Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The Archbishop has posted something called "Report from Deloitte and Touche" on its website. The posting gives the average reader the impression that this is an official and final report from D & T. It is not. It was a letter, dated January 8, 2014, advising the Archbishop of discrepancies that needed to be addressed as part of D & T's review of the Archdiocese's finances. 

As addressed today on the steps of the Cathedral, those discrepancies have already been addressed, with only one to be addressed. In fact, in a letter dated June 26, 2014, only a few weeks ago, Archbishop Apuron, in a letter to Msgr. James, recognized in writing that "corrective action" had already been taken in order to prepare for the June 30, 2013 financial statements, and gave Msgr. James till August 15, 2014 to submit the financial reports for their fiscal year ending June 30, 2014. Msgr. James was fired on July 25.

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