Tuesday, October 28, 2014


By Chuck White

The leaders and responsibles of the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam recently concluded what one member called their “Beginning of the Year Retreat.”  The retreat, or “convivence“, started on October 16, 2014 and ended on the afternoon of Sunday, October 19, 2014.

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  1. Another interesting thing is, the children raised in the Neocatechumenal Way do not begin the actual Walk until they are 12/13. This is similar to the Jewish tradition of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

    I am just wondering if they also follow the Days of Awe/Atonement.

  2. This is rather worrying, actually. Why does the NCW seem so intent on having different practises and motivations that that of the Catholic Church? I would have thought that the priests, bishops and cardinals would recognise that intent as a sign of disobedience, or at the very least, an implicit criticism of the Church of the Ages.

    In any event, if anyone is interested, here is a link to the text of the 2012-13 beginning of the the year convivence, hosted by Kiko Almighty, and Carmen the Enabler:


    1. According to this website Yom Kipur is observed which is the day of atonement for one day and not 10 days. Wonder if they dipped Apple into the honey during the beginning of their new year as is symbolic to the Jewish tradition/ceremony.

      "The apple symbolizes Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden), which according to the Midrash has the scent of an apple orchard, and in Kabbalah is called “the holy apple orchard.” When Isaac commented regarding his son Jacob (Genesis 27:27), "Behold, the fragrance of my son is like the fragrance of a field, which the L‑rd has blessed!" the biblical commentator Rashi explains that this refers to the scent of an apple orchard, the scent of Gan Eden.

      Furthermore, when Solomon depicts the love G‑d harbors for His nation, he writes (Song of Songs 8:5): “Beneath the apple tree I aroused you[r love].” Eating an apple on Rosh Hashanah is an attempt to remind G‑d of our age-old love."

    2. I'm not sure of your point, Anon 3:11pm. I made no mention of Yom Kipur in my article.

  3. Dangerous cult taking over our island. Evil cult.

  4. Uhh Chucky Diana has a smart answer for yah. Better check yo self.

    1. If Fr. Edivaldo wants to comment on my post, he should do it here, Anon 5:28.

      Current Jewish practices are admirable, but the adoption of them by "the Way" is meant to heighten the sectarian wall that divides them from Catholics.

    2. Yeah Chuck with a one sided response that has no backing bit yours. Yup fair ground. Sectarian? Continue with your theory who believes Popes can be wrong, how arrogant can you be. You can't simply out debate a lil lady.

    3. to anon @543......where to start?
      Yep, OKay!!!!
      First I had to read you at least three times to get your meaning.
      Now I get it!!
      Aping what your trainer has spoon fed you? Whoa!!!! so impressive......NOT!!!
      If you were not so pathetic in your child like taunting, you could have made me smile.

      All jokes apart, if you are going to try to make a proper argument, learn how to frame it first.
      When you have reached that step, (in two or three years perhaps) then try to develop original thoughts. (it is liberating....you'll see).
      Then come back, and may be you can play in the Jungle.
      In the meantime go back to school...... may be you will find a "lil lady"
      Have a great day.

    4. Whats the matter Frenchie you hide behind Chuck and Tim's Skirt. I urge you to bring your peverse and diabolical mind in Diana's den. She'll put some senses in you..

      Gino from Sinajana.

    5. Yes, and we can well see how that's worked for you.

    6. To our dear little Gino,
      Ah! Finally! You are back from under that little rock in Sinajana.
      You know you should not go in the jungle....tss, tss!!!
      You should listen to Tony, he knows...... :-)
      What is that fascination you have with skirts and men? Do you need the address of a good therapist? May be you prefer to consult Diana in her den?
      Ummm! make sure to keep the lights on, I hear her hands are quite large for a "lil woman".
      Anyway, it is always good to have some entertainment in the middle of the week.
      Thank you for your hilarity.....
      PS: perverse is spelled P E R V E R S E

    7. This in from Diane's blog:

      White's claim is mistaken. The date for the convivence of the beginning of the year has been decided thus because of the Western European academic year. In most European countries, but especially in Italy, people take a large portion of their vacation days (which are much more numerous than for those employed in the US) in the months of July and August. This causes the well observable "emptying out" of the major cities. So you can't really do the work of evangelization with catechesis, steps, etc., in the summer. Also the communities are celebrating joining together for the liturgies these months for the same reason. Mr. White did a sloppy research once again. He is nervously looking for things he considers negative about the Way; so nervously that he doesn't have time to become certain of the things he writes and airs them prematurely. He surely doesn't know that in South America the convivence of the beginning of the year is usually held in February and the choosing of the date there and anywhere has nothing to do with the Jewish calendar.
      Mr. White could avoid embarrassment such as this one was by simply posting an honest question on Diana's blog, such as, "Why is the convivence of the beginning of the year held on those dates?"
      I usually check Diana's blog entries and the comments, and could've surely answered him and saved him from embarrassment.

    8. Here’s my response to Diana’s blog:

      Too bad you people have to hide. If you speak the truth then why not be proud enough to put your name on it? Chuck White and I say what we say and hold our selves up to accountability by putting our names on our statements. You people hide behind rocks and throw stones.

      That fact is that neither Chuck or anyone else should have to do research or post a question on a cowardly blog. What the Way believes and practices should be publicly available. It is not. It is clandestine and purposely secretive, if not gnostic.

      You say White does “sloppy research” but he posts references, you post none. Not surprising.

      And you expect us to check with a fake person who states that congregants are concelebrants? Continue to entertain us. Your whole facade of a religion is an embarrassment.

    9. I am not the least bit embarrassed, brave Anon 9:01am, and I stand by my post. "Diana" never denied the connection to the Jewish New Year in her original lengthy response to my post, which I've captured here.

      We'll be providing more insights into Kiko's sectarian appropriation of things Jewish in the months ahead, and we'll do it without disparaging the true Jewish roots of our Catholic faith.

  5. Request for prayers.
    Several weeks back, Tim was under constant attacks from the kikobots and other trolls that navigate "Diana" blog.
    Their point of contention was that he had invented the personalities of Mary Lou, Frenchie and others.
    Having been under the weather for a while, I had not logged in for several weeks. So the devil was moving what he does best, mocking and attacking the integrity of a good man.
    But this prompted me and several regular contributors to get back on line and pick up where we had left.
    Interestingly enough at the same time Mary Lou commented on the mental toll all the bickering, the fighting on denouncing falsehood and injustice had taken on her.
    More recently Tim alluded to similar issues.
    That indeed hit home because I also had found a certain lassitude due to the same reason.
    Through prayers and reflection I remembered some of the teachings from my childhood priest which explained that fighting the devil is indeed a difficult task and an energy sapping enterprise.
    I also thought about the toll this whole enterprise is taking on persons like Tim.
    This is why I humbly ask for your prayers to give us the resolve and determination to see this through.
    We might be contributing a little more than the average person, but it is our duty to do so.
    I recognize that unless we have your prayers, your thoughts and your support (whatever its forms) we would not be able to win this fight against this incarnation of the devil himself.

    Pray for us .....please.

    1. Frenchie, since my youngest child first introduced me to the Jungle, I have been praying incessantly for Tim and Chuck, asking the Lord to guide their writings so that what they impart will awaken us to and encourage our prayers against the sad truth of evil vulnerability our Catholic Church on Guam is easily capable of succumbing to. I am so grateful for your reminder to the Jungle's readers and commenters, that we also need to keep our prayers burning for strong contributors such as you, Marylou, Marilu, Janet B., Jose S., Señot, etc., along with some of the powerful non-neo anonymous voices, all of whom continue to be there to encourage us to not give up, to continue the fight for our God, and to persevere by not stopping to share our plea with others to support us with THEIR added prayers, too!!
      My sincere appreciation for educating and enlightening us, and a multitude of daily prayers to all of you!

    2. Maybe one of these days, I'll have mustered enough courage to leave my name with my comments. Until then, please know that you who have put your names to your comments have my admiration, my respect, and my prayers. God bless

  6. I also experienced all these problems . Archbishop Apuron has caused sickness to many people in Guam and beyond. This is the main reason, along with his completely dysfunctional management of this archdiocese he needs to be removed so we can all once again live in peace. Apuron has destroyed peace in this community and it is time to reclaim our peace of mind. Resign and leave Apuron.

  7. Dear oh my. Our poor Tony has completely imbibed of the kiko-koolaid. He has fallen off his rocker and has lost his compass. All kikos need our prayers, and we also need to pray that sanity will be restored to our leadership.
    However, we must also do our part to act against this scourge that infects our island nation. We must speak out, we must speak the truth, and we MUST seek a leader who will pull us from this abyss. While we still have air in our lungs we must speak against those who attempt to change our beloved Church.
    There is no going back to the temple, and that is not what Jesus desires. He wants all people to follow him. If His original chosen people choose not to follow Him, He will not go back, but patiently wait for those away from Him to return. As Catholics, they way is not back to the temple, but to continue to draw nearer to Him in the Church He created. To do otherwise is to disrespect what He has done for our salvation by denying His Church for the church of the original tribes.
    We will prevail, but let us not lose hope, and let our voices not be muted by tyrannical powers on San Ramon Hill.
    I was baptized Catholic because my parents knew it was the faith of Christ. I will always remain Catholic. Shame be upon Tony for practicing the faith of some other Church, while at the same time taking money for personal gain from those innocents who wish to support the One True Church.
    Tony may be Bishop in title, but he is no longer Catholic in practice or in spirit.


  8. Very disturbing leadership of this American Archdiocese.

  9. How about for starters we all agree that Apuron has lost all credibility and moral authority in our archdioces and as such is no longer worthy of his title and anny form of leadership within the church. I cringe everytime I see a post referring to him as our spiritual leader. He is certainly not mine and he certainly not deserved of the salutation archbishop. No, he's just regular old Tony and presently counted in my book as an enemy of the church.

    Tony, you need to stop with the self centered pity party everytime you speak. Nobody cares about your failing health or your busy schedule or any of your other personal problems you incorrectly presume people are concerned about. You will never attain what you so desperately seek. Resign your office and you can spend all your time with your beloved NCW community, or are you worried that without your office you'll no longer be of any value to them either?

  10. Wow, this would absolutely fit this topic. The same time it is like a Halloween scare... Ernie published something at Diana's that is extremely revealing about how NeoCats think about the relation of our Catholc faith to Judaism. It sound like a true Judaizing Manifesto! I am totally appalled. Ernie wrote:

    "We keep all of the Jewish customs in our celebrations because the Jews are the chosen people of God who has never abandoned them. This is the misunderstanding, because we are Catholics just as St Paul was who considered himself a Jew, a disciple of rabbi Gemailel. So are we ashamed of our heritage? By no means! We at the Way are following God, just as all Catholics should, because we want to show the world that God has never abandoned the Jews. One day they will be with us in Paradise and we'll be celebrating together for eternity! Horah and horah!"

  11. Voice he is right I see nothing wrong with his statement but your mockery.

    1. "One day they will be with us in Paradise and we'll be celebrating together for eternity! "

      So then the question becomes: "Even those who do not accept Jesus as the Messiah?"

    2. to anon at 7.19:
      There is no more blind, no more deaf (I was tempted to say: "and stupid") that the one who refuse to see or ear.
      This is obviously your case.
      Unless of course, the knowledge of your own religion is so poor. If that is the latest, take your time and read the Catholic Catechism, and you shall be enlightened. Ask a non neo priest to clarify the areas you are not sure about.
      But please do not fall victim to these perverse deviations of our religion, and the amalgam of very different religious beliefs.
      You owe it to yourself, and to your children if you have any.