Friday, August 15, 2014


Jessica has been named in the comments as one of the possible cooperators with the Diana blog. I have heard from her personally. She said she is in no way affiliated. I believe her. I will delete comments with her name and will not accept any future comments with her name. Thank you for understanding. 


  1. A person by the same name is a facebook friend of Edivaldo. She's shown in a photo with Holly in Edilvado's home page I think this is why some people think she's in cahoots with them.

  2. All: pray "Most Mournful Heart of Jesus, in Your Mercy, grant me the grace of discerning good from evil. Through this grace help me to see through the guile of every leader, most especially if he is using his power to transgress human dignity, condone any type of sin or to presume authority or power he does not have. Do not allow me to place title above Truth."

    "Dear Jesus, remind me that You are the authority that I must follow first and foremost. Amen."

  3. Haha okay I agree deliver us from the evil of this Neo cult and the destruction it is causing and the pain it has inflicted on our real priests - AMEN

  4. Granted she contacted you to correct the record, she deliberately replaced her profile photo with "Diana's" profile picture. Diana confirmed that a number of her "sisters" did this to throw people off. That alone is troubling and alarming in that they are protecting someone who attempted to incite retaliation via your child.

    1. Jose M, I noticed that too. I personally consider Ms. Blas guilty by association. She does not want her name out there yet is willing to help conceal the real identities of the individuals behind Diana. Very wishy-washy of her. The jig is up, though. I think we're all quite certain it is between Ms. Leon Guerrero and Fr. Eduvaldo.

    2. Excellent points, Jose M!

      What these NCW "sisters" are doing to help protect "Diana" reminds me of how Saddam Hussein had his "body doubles" to protect him back in the day …


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