Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The following is my reply to a comment by the "Adrians" once again attempting to salvage what is left of Apuron:

Actually, we pay very little attention to Apuron's little game of chess. What he does or doesn't do doesn't much matter anymore. You will soon see why. We have bigger plans.

However, in fact we did know that Apuron was going to see the Pope. His plan is to try and get the pope to come to Guam when he comes to the Philippines in January. He believes that if he can get the pope to come here he can beat us.

How sad that this little man, so prepossessed of himself, has to chase the pope down, first in a Korean parking lot and now in Rome, for nothing else other than to save his skin. What a pathetic little picture.

And as for our saying he was "summoned", we have been careful not to say that. We already knew he was going to Rome with his little boys on his victory tour. We already knew he was going to try to see the pope to get him to come to Guam. So no surprise. However, I think it was Apuron who was surprised which is WHY ADRIAN WOULD NOT TELL US THE CONTENT OF THE MEETING.

Our constant stream of letters to the Nuncio have been finding their way to Rome for quite a while. Plus there was the issue of Apuron LYING to the Archbishop of San Francisco about Wadeson. Francis probably figured "well Apuron, as long as you're in town..."

The meetings with Mueller and Covolo on the same day, if not at the same time, is not coincidental. However, as mentioned many times before. WE ARE NOT WAITING FOR ROME TO ACT. Apuron has lost ever last vestige of credibility and integrity. He has forever doomed himself to the memory of a corrupt, narcissistic cleric of the worst order. He will go away one day. The church has survived the likes of him before. And yes, we pray for his soul, which is why we also pray that he is soon relieved of his selfish ministry so that he may yet have a chance to save it.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Adrian noted on Patti Arroyo's show that Edivaldo was there for the meeting as an interpreter. Really? The pope meets with people daily who speak many different languages. There surely is a regular Vatican staff of interpreters for such meetings. No, Edivaldo is along for the ride (at our expense) as he is another Apuron pet. 


  1. Edivaldo to Korea, Edivaldo to Roma. Funny, Cardinal Apruron was not that impressed with his Roman studies. Does Diana's Rag Blog show Edivaldo's absence? Tickets for BR TON, Fr. Edivaldo, Fr. Harold, Fr. the Italian guy. All of whom just got off of planes....Br. Ton's pocket change? Kimchee escape again to homeland.

    1. Well, at least we have a better idea where the Annual Appeals funds and the % that the Chancery "taxes" its Parishes go to. Yep!...mostly to the NEONUTS that should be trying to focus more on their priestly duties and get to know their Parishioners and the culture. Did Santa Rita ever get their impounded statue back?

      I don't think the Catholic Faithful mind giving, in fact, we are OFTEN MORE THAN GENEROUS. But just this type of junket is really an outright abuse of those that control the funds of our Archdiocese. I guess if you "have it", you can "flaunt it", right?...Sad.

      And who is in charge of keeping the books clean?...Any comments D. Kim?

  2. So an ESL and LSL(Latin Second Language) is going to go and interpret for the archbishop who should be able to speak latin? come on, you can come up with a better excuse than that. How about he needs to hold the bishops' tassels? Stop the lying and half truths already.

  3. When was the last time he brought a non Neo priest abroad? I feel like just screeming!!! Stop this all .

  4. John C."Typoon Toves"November 25, 2014 at 4:45 PM

    Thank you Anon 1:03! Loved your comment and had the best laugh today!