Sunday, September 21, 2014


The account in the following comment is why we need to record at every opportunity. Record every homily from these guys. This is the kind of thing that has to be sent to the Nuncio so he can hear for himself the grave abuse from the pulpit. 

  1. ...the preacher man talked about the DEVIL! "The devil is present today. Just look at what is happening our diocese. Just look at ISIS!" Was he comparing the problems of our diocese to ISIS? I think so! Talk about beheading....who is beheading whom...preacher man?
So WHAT is happening in our diocese? Here's what's happening in our diocese. People, long abused by this archbishop, are standing up and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The office of the bishop does not give him the authority to cheat, lie, slander and malign. And people have had enough. 

Obviously the "preacher man" is trying to whip up a frenzy by comparing our opposition to what is happening in Iraq and Syria. That is truly pathetic and a grave abuse of both pulpit and people. Real persecution is occurring in the Middle East. 

The only "persecution" happening here is the "arduous and painful closure" to his own assignment that the Archbishop has brought onto himself. We have only had to expose his own words and actions. So to compare the Archbishop's self-imposed troubles to the real suffering in the Middle East???? VOMIT!

The "preacher man" and his ilk know that the archbishop is a bully and a liar, but they must prop him up. Without him they don't have power. Without him they would be wiped away and they know it. So they are desperate to turn the people against our efforts to hold the Archbishop accountable. 

So record, record, record. We must expose these charlatans who use our pulpits to spread their invective and try to turn the good people of Guam on each other. 

But speaking of the "devil in our diocese", now would be a good time to show Archbishop Apuron's true legacy, a legacy of letting the devil in. After thirty years of his reign, here's what Guam has come to:

  • Guam has the most liberal abortion laws in the nation which allow for the termination of nearly one out of ten pregnancies with more than 60% being Chamorro. (2013 Guam Medical Records)
  • Guam has the highest divorce rate in the world (4.7 divorces per 1000 population, 2010 Guam Statistical Yearbook vs Russia 4.5 per 1000, 2011 United Nations Demographic Yearbook)
  • Guam has the 14th highest suicide rate in the world and a rate 1.2 times the national average. (2011 World Health Organization and A Profile of Suicide on Guam, September 2011)
  • Guam has a 20% higher out of wedlock birth rate (60%) compared to the rest of the nation. (40.8%, CDC 2010) Note: Guam stopped reporting “illegitimate” births in 2005. 60% is based on the average between 2000 and 2005)
  • Guam has double the teen birthrate compared to the rest of the nation. (Guam PDN, Editorial, 6/25/13)
  • Guam’s rape rate is 94.4 per 100,000 (2011 Yearbook: 151 reported rapes). This is nearly triple the national average of 29.8. (U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2013, Table 314)
  • AND WORST OF ALL: Guam abuses and neglects its children at nearly double the national average . (Guam child maltreatment rate of 76.81 per 1000 children based on 2012 CPS report and 2010 census vs 41.2 per 1000 children national average as per Table 3-2, Child Maltreatment 2011, Children’s Bureau, U.S. DPHHS)

And all this while he jets around the world singing "no one can get me" and hobnobbing with the Kiko' he is even now. 

Meanwhile, everyone else, record, record, record. 

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