Friday, September 5, 2014


I normally wouldn't make a post of a comment by Janet B. She's way too edgy and uses surly nicknames that I'm not quite ready to use. But she makes a good point in this comment. If Archbishop Apuron did not see to the health care coverage for Fr. Efren, then as his Ordinary, he would still be responsible for his medical bills. Looks like he'll be sending a check to Fr. Matthew Blockley. 

  1. Janet B - MangilaoSeptember 5, 2014 at 6:25 PM
    After much prayer this afternoon about how the Archbishop completely abandoned Fr Efren, a few questions came to mind. Oh how I wish I had the answers, but my heart tells me the answers are already known. Here are some questions:
    Deacon Dominic Kim said the reason why Fr Efren could not be covered was because he was off-island.
    If that is true, how about Fr Miguel studying in Rome, is he without medical coverage?
    How about Fr Egivaldo when he was studying in Rome, was he also without coverage?
    How about Fr John Wadeson when he was ministering in San Francisco, was he without coverage?
    How about Fr Adrian when he was in Denver, was he without coverage?
    How about Fr Fabio and Fr Aurelius now assigned to China, are they without coverage?
    How about Fr Santiago now assigned to Japan, is he without coverage?
    How about Fr Edwin now assigned to Kenya, is he without coverage?
    How about Fr Jason now assigned to Saipan, is he without coverage?

    Oops, these are all neo priests, of course they are well taken care of.

    Another question: if the reason is that Fr Efren was off-island and couldn't be covered, how was Monsignor James able to get him covered after just a single call?

    Last question. Since Tony Baloney is "father" to all his priests, with or without coverage, isn't he responsible for their medical expenses? Therefore, since medical insurance was the Arch-villian's choice to have or have not, isn't he legally responsible for the medical expenses of any priest? It only seems logical to me that he is responsible. Maybe our crack canon lawyer, David the JCD can answer this very important question. Oops, first he is not so bright, second he can only defend the boss, so we will never get a straight answer.

    I think Fr Efren should get a lawyer to push for immediate reimbursement of any and all expenses not covered by insurance. Just one more case for Rome to see how messed up things are on Guam. I'm sure at some point they will have to notice.

    Is Deacon Dominic also kiko? Must be.

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