Friday, November 21, 2014


We can understand your reluctance to say or do much about the allegation of sexual molestation against Archbishop Apuron since no formal complaint has yet been filed.

Meanwhile, though, we would ask you to look into Archbishop Apuron's record of researching and caring for the persons of this Archdiocese who may have been molested, harmed, or damaged in any way by Fr. Louis Brouillard, a priest still incardinated in the Archdiocese of Agana and who was active in ministry here in the 1970's.

According to the report by Diocese of Duluth and published on the website of Jeff Anderson & Associates PA, Fr. Brouillard "has been credibly accused of child sexual abuse." Fr. Brouillard began his ministry in the Diocese of Duluth in 1981. This means he was removed from the then-Diocese of Agana around that time by then-Bishop Flores and apparently sent to the Diocese of Duluth.

While it was then-Bishop Flores who sent Brouillard away, it is Archbishop Apuron who has kept him on the payroll all these years without ever acknowledging or investigating the same possible harm which got Fr. Brouillard stripped of his faculties in Diocese of Duluth four years after he was sent away from Guam. 

Fr. Brouillard would now be in his 90's and is better left alone. However, given the report from the Diocese of Duluth naming Fr. Louis Brouillard as a "Priest of the Diocese of Agana, Guam", Archbishop Apuron has a duty to the people of the Archdiocese of Agana to inform us of any allegations against Fr. Brouillard that may have been reported since he was first incardinated in this Archdiocese, and also a duty, now that Fr. Brouillard's record is known, to reach out to any victims who may have suffered at his hands. 

We have a right to know what Archbishop Apuron knew about Fr. Brouillard, when he knew it, and what has been done about it. It is not enough for the Archbishop to just sit back in his office and wait for victims of abuse to show up and make a report. Knowing that there was an abuser among us, it is the duty of the Archbishop to seek out those who may have been damaged. 

So, Media. We little people have no voice. We depend as much on the Media in confronting the stifling authority of the local church as much as we do our elected leaders. And before you in the Media claim it's not your business but church business, remember it was the secular Media in the states that finally broke open the 50 years of silence about clergy sex abuse and forced those complicit bishops to own up, and in some cases, pay up. 

We hope you will help us do the same here. 

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