Friday, August 15, 2014


Dear Diana et. al,

Wipe the drool and try not to froth. 

Long before Fr. Matthew Blockley sent me the account of his time in Saipan and Guam, he sent me all the links to the news stories that you all are now sending me. He wanted me to know what the news reports said so that first I would know that he was real, and second that there were very serious reasons for his having gone into hiding. 

The fact that Bishop Camacho put out an APB on him in 2008 is not the news. What is the real news is why Bishop Camacho waited until 2008 to do it when he had run Fr. Blockley out of Saipan in 2000, and why he did an APB to the USCCB when he knew very well where Blockley was. 

We'll be uncovering all that soon. Meanwhile, try not to step in it. Truly, your childish tantrums are such a discredit to everything you say that your movement is. And to think Fr. Edivaldo is calling the shots. Wow!

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