Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The mad kiko-clans are bashing Mother Dawn, Mother Superior of our local Carmelite nuns, as the instigator of the petition against Fr. Pius. What a load of "vomit" (their word). Chuck White originated the idea and I doubt if he has ever met Mother Dawn. How sick, sad, and desperate these maligned and vicious people are becoming now that their neo-kingdom is collapsing around them. It's "scorched earth" now for them. Take down everybody and anybody.

Their allegations are even more tragic in view of the fact that Mother Dawn and her Carmelite nuns have been suffering for years because of Archbishop Apuron. Here's why.

The 2 million dollar gift to purchase the Yona property did not fall from heaven. Mother Dawn, because she is devoted to our Catholic Church, spearheaded the effort to find a donor through her order and specifically through her fellow Carmelites in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Through the Carmelites in St. Louis, Mother Dawn was able to identify a donor, a private person, who agreed to give the money on two conditions:
  • That the gift be used to purchase a defunct hotel property for the "purpose of a seminary"
  • That the identity of the donor NOT be made known
Archbishop Apuron immediately proceeded to violate both of those conditions:
  • "A seminary" for the Archdiocese of Agana was NOT established. 
  • He identified the donor.
Because of this, many believe that the money came from our own Carmelites with two consequences:
  • Mother Dawn and her Carmelites have been labeled as neo-sympathizers and supporters (whether they are or not I don't know, and they probably - given their vocation - don't give a hoot either way).
  • Since people believed that the Carmelites had 2 million dollars to give to the Neo's, they figured that the Carmelites didn't need any more financial support and they're ability to take care of themselves, especially since many are aging, has suffered.
Thank you, once again, Archbishop Apuron. 

But how evil now that the one person most responsible for facilitating the purchase of the Yona property, even though it was eventually used for something entirely different than what was intended, is no impugned and maligned by the vicious Kiko's for something Chuck White thought up himself. 

You people continue to lower yourself daily in the eyes of the whole island. Quit while you're ahead. Get out of that thing.


  1. AAA, what kind of Shepherd are you???? You are supposed to lead us, and help us onto the path of righteousness! Yet you decide to act childish, pointing fingers, going to the media when this could have been handled by hind closed doors, send out your minions to do the dirty work so that in the end if anything happens then you can point the fingers at them too.

    Neo Clan by bashing other people who only tried to help out, is that how to be Christian people who say that they are closer to GOD because of "THE WAY". If so, then I must have missed something while growing up and learning about how to be Christian and a follower of Christ.

  2. The petition concerning the acts, words, and influence of Fr. Pius Sammut OCD was entirely my idea, and I have never met or talked with Mother Dawn in my life. Neither Mother Dawn nor any of her sister Carmelites had anything to do with the creation, issuance, or dissemination of the petition.

  3. How unchristian like to make such accusations, yet if this was indeed true that Mother Dawn did help to solicit for donors would be a slap on the face. Why? They are too old to train girls according to Diana.

    WOW, person being attacked! Holy Mary Mother Of God, we need your help.

  4. These funds should be returned just like Museum donations. Poor people who tried to help. shame.

  5. The Donor has every right under law to have the gift of $2 million returned because his conditions were not met or violated. I know many attorneys who would love to sue the archdiocese to get that money back!

    1. Sell that haunted place! And give to the poor! After you buy one way tickets for the 'seminarians'.

  6. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 6, 2014 at 12:55 PM

    Thank you. This post was long needed. I have reason to believe that the Carmelite sisters may be suffering financially for the care of the old sisters.

  7. Well, I knew that you are taught by Rome to steal from poor peasants, to steal for Rome in the catholic church has been going on for thousands of years, I believe in God but not the modern church for the priests molested alter boys and steal from nuns! Priests and nuns have been getting out their vows to the church due to the Catholic church radical changes!

    1. I let your comment be published. We've had bad people in our church since Judas. It's nothing new.

  8. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 6, 2014 at 2:10 PM

    My friend 1.04pm. Rome does not teach people to steal. i lived in Rome and no priest ever aught me to steal. And besides I would have no need to steal anyway.

  9. Nuns are off-limits. Was raised by the RSM's shadowed by the presence of Auntie Mary (Sister Mary Inez Underwood) there's a reverent and hallowed, 'don't go there' with nuns. My whole life heard stories of the specialness of Belmont for the sisters from Guam. Even had a couple years of the Franciscans and Notre Dame nuns at Bishop and the Domincans, but the cloistered Carmelites have always been in awe and in their strict vows of meditiative prayer and like the Benedictine sisters, their holy devotion to Perpetual Adoration.

    So now they've sunk to the lowest of the low - as if everything to date has not been exponentially vile, they go after nuns. Repugnant.

    Adding this to my prayer list.

  10. Thanks Shelly for you comment.

    Now let us set the record straight here on certain issues brought up in Diana's post. If you do not like to be accused of being someone else, then by all means post your name on your comment. If you do not like rebuttals, then don't post at all. Melanie as a member of the NCW why were you posting in the jungle anonymously?

    This has nothing to do with you anymore. Your believe is your believe. This issue has now come down to Truth and Justice. We only want the TRUTH!

    Covering up and putting Archbishop Apuron on a pedestal and defending his actions is wrong. He got caught in all ways. He is now tangled in a web and does not know how to get out.

    As far as persecuting the Archbishop, well he brought it upon himself. Being honest was the only way things could have been settled. Trying to throw curve balls just doesn't cut it anymore.

    Let the Truth prevail. If not, many more little secrets will come crawling and it is not going to be a pleasant picture. The Ball is in the Archbishop's hands now as to whether he will come clean.

  11. Fr.Matthew Blockley.August 6, 2014 at 9:40 PM

    All concerned Catholics who respect the Carmelite sisters need to contact Reverend Mother Dawn to see how they can help the convent. I suspect these nuns need your help.

  12. I think the best ultimate help we can give to our Carmelite sisters is what we are doing here, exposing the truth and hoping for new leadership for our church. But in the short term, let's untie our purse strings and give to them what we can. And Shelly Gibson thank you for your words....

  13. Shame on u for even bringing the carmelites nuns. They pray for us. Its all the hill people to blame. Thanks Tim for clearing the record.

  14. I have spoken personally with Mother Dawn Marie on this. All reported above on the "deal" for Redemptoris Mater Seminary is true, especially the part about the notion that the Carmelites had an extra 2 million laying around. Because the conditions of the "gift", not loan were violated people think the Carmelites don't need help. In fact, they live on $30 each a day and Mother Dawn Marie is currently scouring the country for financial support. If anyone is interested in a the Carmelites. It's the most productive, personal effort you can make to help fix an otherwise out of control holy war.

    1. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 8, 2014 at 11:56 PM

      Well said Patti Arroyo. Plan to call the radio show one of these days, so when you hear my name be sure to take my call.

  15. Anon - but Touched by those Sisters :)August 7, 2014 at 12:38 PM

    As the Nuncio has said, let's focus on something practical, a little step to get the ball rolling.
    Here's my suggestion - if you did not give to the AAA for the annual appeal, then you have money that should go else where. Give some to the Carmelites. If you are at the Cathedral, instead of giving your weekly offering to the parish, give it to the Carmelites. If you are in another parish and you do not agree with how your money is being spent, do the same and give to the Carmelites.
    You don't have to cut out the parish completely, because they do need your help, no matter who is there as pastor/rector. BUT -
    If you give $20 per week, then give $10 to the parish, and redirect $10 to the Carmelites. This little act will be a beautiful offering for Sisters who pray in ways we often forget. Let's take care of their temporal needs so they can help with our spiritual needs.


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