Sunday, January 4, 2015


Dear Apostolic Visitors:

We are certain that while you are here you will be looking into the academic qualifications of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and its accompanying Blessed Diego Institute.

To assist you, here is a self-congratulatory blurb about the Blessed Diego Institute and how it came to be affiliated with the Lateran University. Of course, being that its a product of the Neocatechumenal Way, the authors of the article include the obligatory "miraculous" description of its coming to be. 

Here is one matter of concern. The article states that in order to achieve an affiliation with the Lateran the "Institute needed to have six permanent professors with PHD degrees."

In October of last year, I researched the Institute's website (since there is no academic handbook or other information available) and did not find  the names of "six permanent professors" with academic degrees. In fact, the website listed "professors" who I knew had not been on Guam in years and others who are rarely here. 

I posted about this and apparently the people at the Institute read it because shortly thereafter they eliminated the link to the list of faculty which you can see here. The link is also missing to the "Program of Studies" (which I also questioned) and the "Courses by Department" link takes you to a page which says "File Not Found."

So WHO are these "six permanent professors with PHD degrees"? 

We are asked to support this institution and in fact trust it with the priestly formation of our sons, but they:
  • can't tell us who the faculty is,
  • can't tell us what the Program of Studies is, and
  • the Courses by Department is a "File Not Found.

The article also states that the Institute's "academic credits are recognized by several institutions around the world." 

Really? If that were true, then why did Fr. Adrian Cristobal write to Aaron Quitugua, an aspiring seminarian, and tell him that the Blessed  Diego Institute is not able to accept his college credits and credits will only transfer out to Pontifical universities?

Read it for yourself here

Dear Visitors. We believe that the faithful Catholics of Guam are being lied to and used. We hope you can do something about it. Soon. 

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