Thursday, February 5, 2015


What better way to remind everyone of the "vile of Evil" wrought upon the Catholic faithful of Guam by the three on the hill than the following comment by one of their defenders:
AnonymousFebruary 5, 2015 at 9:49 AMBe prepared Banana Typhoon, the Pope knows about the vile of Evil of this page. Soon A world of hurt will come your way. Yes it will happen. Is true and it's very true.
I had already intended to keep the post about Archbishop Apuron's Great Deception of December 6, 2011 front and center for awhile, which is why I haven't posted anything new in the last 24 hours. 

And just as I sat down to write a reminder post about the Great Deception, Anonymous here chimes in about how "the Pope knows about the vile of Evil on this page", and how "soon a world of hurt will come (our) way." And "yes it will happen. Is true and it's very true." 

Can I get an LOL!

Personally I can't think of anything more "Evil" on this blog than Archbishop Apuron's email of December 6, 2011 to Richard Untalan, chastising him and accusing him of "nonsense" for including Item No. 5 when not only had Richard Untalan ALREADY deleted Item No. 5 as he was told to do, but that Apuron had ALREADY taken care of Item No. 5 by secretly deeding control of the Yona property to RMS and into the effective control of the Neocatechumenal Responsible Team for the United States (RMS By-Laws. Article VII) in perpetuity! And then firing Mr. Untalan upon his return. 

Someone on KUAM captured this subterfuge best this morning on Jess Lujan's show saying it's like a man who buys a new car and doesn't want his wife to know so he divorces her. 

Yep. That's about it. 

So Yes. We do hope that the "Pope knows about the vile of Evil on this page." But the "world of hurt" as you threaten Mr. Anonymous, is not coming our way. It's coming your way. If not in this world, then certainly in the next. "Is true and it's very true."


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