Saturday, August 9, 2014


Sorry for the run on paragraphs. That's the way most of these people write. I decided to leave it in tact as it better shows the diseased stream of consciousness. My comments in red. Enjoy. 

I have watched with dismay as some of my brothers in Christ have chosen as their enemies some of their shepherds. The vilification and character assassination tactics of these individuals and their repetition of lies in the hopes of swaying human opinions to align with their destructive agenda have greatly surprised and saddened me. [Oh. For a minute there, especially when you used the words "lies" and "character assassination" I thought you were speaking of the Archbishop.] It is Christ who unites us and it is the evil one who seeks division. Brothers, investigate facts before you make public speculations and allegations. [Yes. That would have been the advice I would have given you, especially given what you are to say next.] The Redemptoris Mater Seminary did not cost the Archdiocese one penny to establish but was a gift of God to the people of Guam bought and paid for by an anonymous Guam resident. [Ummm. Why don't you ask the Archbishop if that's true or not. Oh. On second thought. Never mind. Even though it was the Archbishop who violated the terms of the donation by revealing the identity of the donor who was NOT from Guam.] It was never nor is it now the intention of Archbishop Apuron to transfer the title of the seminary to the Neocatechumenal Way. Even if he wanted to, the statutes of the way do not allow it to hold any properties or possessions. [Wrong. Like so many of you kiko's you don't even know your own statute. Art. 4. § 2 permits the NCW to hold property under an autonomous foundation. And if it was "never the intention of Archbishop Apuron to transfer the title of the seminary" to the Neocatechumenal Way then why did the AFC write the letter below to Fr. Rodriguez?] His desire was to protect the Archdiocese from harm by incorporating each parish and entity of the Archdiocese with himself as sole executive officer so that if any lawsuit was ever brought against one of the entities, it would not affect the others. [Umm, right. Handing over title to a deca-million dollar property is "protecting the Archdiocese". Exhibit A: Kiko-think.] The person who was keeping the books for the Catholic Cemeteries quit in 2013 because she did want to be around when the improper bookkeeping practices utilized by Monsignor James were exposed. [The person keeping the books in 2013 was a "he" not a "she". And he did not "quit". The last "she" to keep the books was released by the cemetery management early in 2012 for other reasons. Wow. Can you guys get things screwed up.] Father Wadeson was accused of improper conduct over 35 years ago- as Cardinal Mahony himself has been accused. In both cases, no police report was ever filed, no lawsuit was ever initiated, and no settlement was ever asked for or made. [Then why did Archbishop Apuron strip him of his duties and why did he run?] The case with Fr. Gofigan was a matter of obedience. [The case with Fr. Gofigan was a matter of Archbishop Apuron's violation of Canon Law as clearly demonstrated by Fr. Gofigan's canon lawyer in both the Motion first presented to Archbishop Apuron and the Appeal that now awaits a verdict in Rome.]
I have been in the way [Well, that explains a lot!] and heard many catecheses and never have I once been asked for money [so you look away when the trash bag is passed?] or heard anything preached but Jesus Christ crucified and gloriously resurrected. Nothing has ever been framed in an “us and them” context. Brothers, where is this “us and them” spirit originating? [Actually try Archbishop Apuron's 2006 KOLG speech. There is plenty of "us" and "we" versus them. And that's where the "us versus them" formally started.] I would refer you to the beginning of the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians 1: 10-15 and to the Gospel of John 17:20-23. The Catholic Church has serious enemies laying siege to it. [Yes. Exactly.] We should not be assisting those enemies by creating divisions among us. [Agreed. So can you tell the Archbishop to lay off for a bit.] If we must have a personality cult, [Well, there you go. Someone who finally admits what the NCW is.] may our cult be in defending the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a battle to fight. Our armor is not slander and defamation. [Agreed. So please tell the archbishop to stop lying about his priests.] Our breastplate is righteousness and our helmet is salvation. Let us speak only the truth in love as Christ did and pray for our shepherds as Our Lady exhorts us to do. [Oh, so that is why you are spending time on my blog. I see. Thanks for providing a demonstration for all of us on "What is a kiko?" It's rather hard to describe.]

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