Friday, October 31, 2014


Recently, I lost someone very dear to me to cancer. I was the primary caregiver and I am still haunted by this person's pain and death. 

Having lived through this terribly painful experience of my friend’s trial by cancer, I can’t help but see and be pained by the spiritual cancer I have come to learn about in Our Lady's Church on Guam. 

We all must do more. Not everyone is called to the same level of activism, but everyone must come up with their own resolutions to stop Apuron, Quitugua, and Cristobal. We must stop this cancer from spreading!

Be courageous, strong, and faithful. 


I know I WILL.



  1. Hello John,
    all our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Thank you for your help here as well

  2. I am with you Brother.

  3. Tomorrow is ArchieBald's birthday. I am sure that the St Therese chapel will be filled with the Neocats to include the seminarians and his community. Don't know if Pius is out here, if he is he will surely attend.

    For those who remained at the 5:45 AM Daily mass please record the homily. I am sure it will begin with my family wanted to do this, blah,blah blah! All are invited to the agape prepared by my family, blah,blah,blah.

    Too bad his birthday is Novemebr 1st...the feast of all saints. He sure as hell isn't acting in a saintly manner.

    1. Anon 2:09PM go to hell for saying that.

    2. Well there's a AAA supporter for you.

    3. @ 5:05pm thank you so much for your reply. I have already been dammed by Father Pius, that I don't need to be reminded! Awaiting for our Parish visit to let all hell blow over!

    4. @ 5:05, it sounds like you're judging...

    5. 9.57am No one listens to Pius he is garbage, unfortunately the kind of garbage we can't recycle. Sooner he leaves the better in what ever way the Lord asks. But for sure he needs to leave.

  4. Prayers John. Take it easy these coming weeks.

  5. Enough is enough! I don't know who has the nerve to follow the blabber at Diana's. It is just incredible what is going on there and what kind of sectarian views are promulgated.

    Ernie, for example, whoever this pseudonym could be, just announced the need of submission to Judaism as to our "elder brother". This guy has zero knowledge about our Catholic faith. I tried to explain him what is wrong with this slowly, step by step, but Diana is throwing out every comment I make. The lady is mercilessly butchering all meaningful comments that maintains the traditional Catholic view. She must be quite furious that we stick with the Magisterium of the Church rather than listening to their nonsense. Well, here is Ernie's latest rambling about the Jews from Diana's place:

    "We all belong together, they are our elder brothers in faith, don't you think so? We got the promise through Jesus and they got the promise from God himself in the Old Testament. They got it first, didn't they? We needed Jesus to know God but they knew God firsthand. They even knew his Name before anyone else knew it. But God gave us another chance in Jesus to be saved. Jews did not need that other chance because they had the first one, the original promise. They never refused to acknowledge God. This is the whole point. So we need to learn from them and follow their path that will lead us to God. Especially those Jews who follow the Biblical tradition, I think the orthodox. We don't follow everything, but we follow their path to God as a minimum. What is important is the attitude of submission to God's will through His chosen people."

  6. Shameless Plug!!!

    a.k.a. TAGLE WANNA-BE, wishful thinking

    Apuron mentioned, at his nth birthday celebration this month and the last, that he will soon be dubbed Cardinal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In what church? Not the Catholic one, for sure!

    When does it ever make sense to elevate THE DESTROYER OF HIS VERY OWN DIOCESE?

    Who's promising Apuron this new position?

    Always thought that they are to keep this information secret and have the most humble attitude towards this promotion?

    Counting Chicks before your eggs have hatched? Surely, even if you do get WRONGLY elevated, that you achieved it by lying, cheating and stealing, Apuron! You can pronounce yourself "god" and we still WE will NOT EVER follow you! NEVER AGAIN!


    1. Not on your life. Cardinal. Ugh.

    2. Oh I don't think we have Anthony Cardinal Apuron in waiting. He amounts to nothing in the presence of Cardinal Tagle who is now in personal contact with the Holy Father.
      Apuron do you eat privately with the Holy Father? No. You eat in a sandwich bar outside Vatican city in your right place. Wanna be ! No one in the big picture .

    3. Anonymous 11:12 p.m., I don't know what birthday celebration for the archbishop you attended. I attended his 69th birthday mass at 5:45 a.m. and the breakfast afterwards at his residence. I have good hearing and I didn't hear the archbishop say he is going to be made a cardinal. Maybe you attended a different birthday celebration.

    4. Yes, you went to his mass and then his house. You are an avid Apuron wonder you didn't hear anything. People that are brainwashed do not hear, see, nor sense when things are wrong. It's ok, 4:19, your ears decided to ignore the announcement!

    5. I love the archbishop as a friend due to his extraordinary kindnesses to me over many years here on Guam when all lay people and priests refused to help me. But I hate the damage the NCW has done to his conscience and great injustices he has committed against our non-NCW priests and lay people. I am completely aware of the wrongs. It tears me apart to love so deeply someone who has severely wronged so many. That said, I've never heard the archbishop say he wants to be a cardinal, though, of course, I am not around him 24/7.

    6. And yes what about the victims of sexual abuse and how he wronged them! What about the young men who suffered sexual abuse !

    7. I am letting 10:00pm through because "he" is not named, but also as a reminder that if you are going to make allegations of this type you need to use your real name and be ready to back it up, including going to court.

  7. I just submitted this comment to Diana. I am not sure if she allows to appear. Read, please:

    "Dear Diana, if you allow Ernie to say these things then you also have to allow responses. I tried to explain what is wrong about Ernie's comment. It is not fair that you exclude meaningful discussion. It is no secret that the Catholic-Jewish relation was deemed for improvement at Vatican II. We all know that the tragic loss of lives of millions in WWII strained relations. We have historical reason to make changes.

    Some Christian denominations developed friendly theologies towards Judaism. Theological innovations are possible in small churches where doctrine is not guarded by a Magisterium. When we Catholics want to improve relations we don't talk theological innovations. Our Church has decent and reliable doctrine that is not to change. Improving relation can be done when we stick to the teaching of and about Jesus Christ.

    However what Ernie is talking about is different. He talks about religious convergence that is very disturbing. The chosen people of God is His Church. How can you override this basic teaching? The Jews can join the Church as it would happen in eschatological times. But it is not the same as "adjusting" our basic doctrines for accommodation. Please keep separate what do not belong together. Diana, if Ernie's views do not reflect your blog's philosophy, then indicate this for everyone so that we can make a distinction. Thanks."

    1. its not worth the effort to go to that site. she/he remains ignorant and purposefully distorts Truth to fit his/her needs. Just stop going there, it makes no difference.

    2. To Voice of Faith,
      What Ernie or what ever is name might be, and what "Diana" the mystery woman with big hands allow to be posted on her blog comes directly from the Talmudist play book.
      Several Rabbies from that active minority within the Jewish faith actually advocate this nonsense as a way to destroy the Catholic Church.
      This should put in perspective these declarations by members of the NCW.
      If you don't believe they amount to a Trojan Horse within our Church, then there is another documentation for your file.

    3. Frenchie, this might be very well true! I asked Diana to distance herself and her blog from Ernie. If she truly speaks for the NeoCat her blog should follow what Arguello their head master says. But she refused to distance the NeoCat theology from Ernie's rambling. She defends Ernie and all this theological nonsense he said. So it seems to be a valid observation about what people in the NeoCat want. Especially their leaders.

      Do you mean this Ernie's stuff as "other documentation"? It surely qualifies as such! In light of Diana's support for these views, it is pretty scary as far as the NeoCat impact on the future of the Catholic Church is concerned.

    4. To Voice of Faith,
      this is exactly what I mean. All these far out of the left field argumentations, are just proof and documentation of the extreme positions this sect has overall.
      Chuck and Tim have underlined these issues on many occasions, on this blog, and I wrote often about it. But we are far from being alone in the desert, many Catholics worldwide are deeply disturbed by such fallacies.
      When you put in perspective the very disturbing similarities of Kikko's approach to transforming the Altar into a "banquet table" and their distributing of "communion", with pagan rituals going back to the Greeks and the Romans; you have more reasons to worry about the slow but steady dismantling of our own religion.
      The Jewish symbolisms and the Masonic rituals are but the tip of a bigger iceberg.
      The most troubling thing for me is the idea of the "chosen people" which is at the core of the Talmudist's teaching. This super-imposition of images, between the Jews as chosen people, and the followers of Kikko as their latest converts is almost sickening.
      This profoundly racist, racialist and religious elitist movement goes against all the teachings of Christ himself. It goes against some of the founding principles of our Church, and as such cannot be viewed any other way as an all out attack against its own being.
      That an NCW member would repeat these blasphemous and profoundly anti-Catholic statements, without even being contradicted by the "official mouthpiece" of the NCW on this island, is very revealing to the extent of schism there is here.

      What is even more disturbing is that our Archbishop and his two minions have joined this sect, and in doing so, are facilitating the dismantling of our Church.

      This is just the theoretical side of the game, but now people can see the day to day consequences of their actions, at the Cathedral, the cemeteries, and everywhere the neos are putting their prints on.
      Hopefully this will be the call to arms that we all need to awake from our fantasy land, and take up the challenge at hand.

    5. This is simply unbelievable! This Ernie guy gets maximal approval from Diana. What is more, Diana repeats and magnifies all his erroneous proclamations of false teaching about salvation. I grew up in learning decent Catholic doctrines and this is the reason I stick to my faith and my denomination! I cannot allow these mischievous sect to pull out my religion like a carpet from under my foot. Just see again what they say over there and for what kind of "theology" they clap their hands:

      Ernie, again: "It is not us who deserve to be saved, it is our elder brothers in faith who show us mercy and allow us to be included in their salvation through Jesus Christ, it is them who share their own heritage with us and with all mankind. Now, how great brothers we have in the faithful of God’s chosen people!" If you have any doubt, here is his explanation: "We read in the Book of Apocalypse that Jews are to be saved. Why? Because they are the chosen people of God! God loves His first chosen better than any other who came to Him later. Which father would not do so?!"

      What?! Do you all see these words written down in a decent looking "Catholic" blog what Diana claims her blog to be? Sweet heavens...! Ernie says the Jews exercise mercy on us, poor ignorant little brothers by allowing us "to be included in their salvation". Do you see my point? They are allowing us... unbelievable! What about Jesus Christ who did not "allow" us playing games, He simply SAVED US by his suffering, death and resurrection!? How about this, Ernie?!

      He says God loves the Jews better than the Christians because we came later to Him. Where does this venom coming from?! By gosh, if we talk about favoritism of God, we are surely mistaken, big time! For God all His creation is holy. He loves us all! Each and every one of us! We are not the poor unloved little brothers who need our elder brothers to exercise mercy on us so that we do not perish in our misery. Who invented this concoction of bad theology at the NeoCat? Who makes fun of everything holy in the eye of the true believer? Who are poking fun of our innermost bond to our all good and all loving Heavenly Father? Who dares to do this in our Catholic Church? Who and how?

      The good news is, dear frenchie, that they at Diana's attack now both of us, because we defend the decent doctrines of our Catholic faith that we had grown up into. They call us names and deniers because we do not subscribe their dubious theological innovations. What can I say? It is the old mantra we have already heard enough of … No, frenchie, do not go there to read them. It is not worth it at all.

    6. Voice. Relax. Diana is not a real person. The blog is an amalgam of mentally constipated cowards. Don't waste your time. However, feel free to visit those poor sops if you need a laugh. Meanwhile, learn your faith well and teach your children. The church has always been visited by slimy apostates.

    7. Dear Voice of Faith,
      Tim is right, do not get upset.
      I never go on Diana's blog, except once, when I was following a link of the Neo and ended up there. What a revelation! It certainly cut my appetite for more.
      This is not a blog, this is a cesspool. Everything is close to heresy or totally dead center into it.
      Psychologically it is mosaic of most of the pathologies you can find. It is actually depressing just trying to figure out the poor souls.
      It might make Tim laugh, I find it pathetic.
      So they are making fun of us and calling us name.....are you surprised? This is the weapons of the meek and the cowards. This is why they always attack in a bunch and strike from behind.
      Look how they ambushed Fr Paul and Msgr James, look how they slandered Fr Blockley and others and theatened when they didn't get their way.
      Look at the innuendos about Chuck, Tim and many others.
      They cannot argue on the merit, so they defame, they attack, they avoid, they distract.
      These people posing as Catholic are the spawn of Satan himself. By opposing them we oppose their master.
      That is that simple.
      We should be flattered to be persecuted for our beliefs. That is the price we must pay to oppose these miscreants
      Because while they like to pose as victims, they are indeed the persecutors and the aggressors.
      You can see the shallowness of their thoughts when one happens to venture in the Jungle.
      They usually live with their little tails between their legs, after a flurry of insults, and the ensuing moral spanking they usually get from the Catholics on this site.
      That is why they refuse to post your interventions. Do not waste your time on these heretics. It is like pissing in a violin.
      Instead strengthen your knowledge and find ways to fight them based on facts.
      They hate that, plus it will make you stronger

  8. Hi John. Please accept my condolences for the loss of your friend. And yet, in spite of this loss, you still encourage the readers of this blog to have courage and remain strong in our faith. You are an inspiration to those of us, for whatever reason, who have not been able to put our names or faces to our comments. I pray, one day, to have that courage. Thank you for all you've done.

  9. Concern in the archdiocese of agana and the diocese of Chalan Kanoa are the irregular priest situations in existence in these two dioceses. A part of bringing about unity is to have order in the institution and sadly there is no church order in Guam or the Mariana islands. This is the problem.

  10. Anyone know the names of the land and house title of the private home of Anthony Apuron. Need to know exactly who paid for this house and where the money came from?