Wednesday, September 24, 2014


  1. I could not agree more and sympathize with the Catholics on Guam for the apparent betrayal of trust by their own "shepherd's" deceptive maneuvers. I am a priest working in one of the dioceses in the US. I, myself, was a victim of this neo-catechumenal false religion that foments a wedge in the Church. What they have done to my parish for the past decades was truly horrendous. They have caused polarization and discrimination against non members. One problem they cause is their status that is frowned upon by priests and canonists. While they are a movement that openly claim to be a "charism" in the church, they want every priest, bishop and parishioner to kowtow to their ambivalent identity. Problems ranging from liturgical abuses to finances and a host of many others cannot simply be solved because of their refusal to obey diocesan policies. They identify as regular parishioners and that their program is evangelization; they refuse to be branded as a movement or a lay association as a clever ploy to work under the radar and be branded by any category apart from an evangelizing community. I wouldn't be a least bit surprised that if given more clout or increased support from church officials they would commence on a path of INQUISITION against those who do not wish to take part in their CULT. I am sad and my heart goes out to the Catholics of Guam that this persecution is happening. Making the matter worse is Archbishop Apuron's impunity. He doesn't deserve to be a bishop any more than he deserves to be a pastor of souls. He is an insult to Catholicism and a shame for the church.

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