Monday, August 25, 2014


There has been some speculation about the circumstances surrounding the departures of the former employees of the Cathedral-Basilica and the Catholic Cemeteries.

I do not have any first hand information and I do not know if they were forced to leave or left voluntarily. 

I do know that after the vile and violent way in which their boss was treated by the Archbishop and his Vicar General, that no self-respecting person would have wanted to stay in their positions, especially since it would be the same Vicar General who would be their new boss. 

I also know about the "TSA-type anal's" conducted on the former employees every time they attempted to leave the premises. I can tell you if I had been working there I would have sued for harassment. 

As regards the departure of everyone from altar servers to lectors to choirs to ordinary parishioners, again, we can be sure that the Archbishop and the new rector are quite happy about it. Now they can staff the place with their faithful kiko's and celebrate their illicit eucharists in peace. 

And we should be happy too. For some neo's, even though they will only be there to fill a few pews for the Archbishop's 9:30am Mass, it will be the first time in many years that they will have gone to Mass on Sunday morning. (Yes, the Lord works in strange ways!)

And speaking of illicit eucharists, if the Archbishop and the Vicar General can so easily violate the liturgical norms they are required to uphold, how can we be sure they even believe what the Holy Catholic Church believes and teaches when they say "This is my Body, this is my Blood"? 

Best to go to find another place to serve and worship God and where you can be sure you are receiving the true Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, that is until the Archbishop and the Vicar General eliminate them all and their priests with them. 

I will repeat here the words of Kiko, their master:
We Christians do not have altars...because the holy stone is Christ, the only cornerstone. That's why we can celebrate the Eucharist on a suitable table and we can celebrate in a square, in the countryside or wherever it is suitable. We don't have a particular place where exclusively we should celebrate our worship. ("Kiko's Catechism," Vol. 1, pgs 51-52)

....contrasted the words of Holy Mother Church:
Can.  932 §1. The eucharistic celebration is to be carried out in a sacred place unless in a particular case necessity requires otherwise; in such a case the celebration must be done in a decent place. §2. The eucharistic sacrifice must be carried out on a dedicated or blessed altar...


  1. Kiko used the word Christian instead of Catholic. Oops, too late for him to retract this. I think the Catholic Church should just cut its loss and excumunicate Kiko and his followers. And, as faithful Catholics, let us help the lost souls, who were deceived and misled by the NCW, return to the Mother Church.

  2. Beginning to seriously ask if the intention of the archbishop at Mass is to consecrate the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.

    1. @10:58, I just can't allow my self to think that, just can't. I'm putting every effort into making things right again. I am! I'm just ging to hope right past that thought. Just me.

  3. It is great that the one of the Archbishop's biggest critics, Mr. Jonathan Diaz, is now in 7 p.m. Mass' Choir since John and Abby are no longer there.

    He can let the people know, first hand, of the abuses that this Archbishop Apuron has put upon him, and continue to allow, All these years! !!

    Perhaps talk to the Parishioners to let them know of such atrocities! Sex abuse cover ups, stifling a vocation, you name it; Mr. Diaz will bravely attest to them! !!

    Continue to be brave Mr. Diaz, we are praying for you. As long as the Archbishop and the new abomination, I mean, administration, doesn't frantically kick you out of the Choir, please continue to spread the word. We are listening. Please enlighten everybody!

    Now more truth can come out. That's right, God really does work in mysterious ways...We The true Catholics believe that.

    Couldn't have worked out better for the Arch that these music ministers left! (Smart ones would know, I am being sarcastic.)

  4. For the person who left a comment about what happened between two people at St. Joseph's College in Mountain View, CA, I regret that I cannot publish the comment as the comment mentions the name of someone who could be harmed. If you have information that you want known, feel free to contact me personally...or the appropriate authorities.

    1. Information regarding St. Joseph's college or St. Patrick's seminary should be sent to the Apostolic Delegate. Such information does not belong on this page.

  5. We are not able to ask the former Cathedral Staff anything about their 'employment discontinuation' from the Cathedral, Cemetery and Giftshop because they were forced to sign a CONFIDENTIALITY agreement or they would not be given their final pay checks, which they rightfully worked for!

    Even if we wanted to ask them the terms to their reasons for leaving, we cannot because they were given a gag order!

    What does that say?

    Who's hiding what?
    What are they hiding?
    What lies have they cooked up, all this time, to serve as proof of more disparities in the books that they will surely use to further incriminate innocent people?

    -On the Neo take over!
    -Twice Accused ‘possible’ pedophile sponsored into our Church and Communities, as well as California and other places!
    -Ill treatment and continued maligning of our Local Priests: Gofigan and Benavente!
    -Continued lies about money that nothing ever goes to RMS---a total lie!
    -Using professional documents to skew the truth, that was later debunked by REPUTABLE Finance Professionals and still reprinting it in the Umatuna, to continue vilify Benavente!
    -Forcing the NEO on Local and Filipino Priests to bring into their Parishes, then threatened with extradition, from their jobs and even the country, altogether!
    -The continued desecration of the Eucharist and the wrong way that the NEO celebrate Mass!
    -And many others!

    Tim, please provide a “grocery list” of what WRONGS have been done by the Archbishop, the Neos, Quitugua, Cristobal, Pius, RMS Seminarians and all others attempting to destroy the Catholic Church!!! Put it in a suspended post, up top, so that it can be used as quick reference of all their wrongs. Of course, it will be a perpetually-edited list, with the rate these people are going, but it would help to continuously remind all of us that Enough is Enough!

    1. Unless they signed a confidentiality clause before their employment, I am not sure that signing one to receive their last paycheck is legal.

      Anyone familiar with this on Guam?

    2. Who forced the employees to sign the confidentiality notice?

    3. It was the Archbishop and The vicar general that forced the employees to sign the confidentiality form. And yes the paycheck was withheld

    4. That's illegal. Sue them.

    5. Maybe Jackie Terlaje, ESq. made the recommendation to have them sign this confidentiality letter!

    6. I am a former employee. I wished to remain anonymous. It was the Archbishop and vicar general who forced us to sign the form or we will not receive our paycheck. They wanted to put fear and intimidation to all of us. Because of that it was best that I resign after putting all my time, service, and love to the church.

    7. By Law to make someone sign a confidential form creates an invalid form. It is also illegal to withheld paychecks.

    8. What is confidential that needed these employees to sign before they receive their last paycheck? So much hidden agendas by the new administration. Where is the transparency? What do they need to hide? This is our church, we built it with our hard earned dollars. These former employees were hard working Catholics. They worked under a hostile take over by a neo administration. They were not part of the neo equation.
      Father Michael Jucutan shame on you for not defending your former employees. You were there when they stayed late at nights. Their pay is not equivalent to their work load. They were underpaid but yet they continued to work late hours and weekends. They worked for you, for Monsignor Benavente, Father Dan and all the other priest that were assigned there.
      Monsignor David QUITUGUA you are in charge of the Basilica. Please don't make the church fall apart. Make sure that the cemetery is opened on time. Rally the parishioners to reopen the museum. Get your alter servers back. As well the ministries and most importantly your parishioners. Let's not play the blame game. It takes you to make things happen. You cannot sit behind a desk and expect donations to come in. You need to ask for it. If you are too timid or sickly you will fail. If you expect you neo following to help you, it takes more that that. You need to unify us. If you can't you will fail. Our church will crumble.

    9. Shame on Fr. Michael for not defending us? What are you talking about? He was the one spying on us! We did everything! He did't do anything but come to the office at 9, leave for lunch at 11 and come back at 3 and then leave his office at 4 for the day. And whenever he was in his office, he was either watching a movie, shopping online or on his phone scheduling his lunch plans. Not to mention that he also brought several seminarians into his room at late hours while we staff were still working. So if the Archbishop wants to accuse Fr. Paul of homosexual acts with his worker, then the Archbishop should check Michael Jucutan with the seminarians!

    10. Naturally, Father Michael was on an odd schedule...In between the hours he was not present in the office, he was at the Chancery giving a full report on the on goings of the Cathedral. One can consider him the third leg!

    11. In reference to comments made by Anonymous (August 25, 2014 at 6:32 PM and 10:52 PM) — “Diana” insists that an unknown entity (to avoid having the identity “get leaked into the jungle”) is conducting an “independent Internal Review” which will back up with “irrefutable facts” Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron’s accusation of “financial mismanagement” against Msgr. James Benavente and will be revealed in good time.

      Requiring former employees of the Cathedral, Cemetery and Gift Shop to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” in order to receive their final paychecks would be the “insurance policy” concocted by the Three on the Hill as a precaution that the said employees would not be able to contest the contents of the so-called “independent Internal Review” with its “irrefutable facts,” per “Diana’s” claim.

      Forcing these individuals to sign the agreement under duress and withholding paychecks for work that had been done are just two more actions from the Three on the Hill as they continue their unchecked Reign of Terror. Clearly their intimidation tactics are not only directed at the clergy but at the laity as well, confirming the fears all those who have continued to use the Veil of Anonymity to shield their identity when making comments on this blog. If these actions met with the approval of the above-mentioned Jackie Terlaje, Esq. it will serve to reassure the belief of the Three on the Hill that they are above the law and will embolden them to continue with more innuendoes and lies.

      One can only hope that the employees will be able to consult an attorney to determine if they will be able to speak out, if needed, once that “independent Internal Review” is released by the Chancery.

  6. Monsignor David, you are in charge of a multi million dollar non profit operation. What are your plans? You have been there already a month. Where is the financial reports that were due on August 15. If it is not ready, what happened? How long will it take you to get it done?
    What are your plans for raising funds? Your revenues must at least equal your expenses otherwise your loans will be delinquent. Please be transparent.

  7. All the employees should march collectively to Dept of Labor! It is illegal to withhold paychecks!

    1. I hear that it was Deacon Gus Cepeda's sister ( a Neo member of the Agana Community who was recently hired at the chancery) who was sent to the Dept of Labor to clear out this mess. Why send someone from the Chancery? Whose idea was this anyways to withhold pay checks? Seems that authority is sending their scapegoats to do their jobs. I also heard that this matter is not closed as of this moment. Guess Ms. Cepeda did not do a good job in convincing that proper agency.