Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I received a call this morning at 9:00am from the Chancery advising me that there were no appointment slots available to meet with the Apostolic Visitators. Of course, I was pretty sure I wouldn't get one anyway. Let me know though if you get one. (P.S. There's more to this.)

7:48pm UPDATE: Been doing some checking. Only ONE non-neo priest has an appointment with the visitors. Archbishop, do you really think the visitors are as stupid as Pius and your ding dongs on the hill? The schedule you set up for them will verify EVERYTHING that they are coming to investigate. Amazing. You've made our job easy. Thanks. 

Not even Fr. Mike Crisostomo, president of the clergy association, was able to get an appointment.

UPDATE: Fr. "suck you like orange juice" has a whole half hour. Good. The more time they have with Edivaldo the better. No better example of what we have been saying about the RMS product on JungleWatch for over a year. Heck, with all these neo-freaks meeting with the visitors, we might as well just sit back and party. I don't think we could have made our point any better.

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