Tuesday, August 19, 2014

KUAM: AUGUST 18, 2014

Priests demand clarification from archbishop

Posted: Aug 18, 2014 4:33 PM PGTUpdated: Aug 18, 2014 5:01 PM PGT
by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - There are new developments to report in the ongoing controversy in the local Catholic church as several priests have written a letter to Archbishop Anthony Apuron demanding clarification to statements he made in a press release to the media regarding the removal of Monsignor James Benavente.



  1. God Bless these Five (5) priests who actually stood up to our ArchBishop. I have so much respect and honor in what you have done. The People of Guam Thank you!

  2. Father Tom, you are one of the most honorable men we know. Thank you and God Bless. We will also stand with you and the others for our Lord.

  3. Thank you, Father Tom, Fr. Jeff, Fr. Mike, Fr. Patrick, Fr. Gus, Fr. Gofigan and Msgr. Benavente!

    You took a righteous stand (a path less travelled today by a few in our Archdiocese), conforming to a high standard of Catholic ethics and morality which we look up to and expect from our Clergy.

    You and our non-neo priests and pastors, who have been bullied into keeping silent and remaining silent under the guise of "obedience" -- a blind obedience disregarding our God-given human intellect and our God-given conscience for deciphering a right from wrong or a truth from a destructive deception -- you seven, can count on the full support and backing of the Faithful Catholics of this island! Along with our ardent prayers for you, we will include all our Clergy on Guam and for our beloved and authentic Holy Mother Church.

    In the midst of our Catholic congregation's bafflement and disconcertment over our shepherd's participation in blatant public false accusations and untrue statements, and with his silence over the scandals that such actions and deceptions create, it's comforting to know that we still have clergy with unfaltering faith. Your actions not only reassures us, but also rekindles in us our hope and our faith in our Authentic Catholic Church on Guam, whose teachings conform to Jesus' Ways and Teachings.

    We, the congregation, are the Church too; therefore, please know that we share your pains and wounds, and your anxieties and distress over what is happening to our beloved Catholic Church on our island.

    TRUTH will prevail however, because we know that the Fullness of The Truth is found in no other Church or entity, but in the authenticity of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. No one, no entity -- not even the gates of hell -- can prevail nor destroy HIS Church.

    We will always remain faithful to and always recognize and acknowledge the authority of The Magisterium; and forever, will we bend our knees, bow our heads at the Name of Jesus and acknowledge with equal reverence and posture, HIS Very Real Presence when we receive HIM in Holy Communion at The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass! ... we know that this is and has been your impetus and motivation behind your courage and actions. Again, thankyou for taking the stance you took!

  4. Happy Birthday to Fr. Jeff!