Monday, August 25, 2014


I understand that Pius is making the rounds to the "communities" putting out fires, er, I mean answering questions. Hmmm. What questions could those be? Do you think it might have something to do with our extremely well-documented exposition of their liturgical and statutory violations? 

We've been exposing them all along, but at nearly a half million page views in just over a month, obviously there are a lot more people that are learning about them. Thus the Pius-scramble. 

You can expect Pius, his neo-priests and catechists, to use the same tired line that they have special permission from Rome. They know that they won't be asked by any of their poor legions to actually produce a document, so they'll figure they're safe and they probably are. 

Meanwhile, it should raise the suspicion of the rest of us that not one of these neo-priests, professors, catechists, or even the Archbishop have ever dared to engage me personally on the matter, nor have they made any attempt to disprove my claims.

At first, they could just ignore me as a guy with a "hate blog." But now, since they are quite willing to reference my "hate blog" and its contents in their sermons and even their addresses to school students, they should be quite willing to put me out of business once and for all. But they haven't...and they won't. 

The reason? They know what I have. They know that I have, in writing, a letter from one of their own, officially proclaiming their reason for disobeying the liturgical norms required of them on the manner of the distribution of Holy Communion. They also know that in that letter a certain Curia official, a Cardinal, is named as the source of this secret permission to disregard the liturgical books. 

If they confront me, they know I can produce the letter. But still, if they actually have such permission from the Cardinal, they should be emboldened to confront me. So why don't they? 

Two possibilities: 

1) The Cardinal NEVER gave such a permission and his name was only used by Kiko to make Kiko's own commandment appear authentic. And the exposition of Kiko's use of this Cardinal's name in that context could completely discredit Kiko in the eyes of the Vatican. 

2) The Cardinal actually DID give his okay to Kiko, but having no authority to personally circumvent what only the office of the Holy Father can actually permit, exposure of the Cardinal's illicit permission would place him and his office in jeopardy, and in turn jeopardize Kiko's influence, since the Cardinal is said to be Kiko's inside man in the Curia. 

Meanwhile, if the neocatechumens truly want to be assured that they are not outside the church in the manner of their celebration of the Eucharist, they have only to ask Fr. Pius to see the permission he claims to have.  

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