Saturday, September 20, 2014


It seems that the words "disobedient priests" has become a regular refrain for our Archbishop, inserting it out of nowhere even into his homilies. The refrain also appears to be regularly repeated by his neo-presbyter defenders, also into their homilies, with the addition of a lecture on how the Archbishop is being persecuted. 


First, just WHO is disobedient? Fr. Paul was not given a chance to be disobedient. He was asked to resign immediately and if he did not resign immediately, Archbishop Apuron instructed him to "supply your reasons as soon as possible". 

Fr. Paul was not given the opportunity to "supply (his) reasons as soon as possible", because upon his return to the parish he found himself locked out of his office, instructed to vacate his residence, stripped from the schedule of presiders, and on the following day, "fired" as pastor and replaced by a parochial administrator. 

In doing all this, Archbishop Apuron violated ALL the norms of church law for the removal of pastors. Fr. Paul had ZERO opportunity to disobey even if he wanted to. Fr. Paul's only action was to take recourse against these illegal actions by Archbishop Apuron through the canonical procedures that he is accorded under church law. 

So WHO is being disobedient?

In the case of Msgr. James, Msgr. James was summoned to the Archbishop's office, read a list of charges, removed as rector of the Cathedral, removed as Director of the Catholic Cemeteries, and dismissed as Director of the Archdiocesan Development Group which the Archbishop dissolved on the spot. 

Msgr. James' only action was to ask for a copy of the charges. Archbishop Apuron denied Msgr. James his request and instead published the charges twice in the U Matuna and even sent the charges to the secular media. 

Like Fr. Paul, Msgr. James had no chance to disobey and did not disobey. He left the Cathedral as ordered. He still has a canonical right to appeal his removal, but as yet that does not seem to have happened formally.

So WHO is being disobedient? Who is being persecuted? 

Neither of these priests have been given any formal opportunity to respond to the Archbishop or his charges against them. Meanwhile, he has tried and hung them in a very public way, even going beyond the initial charges and doing everything he can to besmirch their characters and reputations. 

People have begun walking out of Masses where the Archbishop and these neo-presbyters launch into their little personal tirades about disobedient priests and the persecution of the poor Archbishop. They know it's a lie, and at Mass no less. 

My first impulse is to encourage you to walk out and keep walking until you find another parish where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not prostituted in this way. However, I have a better idea. Stay and record it. Then send it to me. 


  1. Plain and simple:

    -That's because in order to be obedient in Apuron's eyes, you must be a NEO presbyter!

    -Neos are ALREADY angels, walking on Earth, members and presbyters alike. Their leader, Kiko, is god incarnate. Neos can do no wrong!

    You sin, then you echo/group confess twice a week and you can sleep soundly, you are going to heaven (Kiko doctrine). Foolish cult-members!

    -Apuron has never felt the love of his people from Guam (Chamorros, Filipinos, etc), he only began to experience real affection from the Neos.

    Never mind, that it's "fake love" and these Neos talk, make fun of him and laugh about him behind his back and Apuron continues to be fooled. Conniving Neos think just because they speak in their native languages that the people cannot understand them. flash, people are listening and understanding all that you are saying (lots of people here understand your language)! Word travels fast, too. We are all watching you moochers!!!

    -Truth dictates that Fr. Paul was mistreated. Truth has evidenced that Msgr. James was maligned, defamed and Apuron continues to do further damage. Still trying to incriminate clergy, by pretending to dig up more "evidence." When we all know, that Apuron and his Team of Destruction, mostly comprised of Neos, are actively making things up, doctoring up the books and are going to soon produce even more DIABOLICAL LIES, to be printed on an upcoming issue of Umatuna, no less!



    1. Well...AAA did take it to the schools and publicly (with no chance of anyone getting an opportunity to refute what he had to say), crucified Non-Neo Presbyters and even vouched for himself about praying so many hours of the day. Hmmm...Since it was in a school setting, lets give him a grade. I would say an "F" grade, not just for failure, but for being the flunky he is to the NeoCats.

      The Protestants claim that Faith is enough for you get to get to heaven. We all know that Faith without Works is useless (James 2:20, 2:26, 2:28). Just an observation, AAA touts his "Faith" by praying so many hours a day, then does his "works" by destroying his loyal flock. Now THAT IS FAITH THAT DOESN'T WORK!...AAA, you need to get a grip on reality, and release the grip that the NeoCats have on you.

      Lets think about this for a moment. Why would AAA do as the NeoCats tell him to do? Because he is Obedient? Because is understands that The Way is the TRUE WAY of our Catholic Faith? I can only smell blackmail, coercion and greed here. Admit it AAA, you have something to hide, most likely the 2 other billy goats as well, and KIKO knows what they are.

      AAA will not give the true reason for his dictatorship-like actions. AAA, your actions speak louder than the "testimonials" you allow during the course of a Holy Eucharistic Celebration.

      When will AAA come to a realization that the amount of damage he has caused in our community, our Faith, our Parishes, our Non-Neo Priests, at this point, would be very difficult to repair.? I think NEVER.

      AAA, you may REALLY want to consider bowing out as humbly and as gracefully as you can, while you can. No threat here, just a hypothesis of what my happen to your so called "administration" with your NeoCats and the other 2 billy goats you have touting the Neo Way.

      As it was stated by one of your followers and answered by Tim appropriately, The Neo Way is NOT FOR EVERYBODY. Tim's answer (paraphrasing here), thats right!, it is NOT FOR EVERYBODY but THE UNIVERSAL CATHOLIC CHURCH IS!...Did you not get that part yet?

      Oh NeoCats, you feel that you've made progress on this island? I don't think you fully realize what the Japanese realized when they bombed Pearl Harbor, that they've just awaken a "sleeping giant". We are not dumb, we are not illiterate, we are not under ANY hypnotic spell, and definitely, we are not delusional. We see reality here for what it is.

      AAA has lost control of his ability to Shepard his Flock, he has lost the ability to truly reason with people and surround himself with those who would give him sound advice based on our Catholic Faith, on Canon Law, and most of all, has lost the "humility" factor and replaced it with power and greed.

      AAA, there will be new Neo Deacons and Neo Priest being ordained late this year, what are your plans? IT is quite obvious. You've stormed the Basilica and not you are going after the Non-Neo Parishes with your newly promoted Neo Priests who can barely carry out the PROPER ORDER OF THE LITURGY, THE ORDER OF THE MASS and they are not clearly understood by the lay person in their Homilies because they have not taken the time to practice what they preach in our universal English language. Lets get a grip on reality (yes, again please!). You NeoCats are in for a surprise. Good luck with "taking over the island" with your Neo brainwashing.

    2. I agree with you Senot G. There is definitely some kind of hold the NCW leaders have on Archbishop Apuron based on his actions. It's still a mystery why he joined in the first place if the NCW is an itinerary for formation. Maybe he doesn't really understand that and thinks it's a "support group" so he can feel loved because apparently he's not getting the love from outside the NCW.


    3. Agree with you senot G. Archbishop Apuron looks for love in life but not in healthy ways. Very unhealthy individual.

    4. Pius and other seminarians live with AAA. The seminarians and AAA are there to serve Pius. Pius is there to be a constant threat to AAA. Neos know AAA's secrets.


    5. Apruon you say you pray every day. A person who prays does not act like are an evil bad man and the sooner the church is rid of you the better.

    6. It has been observed that young men live with Apuron and it remains a point of concern to many.

    7. Mr. Pius is not here just now. Let us see if he returns. Other plan may be in place.

    8. That is true that his Neo Boys DO make fun of him. Some women I know observed and were shocked at their behavior as Archbishop celebrated while the 'foreign' boys made fun, mocked and laughed. What a complete shame.

    9. Who will succeed Pizza Pius if he never returns? The Tall Woman or a Neo Priest?


    10. Where is Pius. He is paid a salary by the good people of this community so he should be here serving them. He is not even a priest of this archdiocese, so why are we paying him and his air tickets to fly all over the world?

    11. 7.41pm. Believe this is true. Seminarians only need the hands of the archbishop on their heads., Once ordained they will not have much love for him. They all use each other for their own ends. Systems such as this fail to create trust, respect, dignity, integrity.

    12. Fr. Pius always returns. He is out gallivanting for Giuseppe and Kiko, and then he returns for more instructions for Archbishop Apuron. He has Apuron on a string, and the string is made of steel.

  2. AAA's complaining about disobedient priests is a good example of the "pot calling the kettle black". The neo presbyters saying the he is being persecuted is a good example of "do unto others as you would have done unto you". The neocats like to use word "persecute" too much. If we don't agree with what they say and do they just say they are being "persecuted" to make them look righteous. I will close with another saying for them: "If you can't stand the heat, GET OUT of the kitchen."


    1. Qualities required of our bishops today are to be men who love, men who encourage, men who listen. Bishops who are are available to priests. Unfortunately, Guam and Saipan never had such men. But we live in hope that Pope Francis will send to these islands spiritual leaders rooted in prayer, love for God, love for people, and love for Mother Church. Our islands are now crying out for bishops who can truly lead our people to God In Conformity with the church. Since the days of Archbishop Flores our islands have had poor examples of shepherds. Between camacho and Apuron what have they done. One has left a diocese in decay, the other continues to cause decay.

  3. You can't reason with a Neo, they've lost their reasoning ability. Diane encouraged members to question things but to call up their catechesis for answers. Lol. Sad as reasoning is a gift from God he gave us for the purpose of seeking his face according to the church.

  4. In regards to recording during the Mass, how sad is it that Parishioners have succumbed to doing that! Apuron and the Neos cannot be trusted. And everybody knows it! Their so-called homilies are so wrong and hurtful that people have reverted to recording them.

    Before the hostile take over of the Cathedral, people recorded Michael Jucutan, presbyter, and his homilies. This is because people were so baffled, confused and dumbfounded by what he has to say, that they must take the recordings home right after Mass, to figure it all out for themselves. "??? Ummm uhhh... movie reference...dumb...dumb...dumb" So pathetic, unfortunately, there are no "Cliff's Notes" to these presbyter's unintelligible homilies.

    We the NONNeos are forking out funding anyways, so we demand that you get these seminarians some proper education. While your at it, Arch and Neos, get them some lessons in etiquette and respect for the culture, too. You will do well, sitting in those classes yourselves, as well. Seems you are so brainwashed, that your brains have forgotten both subjects!

    Your brains may have forgotten, but we believe that your souls may be screaming to re-learn these human again and treat others like good humans! IF you, Apuron, Cristobal, Quitugua and all other NeoCancers and NeoSympathizers are still capable of this!!!

    1. Now there is no recording of 9:30 am mass....they want to make sure there is no evidence.


  5. Wow, blackmail, coercion, money, when these three elements are present you know what follows. stay tuned.

  6. Hello you junglewatchers, didn't you see the aviso in the umatuna?

    "DISOBEDIENT" is the new "PERSECUTED." Get it right! !!

    That is the new trending propaganda of that sorry excuse for a bishop, Apuron! He thinks you all are stupid and he wants to gain more allies. So tell me, ya'll, is it still working?

  7. Yea 4:49, No evidence. ..

    No evidence to show if jucutan is actually improving. ..
    No evidence to show that they have no future malevolent plans for the Cathedral. ..
    No evidence that Apuron and the Neos are actually doing Good and promoting God's Work...
    No evidence that Neos have nothing to hide...

    Who are those idiots giving you suggestions on how to run the Church, Apuron And Quitugua?

    You're so champion at firing people. .. You need to start with those brain-dead walkers, if they are not actually YOU to begin with! !!


  8. Mr.Rogatinsky awaits any calls.


  9. Archbishop Apuron. In the two hours you claim to pray each day may be you would be better to give one hour to spiritual reading. In which case suggest you read, guess for the first time, Redemptor Hominis. From this document you will learn about the dignity of man, respect for man,and what Our Lord has done for man. Read the document and learn that man is made in the image and likeness of God and should be respected. Each priest including Fr.Paul and Monsignor should be respected by you. Yet you remove dignity from priests and people. You have no respect for anyone, not even yourself. How can this community respect you?

  10. Here is how I see obedience. The Church uses obedience to teach, to help people understand that obedience to God is paramount. Obedience teaches you patience, humility, and love. But unfortunately, AAA, the Vicar General, the Chancellor, and Fr. Pius uses obedience to not teach, but to control. They uses obedience to hide behind the wrongs they have committed, thoroughly distorting and perverting the virtue of obedience. Hitler demanded obedience no matter what, so his generals and the German people looked the other away as millions were gassed. Bishops, archbishops, and cardinals demanded obedience to look the other way when priests were sexually abusing young boys. It is wrong and sinful to use obedience to shield you from your abusive, wrongful, and illegal actions. Archbishop Apuron, Monsignor David, Fr. Adrian, and Fr. Pius are doing just that. Fr. Pius is going around telling his neocats that Fr. Paul was being disobedient not to accept the abuse and illegal actions of the archbishop against him. Fr. Pius is going around telling people that the former members of the archdiocese Finance Council were fired because they tried to sell the seminary property even though he knows that is false and a lie, but it would be disobedient to question him. Monsignor David, in his homily, during a 5:45 AM mass, went on to say that obedience is the greatest virtue of all, more so than love, faith, and charity. These are just some examples of how these four men have gone off the deep end. It shows their desperation to do and say anything to cling to power and to control the neocats. I pray for the neocats who are under the illusion that obedience, no matter what, is the right thing to do.

  11. It is amazing how Diana tries to indoctrinate the uneducated believers, the sheep, to accept the very shady and anti-Biblical tenets of the NeoCat. Her rigid and heartless clapping to every coercive action of the Archbishop is just a sure sign of the sectarian lobotomy these poor folks at the NeoCat go through. Now, Diana is claiming the the Jesus "was NOT Christian", but a Jew. How arrogant!

    I am sure that Diana is a relatively young mother who has girls but no boys, so she can entertain herself in demanding blind obedience in her family. Diana is totally insensitive, for example, to the complexities of the mind of a young boy who wants to discover the world and his faith on his own.

    Her latest is about standing for the Jewish Laws as something good Christians need to follow. he would protect and promote the Sabbath Law, but even the Circumcision Law, despite St Paul declaring it a crime against Christian belief. I cannot imagine Diana would say this things on her own, it is probably a NeoCat tenet that is propagated through their network as a demand of blind obedience. It means good Christians must follow, in the NeoCat at least, and be subjugated to the Ancient and atavistic. What they basically preach is that you must be a Jew before you can dream of being a Christian.

    Ouch the twisted mind of the sectarian! Ouch the blindness of the faithless!


  12. Most alarming are the priest personal issues appearing on this blog.