Friday, August 22, 2014


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  • Zoltán Székely · Works at University of Guam
    Tim Rohr, you are getting a famous religious fundamentalist warrior, who thinks God is talking from his mouth. Do you like, don't you?

    Tim, let me remind you that what you said about a girl named Candise Nacole M. Lizama is simply unforgivable. Did you completely lose your moral sense? We all see you feel proud about it. What a shame!

    Are you completely blinded by your fundamentalist fury? You are so conceited you assume you may hurt and maul anyone, anytime, by your own wish. No, Tim, you cannot do that as nobody on earth can. You play God but meantime you lose your soul.

    Why do you choose to be a person of zero integrity and zero moral values? You would better stop talking altogether for the benefit of your own comrades. Because you hurt them as you hurt everyone. The least thing you should do is to apologize to Candise. Right now. Are you man enough do this, Tim?

    Otherwise you will become a zealot pariah with zero bearing on any matter of moral or ethical consequences. You know it, right? So be a man!

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