Friday, September 5, 2014


...not too many months ago when I would not have agreed with the following. But after what I have seen, heard, and experienced these many months...I'm not sure I would describe it any other way:

  1. This movement is a 'hidden and dark' corporation...that branches out worldwide. It is a global mafia disguised as a legitimate entity under the protection of the Catholic Church.

    Kiko and his commanders are very smart and able to solidify their 'statutes' so that those who oppose the Way can be dealt with 'legitimately'..

    This company has lots of money to bribe and protect its will take an act of GOD to take these people down....

    remember the's coming from within! Its trying to take control of the whole church....main prize is the Chair of St. Peter!

    This will be the closest Kiko can be like GOD on this earth!


  1. Petition to remove the NCW from Guam!

  2. And Diana is the writer for the PROPAGANDA OF THE NCW HERE ON ISLAND!

  3. Apologies to the commenter who referenced the Mormons. I prefer not to bring them into this.

  4. Tim, your preference is truly commendable.