Sunday, January 4, 2015


Dear Apostolic Visitors:

We are certain that while you are here you will be looking into the academic qualifications of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary and its accompanying Blessed Diego Institute.

To assist you, here is a self-congratulatory blurb about the Blessed Diego Institute and how it came to be affiliated with the Lateran University. Of course, being that its a product of the Neocatechumenal Way, the authors of the article include the obligatory "miraculous" description of its coming to be. 

Here is one matter of concern. The article states that in order to achieve an affiliation with the Lateran the "Institute needed to have six permanent professors with PHD degrees."

In October of last year, I researched the Institute's website (since there is no academic handbook or other information available) and did not find  the names of "six permanent professors" with academic degrees. In fact, the website listed "professors" who I knew had not been on Guam in years and others who are rarely here. 

I posted about this and apparently the people at the Institute read it because shortly thereafter they eliminated the link to the list of faculty which you can see here. The link is also missing to the "Program of Studies" (which I also questioned) and the "Courses by Department" link takes you to a page which says "File Not Found."

So WHO are these "six permanent professors with PHD degrees"? 

We are asked to support this institution and in fact trust it with the priestly formation of our sons, but they:
  • can't tell us who the faculty is,
  • can't tell us what the Program of Studies is, and
  • the Courses by Department is a "File Not Found.

The article also states that the Institute's "academic credits are recognized by several institutions around the world." 

Really? If that were true, then why did Fr. Adrian Cristobal write to Aaron Quitugua, an aspiring seminarian, and tell him that the Blessed  Diego Institute is not able to accept his college credits and credits will only transfer out to Pontifical universities?

Read it for yourself here

Dear Visitors. We believe that the faithful Catholics of Guam are being lied to and used. We hope you can do something about it. Soon. 


  1. Yeah you research from the outside, again in the internet. That is dumb, you did not consult or research from the inside. Again dumb.

    1. LOL. Any credible academic institution with nothing to hide has at least a basic and decent web presence. But go ahead. Tell us who are the 6 permanent professors w PHD's since you are in the inside. Dumb.

    2. The research from the outside is bad enough. Allow us to research you from the inside and we will reveal ALL. Come on, make our day!

    3. Lol. Why would it matter if you could be "researched" from the inside better than a person researching from the outside? I think the point is if you are claiming academic qualifications and affiliations, it is important to back-up these claims with easily accessible information so that potential seminarians or any other stakeholders would have the information they need to make informed decisions--either entering the seminary or supporting the seminary. I think by keeping this information on the "inside," you're doing a disservice to the community of Guam of which you claim to be a part.

      And Tim, I am concerned for you that Anon 11:03AM wishes to "research you from the inside" to "reveal ALL." I'm laughing both in concern and confusion as to what this could possibly mean. Sounds truly invasive!

    4. Lamb, I was replying to 10:55 LOL

    5. Sounds like a doctor of some sort...

    6. I am Anonymous at 11:03 AM and 11:45 AM. Would like to set the record straight that I was referring to the first posting of Anonymous at 10:51, not 10:55 which we all know is Tim. Just made a mistake by stating earlier that I was referring to the 10:55 posting. Mea culpa. Knowing how secretive and deceptive the NCW operates, I found it amusing that the person suggested that Tim could have consulted with him or her and conduct research from within knowing full well that the likelihood of this ever happening is about the same as hell freezing over. LOL

  2. Tim
    Woah. Visited the RMS seminary page when you posted about this in October. It had the RMS logo all over it then. Aside from the professors/priests listed on their page that don't live here the original page had minimal color, scarce photos, links that led to page error or no content, and the site was dominated with all things neo.

    Visited the site today. Quite crafty, they revamped their pages and just in time for our important visit. Now we can see such polarizing info and quite a few photos now. They're really hanging on to every word you write and say. They should pay you for your web design and content consultation. I''m still shocked at the blatant dishonesty. Hope others or site visitors from Vatican City can recall the same images I'm referring to. We keep asking for transparency. More content on their page now it is guam catholics....we see these masters of deception. Unbelievable.

  3. Well they have revamped their web site a little, but good luck downloading courses by department or getting a list of faculty. Not that I have checked out all 100 + RMS seminaries, but have yet to find a list of courses.

    I have to wonder what courses transfer to Pontifical universities. Most US seminaries have coursework like what is found in this link from the Pontifical College Josephinum in Ohio.

  4. Speaking of RMS- tuned in to KUAM at 930 this morning just to see if the apostolic delegates would be present, since the faithful Catholics have been left out. Yes, they were there and so was every presbyter, even the ones that have been on "mission". NO NON-NEO CLERGY, with the exception of Deacon Steve Martinez. I asked one of the priests why there were no non neo clergy present to co celebrate. He had no idea what was going on. This is Apuron's way of building reconciliation? Hopefully, the visitors are wise enough to notice these things. Guam is the only place in the world that has 4 bishops (Anthony, Adrian, David and Pius) who follow their Pope Kiko Arguello and his cardinals, the Gennarinis and the tall woman, along with the Terlajes. Praying that the veil will soon be lifted. Everything in this Archdiocese is a farce!

    1. The VEIL is going to be torn usunder !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just one more lie to add to the list. In my mind, the deliberated lying is the most incredible thing about this whole affair. That the "proud" Catholic NCW leadership (and membership) are prepared to simply lie to maintain their supposed authority.

    The presence of lies in the body of the Church is deeply disturbing.

  6. You will never find any courses because none exist, (like their approval to conduct the Liturgy). Basically, they wait until Kiko and Pius tell AAA says that their ready. We receive all of these misfits from all over the world (Pius is one of them), because of their beliefs that the Catholic faith is marred with errors and that their interpretation is the one true faith. They want to bring genocide to the Mother Church and to our island for their own personal agenda. Let us all put up the good fight because The Lord is on our side! Biba Katoliku!!

  7. It states, "The Institute is composed of six departments." How confusing with there being eight listed on the page.

    The use of "etc." is not very professional when listing items that should be known.

    How does one spell professor/profesor? It's spelled two different ways. Maybe spell check wasn't working.

    The list of "permanent" faculty alone is inconsistent or problematic.
    1) Pontifical Gregorian vs Gregorian
    2) Ph.D. vs. Ph.D. Doctorate (redundant)
    3) Three are still candidates for their Doctorate.
    4) Samut is an instructor for Pastoral Theology, but his degrees are for Spirituality.

    Someone with a Master in Sciences of Education (Guidance/Counseling) will be teaching Languages and Liturgy and Sacraments.

    One of the faculty has a Master's EdD equivalent from UOG which doesn't grant anything beyond a Master's.

    How does a degree in Elementary Education prepare one to teach Language in a seminary? Is Language the same as ESL? Is Language the same as Languages? I would hope Languages is the study of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew and not ESL. I am amazed that instruction can happen with so many levels of mastery of English.

    One of the faculty with a degree from Weston, whose curriculum vitae states he was only a lecturer at Mater Dei Regional Seminary, Guam, in the summer of 2006, doesn't even get S.J. for his name.

    One of the faculty who last taught at Redemptoris Mater in 2002, is listed as a Ph.D. candidate at Marquette in 1996. I doubt the courses still count after so many years.

    I guess some of the faculty haven't been back for years.

    I would love to serve in our diocese, but I don't know about this type of preparation. I've dealt with some of the priests prepared by Redemptoris Mater and it's scary that they run parishes and care for souls.