Wednesday, October 29, 2014


  1. Just an observation.

    Since the take over of the Pigo Cemetery, the Cemetery Chapel has not been kept clean.

    1. There are roaches and it is filthy. The floor is not even swept. When it was under Msgr. Benavente, the Chapel was always kept clean.
    2. Every 1st Friday of the month, there is rosary and mass said in the Chapel. Sad thing is, now, we have to stand throughout the rosary and the mass. When it was under Msgr. Benavente, the Chapel would be lined with folding chairs for those who came.
    3. Jessica Blas does not dress properly for someone who is in charge. Under Msgr Benavente, the workers where in uniform and the secretary was always dressed in a presentable manner.

    Jessica my dear heart, get on the ball! You are being paid to see that things are done in an orderly fashion. Keep the cemetery clean! Keep the inside of the Chapel clean! Bring out those chairs for the evening rosary and mass on the 1st of every month! There are some manamkos who need to sit. Earn your keep.

    Do not say that there is no fund. Under the guidance of Msgr Benavente, the Cemetery was in tip top shape.

    BTW, why is the mass at Pigo at 3PM instead of 4PM? Heard that AAA is saying the mass in Agat..Where is Birdie (Alberto)? Did he go back to the Canary Islands to ring in the Jewish New Year?

    Please remember not to put in your donations at any of the cemeteries.

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