Wednesday, October 22, 2014


By Chuck White

Upon joining the Neocatechumenal Way, Kiko Arguello says that “Jesus will put mud in your eyes so that you will sense that you are a sinner, so that you may discover that you are dirty.” 

In a classic example of his many half-truths,  Kiko Arguello twists a familiar bible story of Jesus curing a blind man (John 9) in order to explain a basic principle of the Neocatechumenal Way’s  post-baptismal catechumenate.  


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  1. Thank you Chuck for this very a propos subject.
    Many of us have little knowledge of our own Church teachings, and even less from the works of its scholars.
    Kiko is very aware of this, so he picks and chooses parts and portions of these teachings to twist them in an evil distortion.
    Only people like you, who take the time to dig and learn about our heritage can make the link.

    I would encourage all of our brothers and sisters to study daily not to fall pray to these false prophets that Jesus warned us about.
    Kiko is definitely one of them.

    Again, Chuck, thank you so much for your continuous search and sharing with us.

    1. Yes, Kiko is good at being an artist, as in CON ARTIST. He will continue to twist, distort, lie, and exploit people's greed, fear, and insecurity to push the NCW agenda using the Catholic Church. The NCW leadership headed by Kiko is not about salvation. It is about power, money, and acquisition of valuable real estate for the enjoyment of the NCW elite members. Yes, they are after the meelions and meelions of dollars wherever they set foot. Guam is no exception.

  2. Thank you Chuck for another excellent article.

  3. Thank you. I see half-truths being taught throughout "the Way". Everywhere. It's Kiko Arguello's modus operandi. One could be tempted to say that he's ignorant of scripture, but I don't believe that for a minute. He's a brilliant man and very clever.

  4. The history of our Catholic Church confirms the fact that it is often a painstakingly long and arduous process when correcting wrongs done in the name of the Church. This does not mean that we sit back and allow more wrongdoing by evil people, such as the Neocatechumens. Please continue to fight this evil movement and let us not stop praying for each other, especially the victims of clergy sexual abuse. Just wanted to post this link to show how some people/groups/movements had continued to operate within the Church, with the blessings of the Pope, until enough people had spoken up and demanded we right the wrongs committed within our Holy Church. Thanks again Tim.