Thursday, November 6, 2014


Please read my op-ed in today's PDN. Most pro-choicers don't have a clue...and probably not many pro-lifers either.

Pro-life legislation spawns from Roe v. Wade

In "Anti-abortion is anti-women" (Oct. 2 Pacific Daily News), feminist blogger, Amanda Marcotte bemoans "the recent rash of anti-abortion laws" and impugns the idea that the protection of women is the real motivation for most of these laws, calling it "disingenuous lip-flapping about wanting to protect women."

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  1. Unfortunately, the women's movement, while started with some good intentions has quickly evolved into a hydra.
    It has become a very effective tool in their argument box to villified anybody that does not agree with their narrow and revisionist agenda. No matter who opposes them, and on what subject.
    The mere fact that you oppose their narrow view point will get you labeled as a mysoginist and of course as an ugly reactionnary.
    We have seen the consequences of such policies from the multiplication of divorces, to the slaughter of millions of innocent unborn,the wanton destruction of the traditional familly and the relentless feminization of society.
    Originally the feminist movement demanded equality with men, but they quickly changed their tune, after realizing that equality was very hard to attain and particulary difficult to justify in many sectors.
    Soon we saw appear, a demand for special status, in combination with the destruction of any father figure.
    The father as such, as been vilified and disrespected.
    Any TV series nowadays portrays women as leaders and the "real brains" in the familly, while the father is usually a somewhat nice but bumbling idiot, whose sole role is to bring the bacon home and be sensitive to the feelings of the rest of his familly...
    This is what is called deconstruction, a well known French critical thinking tool, that allows you to dismantle almost anything in existence and show its lack of necessity.
    It is soon followed by the diffamation, the continuous attack on the system in place. (mendacium, mendacium restabit)
    Finally comes the destruction. Which is where we are now.
    This a known fact called the three Ds.
    Deconstruction, deffamation, destruction.
    It is a sad state of affair, but it is reversible. We as Catholics must lead by example, rather than fall in the destructive non debate situation we are facing.
    Leadership from the pope seem to finally be here, now we need a bishop who will show us: "Ductus examplo"