Friday, August 1, 2014


  1. " Jessica, Krystyna, Bernadette, I gave you a chance to grow beyond your unintelligible bullshit. It is up to you if you take this chance or not. You need maturity in faith to be able to take it. I will pray for you that your mind may be released from bondage."

    The above comment was written by Zoltan and I surely resent the remark "unintelligible bullshit"
    made to my daughter. 

    My negativity towards the NCW goes back 20 years with a remark Father Pius said in front of my face to my mother. A remark no one wants to hear especially from a priest, so I will not say it here. Give me the opportunity to face Father Pius and I most certainly will confront him.

    Little remarks made by members can surely tick a person off. Remarks such as "Are you having exorcism" just because Father Joel and his Divine Mercy Group were coming to pray in my home? I was asked by a member of the group if they could come, If I wanted exorcism done in my home, the closest place and person I would write to is Father Jose Francisco Syquia, the director of the office of exorcism in the Archdiocese of Manila. This remark was not only an insult to me, but I took it as an insult to Father Joel and his Divine Mercy group.
    Let me say that little remarks or actions can make a big impact in a person's life. 

    Because of your remark Zoltan, my horns just got longer and sharper. 

    I need not say anymore! 

    Kathleen M. Ilagan

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