Wednesday, September 24, 2014


  1. The Archbishop needs to be sued and take account of his deception. The seminary on Guam-- as he had initially promised to gather funds and legitimacy--was built with the idea of forming local priests to serve the local church of Guam. It turns out, as correctly stated above, that it was a ploy. The Archbishop doesn't care about formation of future Catholic priests in the diocese. He cares about the Neo-Catechumenal priesthood!!!! What a farce. If I were on Guam I would definitely organize and link arms with the silent majority of the Catholics who are now being marginalized to demand his resignation. More voice, more noise are needed to be heard. Start by organizing and a signature campaign calling for his prosecution in an ecclesiastical court and civil courts. Make him pay his donors back. After all what he did about the seminary is a violation of Canon Law's "Ad Dantis Intentionem" that rules on the honoring the intention of the donors. People have supported his cause to build a seminary for future Catholic priests serving the archdiocese and not the neo-catechumenal cult. More power and prayers to all those who persevere in this fight.

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