Thursday, September 11, 2014


Okay, since this person wants his/her own post, I'll give it to him/her, and reply.

  1. Tim, nobody is forced to join the NCW. They NCW Is not for everyone, of you don't like it, then leave. Maybe the reason for the other reacting the way she did was because she felt that she would her daughter. Tell me Tim, if one of your kids decides to Join the NCW, how would you react? Please make this a post :)

My reply:

You are correct, Anonymous. The NCW is not for everyone. That's the point. The Catholic Faith IS. The Catholic Faith IS for EVERYONE. In fact, that's why it's called "Catholic" from the Greek KATA HOLOS, meaning "with respect to the whole", or more simply "universal". This adjective was applied to the young Christian Church to clarify that whereas once there was only a "chosen people" (the Jews), now, in Christ, there was no more "gentile or Jew". It was for EVERYONE. 

It is instructive to note that there is a profound, albeit pseudo recreation, of a certain Jewish aesthetic in the Neocatechumenal Way. Perhaps it is because Kiko wants to recreate (in his own image) the idea of a new "chosen people"? You certainly act that way. 

How would I react if one of my "kids decides to join the NCW"? I would respond in the same way as if they were thinking of joining any other church other than the Catholic Church. If they are living in my house, they don't get that choice. If not, I would challenge their thinking and point out that "joining" the NCW is like going back to has been demonstrated on this blog for the past year. Fortunately for me my children are no longer interested in kindergarten. I suggest you graduate and get on with real life.

By the way, for the real Catholics reading this, I wrote the book WHY I'M CATHOLIC as an apologia for my children: an explanation of the Catholic faith and why their father was a Catholic and why they should remain in the Church. I was motivated to write after hearing so many parents lament over their children and grandchildren no longer practicing the faith.

I believe the primary reason for this phenomenon is due to parents being sold on the idea to turn their kids over to a CCD program. Religious education was meant to occur in the home, between parent and child. This is GOD'S PLAN. Take your kids out of CCD and put yourself in it. Then go home and teach your children, brining them up "in the way they should go. If my book to my children helps, you can get a free electronic copy here.

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