Sunday, January 4, 2015


  1. I was at the Mass today. I couldn't decide whether to go and it was 't until my son told me he was going that I decided to go. It was a beautiful Mass and yes there were many Neo's there but I felt since I was there that there were others like myself who felt that we can't just let them run the schedule and keep us out. So when I saw Deacon Srsve I was very happy and hopeful. Then when the Archbishop announced that they would be at the front after Mass I found the courage to go outside and see if I could greet them. I grabbed Archbishop Krebs hand and said "Help us please" . He then held my hand tightly and pulled me in and asked me my name. I was almost in tears and told him my first name and then begged him to please help us. I then thanked him. He gave me a look that let me know in my heart that he is here for us. I then went to the priest and kissed his hand and thanked him for coming here to help us. I left there feeling very happy and hopeful and very glad that I decided to go. I think we just need to find opportunities to greet them and let them know that we are grateful for coming out and simply show our deepest need for their help. It really was a very nice Mass. Sharon O'Mallan

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