Tuesday, January 27, 2015


One wonders why, after a private meeting with the pope only a few weeks previously, AAA and his neo-boboy presbyters feel they have to compete with Filipinos on the streets of Manila to see the pope?

So now we know the rest of the story. A few days ago we posted a picture of Edivaldo leaning into the papal vehicle apparently giving the pope something to read. Knowing that things went rather badly for the Archbishop and the future of the NCW here on Guam during the apostolic visit, we can guess that what Edivaldo handed the pope was an urgent request for an appointment. In any event, we know that AAA and the boboys were desperate to get themselves in front of the pope, even though they had just had a private audience a few weeks before.

Now let's look at the pics below again. Edivaldo appears to be trying to con the security guy. Look at the security guy's hand. Even with his head turned you can guess his expression: "What! You want to get to the pope?" Now scroll down.

Looks like Edivaldo didn't get what he wanted. He's walking away. Or so it seems. 

Edivaldo is now out of the picture. Where'd he go. And as mentioned earlier, for shame, Apuron appears to be burying his face. Why? Because the pope is actually stopped in front of the entrance to the place where he will say Mass and is preparing to disembark the popemobile. All the other bishops are already seated, quietly awaiting the pope. Apuron isn't supposed to be there. 

And still no Edivaldo. We would have expected him to be pressing in alongside Harold. But he's not there. Where is he?

Oh, here he is!!

Of course, we are just guessing at the course of these events, but regardless, the real question is what in the heck are these guys doing elbowing Filipinos out of the way so they can get to Francis?

Here is another version of the events sent by someone who had a better view:
These were taken right after the UST event, the Pope was on his way back to the nunciature. AAA was actually able to give his bag of chocolates to Pope Francis and kiss his ring too! It was just before the photo of edivaldo leaning on the truck. The Pope also spoke to Edi briefly. Please check the video by RTVMalacanang "Visit to University of Santo Tomas (UST) 1/18/2015. It is 2:23:44 long. Make sure you have the correct youtube video as there are others. Please watch from 2:20:00. Pope Francis will go down the stairs and up on the pope mobile. Watch closely at the lower right hand corner and you'll see. The pictures you posted today were after this scene from a different camera. You might have to watch it a couple of times to see AAA. It is fast. I did not see the first time. Right about at 2:21:35. Notice that Edi was at the front of the truck then at the very first picture he was in the back. The pope mobile was moving already...still smh. 

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