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It appears that Jasmine Stole of the Marianas Variety did a little extra homework and was able to access a copy of the actual letter from Cardinal Filoni to Archbishop Apuron. Let's first look at what the Chancery is saying and then compare it to what Cardinal Filoni actually said:

The Chancery's announcement speaks only of a "pastoral visit". This is repeated by Fr. Adrian on KUAM (my comments in bold):

"We are very happy and we are very happy to welcome this pastoral visit.  A pastoral visit is exactly what it is like what Archbishop Apuron is actually doing right now.  He is going to the parishes, he's visiting the people, visiting the sick, celebrating masses, visiting the groups. This is a pastoral visit done by the congregation." [So you see folks, the Secretary for the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples,  a seminary specialist (Nowak), and the Apostolic Delegate (his second visit in 6 months), are just dropping by our tiny island to "visit the sick, celebrate Mass", and perhaps sample some Guam chocolates. Nothing to see here. Smile.]
"They'll be visiting members of the clergy and the religious and member of the different groups and we believe it is a very fruitful visit, we're looking forward to it, and we believe it will help build a communion between the church in Guam and the Holy Father." [So that's why the Secretary is bringing along a seminary specialist?]
After a clip is played with my saying that I believe this is an investigation, Fr. Adrian replies:
"No. In our communications with the Vatican they have specifically said it was a pastoral visit to the archdiocese." [Dear Archbishop Savio. Please note. Fr. Adrian says you are only here for a visit. He said "NO", there will not be an investigation. You might want to start with him.]
"The issues I think we have to look at the issue within a certain context we are a family the church is a family in any family there is going to be differences and as part of the pastoral visit of course I am sure they are aware of the differences that are taking place and they come with the attitude of a pastoral visit." [So you see folks, the public trashing of clergy, the illegal censures, the threats of lawsuits and deportations of non-neo priests, the uproar over lying to us for 15 years about RMS, all of this is just "family differences".]

In addition the KUAM reporter adds:
Father Adrian says that Archbishop Savio is concerned about the missionary efforts of various churches all throughout the world and because Guam plays a vital role in the evangelization of Micronesia and the pacific region they will want to know what efforts the archdiocese is making. He adds the recent controversies within the church are not the motive for the pastoral visit. [Check that last line. Archbishop Savio, did you get that? The "recent controversies...ARE NOT THE MOTIVE for (your) visit. You are only hear to enjoy our beautiful beaches and watch Adrian smile.]
Now, let's compare what Fr. Liar-in-Chief says to what Cardinal Filoni says. Even the title of the story tells us something very different is going on (highlights, emphases, and comments in bold are mine).

Vatican reps to visit Guam to ‘foster reconciliation’

AMID controversies surrounding the local Church and criticisms against Archbishop Anthony Apuron, Vatican officials are coming to Guam next month to mediate between the clergy, members of the laity and various groups with the hope of bridging their differences.

Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai, the secretary of the Vatican Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, will visit Guam along with Rev. Tadeusz Nowak and Archbishop Martin Krebs, apostolic delegate to the Pacific islands.

The Agana Archdiocese announced the visit in a statement two days ago. The three representatives will be on Guam from Jan. 4 to 10.

In a letter to Apuron dated Dec. 11, Cardinal Fernando Filoni said the pastoral visit would be done “with the hope of fostering reconciliation and mutual understanding in the archdiocese.”

[It's obvious that the letter from Cardinal Filoni says something very different than what the Archbishop and his buddies want us to hear...and what Cristobal openly lies about. The visitors are not coming to "build communion between Guam and the pope." They are coming to address the problems in our archdiocese...and specifically the SOURCE of those problems.]

Rev. Adrian Cristobal, spokesman for Apuron, said Filoni is the cardinal prefect with the Rome-based Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.


Although details of the visit have not been finalized, Cristobal said Tai-Fai, Nowak and Krebs plan on meeting with the clergy, members of the laity and various groups.

This is Tai-Fai and Nowak’s first visit to Guam in an official capacity and Krebs’ second visit to Guam this year.

Tai-Fai is secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, which Cristobal said is part of the Roman Curia whose work is to “direct and coordinate throughout the world the actual work of spreading the Gospel as well as missionary cooperation.” Additionally, because the Agana Archdiocese is considered a mission diocese, it falls under the care of this congregation.

“We are indeed happy to welcome this as a gift from the Holy Father to the people of Guam,” Cristobal said. [Like h-ll you are. You are scared out of your shorts and everyone can see it.]

In November, Apuron met with Pope Francis and invited the Pope to visit Guam. Pope Francis will be making a pastoral visit to the Philippines in January. [Incredibly, some in the chancery are still trying to spin this as an advance mission to set up a papal visit to Guam. LAUGH. Of course we now can see why Apuron was anxious to get that photo-op with Francis last month.]

Considering the recent controversy surround local archdiocese, some Catholics were intrigued by the purpose of this visit.

Catholic blogger Tim Rohr said it is unclear exactly if this visit is part of an investigation into the archdiocese. “But this is a very high level official. Very unusual,” Rohr said. “Bishops of his rank do not do casual visits.” 

[By releasing an announcement to the media about the upcoming visit, Apuron and his people have created their own hole and are now stepping it. Rome does not like to announce investigatory visits. Out of concern for public scandal and the souls of all who may be affected, they normally prefer to keep these kinds of visits as quiet as possible. Thus there is no announcement from the Vatican about the visit, only from Apuron, who appears to have tried to get out in front of the story for reasons we are all too well aware of. So while our Roman visitors would have preferred to keep this visit quiet out of concern for souls, Apuron has shown us, ONCE AGAIN, his only concern is for himself.]

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