass the scrutiny, so why on earth would they want to do or say anything to anger their catechists?
    “I have never seen them take so much as a dime of our people's money for themselves.”

    Well, I have rock-solid proof that a significant portion of the money and valuables collected during the second scrutiny goes directly to the Archbishop. Kiko says so, and I believe him. In fact, Kiko calls this “the loot of demons”. Now, I’m willing to give the Archbishop the benefit of doubt and assume that this money - in once certain instance it involved tens of thousands of dollars - is used to further the Gospel. But transparency (didn’t you use that word?) is needed. How much has the Archbishop accrued in this manner over the years and what has he done with it?

    “I have never heard or seen a grand design to insert all Catholics in Guam in the Way or a plan to "take over" all parishes in Guam.”

    Ask the priest that are not in “the Way”. They live in a climate of fear and reprisal and they made that fact known to our Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Krebs when he was here.

    “Serving his flock faithfully as he was chosen by the Vatican, now suddenly he is evil?”

    I for one, have never criticized the Holy Father’s choice of Anthony Sablan Apuron to lead the See of Agana, but I am extremely critical of Anthony Sablan Apuron’s choices since he assumed that See.

    “Despite his efforts to be transparent, the facts he presents seem to be taken out of context and interpreted in a "colored" malicious manner.”
    Dr. Eusebio, I find it curious that you made no mention of the whole John Howard Wadeson fiasco of the last few weeks. Is this your idea of transparency??

    Chuck White

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