Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Check out this article and see if you don't see Neocatechumenal Way written all over it, especially No. 1:

  1. Personality Centric: a pastor whose charming, charismatic, intense, persuasive and intelligent personality holds unquestioned sway over his/her congregation. He/she is treated like a celebrity. Not held accountable. Not held to same standard of morality as the rest of the congregation.”
  2. Operates Independently: without oversight
  3. Engulfment: members only
  4. Busyness: a focus on activities
  5. Stalking: keeping tabs on members
  6. Coded Language: members-only jargon
  7. Unrealistic Promises: unhealthy focus on wealth and blessings
  8. Courting Rituals: dating by approval only
  9. Shunning: not accepting those who leave or are outside the church
  10. “The Ends Justify the Mean”: “purity of doctrine” over love

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