Tuesday, August 19, 2014


UPDATE: Latest is that he is still at the rectory but unsure as to his future. Continue to keep him in your prayers. Our faith was brought to this island by a Jesuit priest, and Fr. Tom, as far as I know, is the only Jesuit priest still here in Guam. He has served our Catholic community and our military communities quietly and well for many years.


This morning I posted the following on my FB page:

Word is that Fr. Tom McGrath is no longer living at the Cathedral rectory. We don't know if he was forced out for signing the letter or decided to go on his own knowing the grief he was about to get. We've heard he is greatly distressed. Pray for him.

Here are some of the comments:

• yes my prayers are with him.!!! so sad how something like this can happen... what happened to the faith they say they believe in?? SO SO SAD!!! MAY GOD BE WITH HIM ALWAYS !!! it seems that the bishop tries hard to preach but he's not doing what god has chosen him to do...

• A good man .

• praying

• Oh wow prayers for him

• Many of us have forgotten the message in the warnings of Fatima. Did we ever imagine that the spiritual warfare would begin unravelling right here on our own beloved island. We have only one chance to choose truth from evil but we will need to heed the call to respond in prayers in sufficient numbers. There IS a deadline.

• As a hospital chaplain, Fr McGrath has prayed for many of us and our families in our time of need. It is only right and proper that we all do the same for him in his.

• Fathers Mike, Jeff, Patrick, Gus included. Their necks are on the line for disobeying a big lie....

• Fr. Tom visited me with the Holy Eucharist when I was hospitalized, will be praying for him and the other 4/5 who signed that letter, I have a feeling that their lives will be made hard by David, Adrain and the Archbishop.

• and that will be the order of Kiko and Pius.

• will it EVER end?!!??! Just keeps getting worse and worse. Prayers to all these priests....most I know personally

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