Saturday, January 10, 2015


It happens in all walks: politics, business, sports, Hollywood. As Lord Acton said: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." I would add that it corrupts by degrees: the more a person's power is absolute the more he is capable of being corrupted absolutely. However, politicians can get voted out, business men can "fail out." Sports and Hollywood demigods can quickly disappear. Bishops are bishops for life and responsible for the eternal destination of souls. That changes everything. 

Perhaps this is why today's saint (one of them), St. William of Donjeon (+1209), upon being named the Archbishop of Bourges, was "overwhelmed with grief" and refused to accept the office until he was commanded to do so by the Pope and his Cistercian superior. He was said to be preparing for a mission among the Albigensians (heretics) when he died kneeling at prayer in 1209. In his last will and testament he requested to be buried with his hair shirt and in ashes. 


  1. Coming from a younger generation of Catholics I hear doldrums from friends, peers, and even cousins that have turned away from our faith, do not practice, and some of these cradle Catholics have even converted to other religions. I've heard and continue to hear criticisms of priests. The issues we face in our Archdiocese right now are not helping outside perspectives or those who do not understand the true meaning behind our beautiful sacraments and sacramentals. I've been ever so blessed to be surrounded by holy priests. This takes me back to a wonderful priest I was fortunate enough to have in my parish at the time. He said something that resonated in one of his beautiful homilies to "please pray for our priests. They are even bigger targets of the enemy and temptation than we are. Because men of the cloth are called to spread the good news and share the word of God, the enemy wants to see them fall and crumble".

    Let's continue to pray for our Archbishop that he'll lead us as he's called to and all our priests.

  2. Sorry but no. While I may still pray that Apuron will realize the error of his ways, I think the time for reconciliation with the Catholic community has passed. Too much credibility has been lost for him to continue to be effective in his office. Rome must replace Apuron or this struggle will continue to escalate. No good can come from his remaining in office and no interest of the Church as a whole is best served by the status quo. He has cast this shadow upon himself for so long that even if he publicly reprints for his transgressions, his sincerity will forever be in doubt.

    1. I agree. In fact I believe that every day he stays in office it is ever more dangerous to his soul. Hope that Rome sees this and understands THEIR responsibility. It isn't just a responsibility to us, its also about their responsibility to him.

    2. Still plenty of tread on the new Equus tires.


  3. Tim in his above comment has introduced an important spiritual point. Decisions which the archbishop made in his life not only caused pain to others but may possibly harm his own salvation. i begin to see it is not about the pain he caused us, but the pain he has caused himself in damaging his own personal relationship with God, and with the body of Christ, the church. So many nails he has added to the body of Christ. I certainly for one would not want to meet my creator in the condition of Anthony. Seriously, a period of monastic prayer and penance would serve him well. Anthony strayed so far from the authentic faith of the church,it is frightening . Pray for him and his own soul.